Can Hamsters Die from Being Scared?- Explained!

We are all aware that if we are scared or shocked, we can have a heart attack. Which mostly results in death, especially if we have a cardiac condition.

Hamsters have a similar situation in that case. If they are scared, they will die as a result of the fear.

Can hamsters die from being scared or not?

Yes, technically your pet hamsters can die from being scared! Hamsters, like humans, are susceptible to heart attacks, which can result in death. Furthermore, hamsters are susceptible to infections. It can potentially be the cause of death if placed in a scary environment.

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Can Hamsters Die from Stress?

Can Hamsters Die from Stress

Yes! Stress might be fatal to your pet hamster. I’ve already said this. But let me tell it again so you realize why stress can kill your pet hamster. Stress is not a medical condition.

Stress, on the other hand, is a situation that can significantly shorten your hamster’s lifetime. It weakens its body system, which can lead to a variety of ailments. If there are a lot of scary things about pet hamsters, they may become stressed.

You can prevent your pet hamster from being upset by providing a stress-free atmosphere. Can hamsters die from loud noises? Yes, loud noises can kill your hamsters so avoid loud noises. Other large pets such as dogs, cats, and other items might frighten your pet hamster.

Each hamster has a unique phobia, which you must discover by examining their body language. You must avoid your concerns after they have been identified.

Why Do Hamsters Die Being Scared?

Why Do Hamsters Die Being Scared

Scared is a state of mind, not just a sensation. It has the potential to be dangerous to both people and animals. Particularly those with heart illness or difficulties. As previously said, hamsters can die from fright.

Fear causes hamsters to die since they are prone to heart attacks. Aside from that, hamsters die as a result of stress caused by excessive fear. When a hamster is agitated, it might develop a variety of ailments that can lead to death.

Therefore, if you don’t want your hamster to die from fear, you should avoid doing activities. Because it may terrify your pet hamster if it is close to its cage.

Also, hamsters are prey. These adorable tiny animals are quickly startled. They are little and quite protective. As a result, always ensure that your hamster feels protected in your home.

What Happens to Your Pet Hamster When You Scare It?

As previously said, hamsters are excellent pets. However, hamsters, on the other hand, are easily spooked.

As a result, if you attempt to frighten your pet hamster, it may claw or attack you. In an attempt to flee or return to its housing or cage.

You must communicate with your pet hamster. Learn to recognize its nonverbal cues and establish a low-stress atmosphere if you wish to avoid this.

You must make your hamster feel comfortable and avoid scaring it. In order for it not to become agitated. Stress can cause a variety of ailments, including death, in your pet hamster.

Simple Ways to Calm Your Stressed Hamster

We got to know that stress can easily kill a hamster. So, here is some remedy that will help you to calm your fluffy pet.

  • Recognize that hamsters are easily stressed and scared.
  • Put your hamster in a different room from bigger pets.
  • Locate a calm environment for your hamster.
  • Make sure your hamster has toys.
  • Slowly include new toys into the cage.
  • Treat your hamster with care.
  • It’s Important to speak gently.
  • Avoid quick movements.
  • Provide your hamster with hiding spots in its cage.
  • Probably play some calming music.
  • Your hamster may require some alone time from time to time.

These are the few ways that can help you to calm your hamster. Try to do that whenever you sense that your little friend is not doing okay!

What Are Some Other Factors That Cause Hamster Death?

Hamsters can die from a number of factors other than fear. A hamster is usually killed by a medical ailment. Many old hamsters die because they don’t operate as effectively as they were younger.

In addition to anxiety, hamsters can die from accidents and infections. Most illnesses, however, are avoidable, although not all are visible. It may be difficult to diagnose an illness if it is not visible.

Hamsters can die in cold weather. They have to be at a certain temperature to feel warm. People don’t normally think about it, yet the cold weather kills the majority of hamsters.

If you want to protect your hamsters in this cold weather you can buy a heating pad. I have some good recommendations about this product:

You can set your temperature according to your preference. This product is at a reasonable price and also long-lasting.

As a result, if you want your hamster to remain healthy, you must give a nutritious diet. And stress-free surroundings. But, if the symptoms are obvious, take your pet hamster to the doctor right away.

Why Do Hamsters Die Unexpectedly?

Congestive heart failure is a leading cause of severe hamsters who die abruptly. This happens when elderly hamsters with a hereditary tendency have weakening cardiac muscles. These muscles can’t pump blood adequately.

Atrial thrombosis is particularly frequent in elderly hamsters, accounting for up to 70% of all cases.

Do Hamsters Experience Pain When They Die?

One of the first signs that your hamster is dying is a lack of thirst and appetite. Your hamster doesn’t require food.

It should be ok for them to go many days without eating. Dehydration, on the other hand, might lead to a horrible death.


Can hamsters pretend to be dead?

Hamsters imitate death by becoming limp and lowering their heart/breathing rate. Making it look as if they are no longer living. Stress, concern, and extreme panic are major causes of thanatosis. Coming into touch with dangerous pets, like cats and dogs, will lead to this behavior.

Are hamsters safe to play with balls?

Not always. A smaller wheel or ball may cause injury, tension, or suffering. Hamsters are unable to gauge the level of danger they are in. So, it is extremely harmful to them.

Are male hamsters friendlier?

Males tend to be kinder and less aggressive than females. Males are a better choice if you wish to handle your hamster frequently. They’re also a better choice for youngsters because they are more likely to provoke. A female hamster’s aggressive or possessive behavior.

Can I feed rice to my hamster?

Rice is regarded as safe to give your hamster. Even though it is neither useful nor nutritious. Rice can be fed uncooked or cooked. Your hammy will probably prefer raw grain. Since it is easier for the rodent to keep in his cheek pockets.

Wrap Up

That’s all I have to get about can hamsters die from being scared? I feel I have fully addressed all of your concerns. This formation will assist you in caring for your hamsters.

Fear may be fatal to your pet hamster. As a result, you must avoid doing anything that can frighten your pet hamster.

Take excellent care of your pet. Good-bye!

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