Can Hamsters Eat Chia Seeds? [Debunked]

Hamsters love chomping onto all sorts of tiny grains you feed them. You might’ve seen bags of Chia seeds in the pet sections of supermarkets. You’re wondering if you should pick one up for your little munchkin. Naturally, you may ask yourself whether this even appeals to hamsters.

So, can hamsters eat chia seeds?

The answer is YES! Chia seeds can provide amazing nutrition for your pet hamsters. But it should be controlled when used in feed. They are rather a heavy addition to the diet. They can also become lodged in the throat! Since the seeds grow 10 times their size when exposed to moisture.

Not enough info? Don’t worry! This article glazes over the myths regarding its safety. It also mentions how to and how much to feed, as well as the benefits.

To understand better, keep reading!

Are Chia Seeds Safe for Your Hamsters to Eat?

Are Chia Seeds Safe for Your Hamsters to Eat

Yes, they are indeed quite safe and extremely nutritious. They are oval in shape and tiny, at only 2mm in width.

You might be wondering:

Can Syrian hamsters eat chia seeds? Or maybe, you are curious to know, can dwarf hamsters eat chia seeds?

The answer is the same – YES.

But how do they fare for your pet hamsters? Most love it as a treat but some may not. It means you should offer a small quantity at first. To see whether your hamster loves it or not.

They are a vegan’s dream superfood. Rich in saturated lipids and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It contains antioxidants and is also high in protein and minerals, including Zinc. Which carries high amounts of dietary fiber and lacks any toxins.

But they can also be quite filling. And too much can cause digestive problems. Keep reading to find out why!

How to Feed Chia Seeds to Hamsters?

How to Feed Chia Seeds to Hamsters

There are a few intricacies when trying to figure out how to feed chia seeds. You also need to make sure you’re feeding the correct amount.

Take a look below to understand better how preparing a Chia feed might entail.

Preparing Chia Seed Feed

  • The seeds must be soaked before feeding. It ensures the riddance of dirt and pathogens. This removes the not-so-good ingredients that may persist.
  • Feeding only chia seeds is not feasible. To ensure the amount it can be mixed with carrots or pumpkin seeds or tiny fruit and vegetable pellets.
  • You can also feed them more concentrated, sun dried chia seeds. Though giving them these means they have lost some value on nutrition.
  • Small amounts at regular intervals should be given to your pets. Around 9-10 seeds everyday should do it.
  • Providing the food can also be taken care of with a hamster feeding set. This ensures they get their daily boost of activity while eating.

They have tons of fun getting food out of these. It also saves you a lot of work!

Let us look at some hamster feeds containing essential nutrients for hamsters:

These hamster feeds are made to provide a balanced diet to your hamsters. Try them out!

How Much Chia Can Hamsters Eat?

9-10 seeds may seem as though the amount is rather little. You should only feed a tiny amount due to them growing in size after soaking.

Which happens in the throat after contact with saliva. So keep the numbers low and mix with other pellets for safety.

But how much you should feed them also depends on another factor. What breed they are! Take a look below.

Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarves, as the name may suggest, are the smallest breed. Their diet is rather limited in terms of quantity. They can go by with only 2-3 seeds a day. 

Robo Hamsters

The middle child of the group, Robos are larger than Dwarves. It is recommended that they’re fed only 5-6 seeds daily, due to their weak digestive systems.

Syrian Hamsters

Syrians are the largest breed of the bunch, the big boys if you will. Their larger size means they have a more prominent digestive system.

Thus they require larger amounts in feed. Which is from 10 to 12!

Too many chia seeds may cause an overfilling issue. Remember, all hamsters are prone to obesity!

What Are Some Chia Seed Alternatives?

If you’re thinking of adding seeds to your hamster’s diet, you should also know of alternatives.

The truth of the matter is they love most seeds and grains. They gobble them right up with no stopping. But there are caveats here too. Let’s get into which ones they can eat!

Seeds They Love!

Hamsters absolutely devour through a seed treat no matter the amount. If you have a question can hamster eat flax seeds then you are in luck. From flax seeds to quinoa, they leave out nothing!

Although they are not seeds, monkey nuts are also a great option. One roasted peanut a week can also be fed to them. But only one as they are very high in fat for them.

Seeds to Avoid!

A few must avoid ones would be Apple and Pear seeds. These contain cyanogenic acids and are lethal upon ingestion for hamsters. Cherry pits and those of apricots also need to be kept away.

The trace amount of oxalic acid in grape seeds is also unsafe for hamsters. Avoid these at all costs! 


Are Chia Seeds Poisonous?

No, but too much does increase the odds of choking greatly. It essentially is a gel! Chia seeds can actually absorb moisture and grow ten times their size when wet. Due to this gelling factor, it can become lodged in the hamster’s esophagus!

Can Chia Seeds Fatten My Hamster?

Yes, they can fatten your hamsters. They are high in saturated fats at 9 grams for every unprocessed ounce. 2 tablespoons can contain upto 150 calories. This is why chia seeds are recommended as an addition, not a base meal. This can and will make your pets CHUNKY!

Can Chia Seeds Work As A Dietary Supplement?

No, chia seeds don’t work as a dietary supplement. Although they are high in nutrients, they should not be used as a daily supplement. 

A maximum number of 10 seeds (wetted) should not be crossed. As this can cause obesity issues. 

Wrapping Up!

We hope you now have a clearer idea on can hamsters eat chia seeds. 

Chia Seeds are a healthy load of goodness for pets. But as with all things, too much might not be a good thing. The benefits really come down to how you implement it into their diets.

Good luck!

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