Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You: [7 Obvious Signs]

Pets are a great addition to your stressful day-to-day life. They are companions and friends, keeping you away from depression. And getting you going in loneliness.

So, two-way affection is important. But it can become extra stressful if your pet doesn’t accept you and is not happy with you. And they will show it with their behavior if they don’t like you.

So what are the signs your guinea pig hates you?

Well, guinea pigs are not shy about showing that they don’t like you. And the signs are multiple. These include anger, disinterest, hiding, ignorance while petting, no playfulness, and being away from your palms. They make sounds like teeth chattering or even show teeth to tell you to back off. 

So come with me and head straight to the reasons why guinea pigs hate you. 

7 Signs that Your Pet Guinea Pig Hates You

Signs that Your Pet Guinea Pig Hates You

Guinea hating is not the same as a human would do. It means that they don’t find you comfortable enough to be around you. Also, they don’t understand you. Or maybe you are not caring for them as you should.

Also, you may confuse their fear or trust issues with their hate for you.

So let’s dive and clarify through 7 signs of whether your pet hates you or not.

Sign 1 of 7: Guinea pig Won’t Come Near You

Keeping a distance is a pretty obvious reaction when someone doesn’t like you. Your little pet won’t be different.

So whenever you approach him he stays away by running away from you. It’s a pretty clear sign that this guinea pig doesn’t like you.

Because if they like you they will recognize your voice and would get excited. As they expect food and love from you.

Sign 2 of 7: Guinea Pig Won’t Climb Onto Your Palm

Climbing onto your palm is the obvious sign that they wanna be around you. It is the obvious sign of likable interaction.

If you noticed the opposite behavior. And see that they don’t rush to you when you go near them. It would be clear that they don’t like you. This could be because of trust issues or fear. Or maybe they think you are caring enough.

Sign 3 of 7: Guinea Pig Gets Angry

You can determine their aggression simply through the sounds they make. They might become aggressive due to several reasons such as depression.

During aggression, they will bite, scratch, or chew excessively. Teeth chattering, hissing, strutting, or throwing head up in the air are all signs of aggression. 

Sign 4 of 7: Guinea Pig Hides When You are Around

Your pet becomes playful and around you when they trust you. So, if they hide or run away from you, what would that indicate?

Obviously, your piggy doesn’t trust you and doesn’t wanna be around you anymore. If you approach their cage, try to hold it up and in turn, they run away. They clearly don’t want you around and don’t like you. 

Sign 5 of 7: Guinea Pig Ignores You

Guinea pigs are playful and enjoyable little creatures. But if they don’t allow petting, don’t come when you call and ignore treats. Then they might not be on very good terms with you.

However, ignoring food and grumpiness could also be signs of health complications. 

Sign 6 of 7: Won’t Play or Eat While You Around

Guinea pigs are small and prey animals. So they have a lot of trust issues and won’t trust just anyone. And when you don’t trust someone you are kind of cautious in front of him.

Playing around, climbing onto you, and eating off your palms are signs of trust. If they stop eating or playing with their toys when they know that you are around.

They clearly don’t trust you and are not comfortable being around you.

Sign 7 of 7: Your Piggy Cowers Away Around You

While playing around with him you might have hurt your guinea pig somehow. You might have dropped it, or stepped on them by accident.

This is something that definitely creates fear and trust issues. You simply needed to be extra careful while taming and bonding with your piggy

Probable Reasons Why Guinea Pig Might Hate You

Probable Reasons Why Guinea Pig Might Hate You

As mentioned earlier these little creatures are not haters like humans. They are either afraid, having trust issues, or having health complications going on. Which adds up to the behavior that we see as hate.

Let us have a quick look at the possible reason for their hate.  


The hateful behavior that you notice might be simply a survival technique and not hate. They are prey animals and highly alert to noise, sights, and sudden movements.  

Chasing Them When They Run

Guinea pigs that are not tamed yet will see you as a predator. So when you try to pick it up or hold it they would run. And they run for their life.

So give him a little time to get used to the environment before you become all cuddling with it. Don’t just run after them right away.

Not Peaceful Environment

The environment you provide them should be according to their comfort. Away from predators and loud noise. Or else they will get scared.

And then they would act in a way that you would think your pet hates you. 

Bad Experience

If you have brought your piggy from some pet store. And they are acting weird around you and won’t come near you. It’s totally understandable.  They might have experienced a very bad situation with their previous owner.

And it’s not like they know that all are not the same. 

Health Complication

If your piggy isn’t eating from your palm it doesn’t just mean that they hate you. They might be unhealthy and have some serious health complications. Ileus for instance would make them go away from food.

Ileus is a digestive problem that creates a lack of appetite. So before mourning for the hate thing, get a vet for your buddy.

Furthermore, aggressive guinea pigs might be depressed or in stress. See for the teeth-baring and head tossing.

That’s all from me.


How do you know if your guinea pig is comfortable with you?

Signs of love would speak for themselves. If your piggy loves you he would love to be around you. He would eat from your hand and won’t complain if you hold it up. Nibbling is a clear sign of affection that guinea pigs do for bonding. Your little fella will talk to you and answer you if you call him.

Why does your guinea pig squeak when you are petting it?

When you pet your guinea pig and they squeak. It’s good news. They are liking the way you are petting and saying just keep doing that. Squeaking is a sign of relaxation, bonding, and grooming. Squeaking is the happy sound of guinea pigs.

How to make your guinea pig go on your shoulder?

Guinea pigs are cuddly cuties and like it very much running all around you. You just need to build a trusting relationship with them patiently. Don’t just make him go on the shoulder right away when you bring them. Gain their trust by feeding them, caring for them, and respecting them. 


You will know the signs your guinea pig hates you. They are pretty obvious. And as we mentioned you might be confusing their discomfort or trust issue or fear with hate.

You have to be gentle and respectful towards them. And try to gain their trust and respect before getting near them.

That’s all.

Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan

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