Ryan Dugan

Ryan Dugan

Ryan Dugan is a dedicated pet care professional who offers top-notch services for a variety of pet species. He has a soft spot for my own feline companion, Sophie. He is passionate about animals He shares his knowledge and experience on his blog to help other pet owners understand and care for their own beloved companions. Whether you need a pet-sitting service or advice on pet care, He is the go-to expert.

Can Ducks Eat Mushrooms? [Explained With Facts]

Can Ducks Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms have a high level of nutrients and ducks need proper nutrition for their growth and egg production. So, it is obvious that owners want to add mushrooms to their ducks’ food. But, there are limitations. Also, all mushrooms are…

Can Geese Eat Bananas? [Properly Answered]

Can Geese Eat Bananas

A variety of fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet of your geese. Nonetheless, there are also some fruits, such as avocado, might be damaging to their health. That said, you’ll always have to be on the lookout…

Do Hedgehogs Have Quills? [All Myths Debunked]

Do Hedgehogs Have Quills

People tend to have fear of hedgehogs’ quills. Why? Because they have little knowledge about the quills. They feel like the quills could be something dangerous for their skin. However, the quills are actually pure keratin, like our hair and…

Can Ducks Get Fleas? [Truth Revealed]

Can Ducks Get Fleas

Fleas are little, dark-colored insects that may leap far into the air. They consume blood and may go for lengthy periods of time without eating. Flea eggs and young can be found in bird nests and crevices in building walls…

Do Ducks Eat Duckweed? [A Brief Discussion]

Do Ducks Eat Duckweed

Ah, the plain simple aquatic plant- duckweed! From the name, this plant screams ducks, right? Well, that doesn’t mean you’ll assume it’s good for the ducks.  Besides, if you want to know more about ducks you must be wondering about…