Debunking Myths of Do Rats Eat Grass?

Rats and mice are the most adapting creatures of all time. Even sometimes we find them having grass. Now, the curious minds will obviously wanna know if it’s okay or not. Since you can’t be around your little friends all day long, right?

Hence, it’s quite important at least for the sake of their health.

So, do rats eat grass?

Well, rats and mice eat almost every kind of food. Sometimes they eat grass too. Apart from plants and grass, they have grains, rice, fruits, vegetables, and many more. But, when it comes to grass specifically, yes, they don’t have problems munching on grass.

You will be amazed to know how versatile rats are in terms of the food they have. Let us have a look at what rats usually eat, what they are fond of, and what not to eat-

Is It Okay for Rats to Eat Grass?

Is It Okay for Rats to Eat Grass

Rats are one of a kind that eats almost everything starting from plants and vegetables to paper and even wooden dust. 

If you go out with your pet rat you might notice it is having grass from the garden. The first thing that will hit you after knowing this fact is, is it even okay for rats to eat grass?

Well, it is not harmful to your rat to have fresh grass. In fact, they sometimes love to have grass. But, the concern about this is whether there is any pesticide applied on the grass. 

If so, that might be dangerous.

Do Rats Prefer Grass Over Plants?

Do Rats Prefer Grass Over Plants

To be honest, leafy plants and tender vegetables are one of the rats’ favorite foods. Rats do love grains and youngling leaves of grass.

But they prefer smelly foods over grass and plants. So, they don’t directly prefer grass over plants. 

Which Part of the Grass Rats Likes the Most?

If we name some rat foods, grass will surely be there on the list. 

However, rats usually have tender leaves from the grass and also the roots. They prefer grass seeds and grains more.

What Are the Most Common Alternatives of Rat Foods?

Rats are famous for their food variation and that is what makes them likable to pet lovers. If we think about having a rat as a pet, we don’t really have to struggle much about a rat’s diet.

We can feed them from our regular diet because rats are that flexible. But if we think about some alternatives for them from the regular food, we can go for store food. 

Some of the most common rat alternatives that you can go for are mixed seeds (if it prefers), mixed cube-types (preferred for laboratory rats), grains, fruits, and many more. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pick a hamster kind of diet for your rat.

What is the Staple Food for Rats?

What is the Staple Food for Rats

If you have to think of rat staple food, seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits, rice, and bread should be there on the list. 

Here we discuss some of the foremost of rats- 


Nuts should be on the top of the list for rats’ diets. Including Peanuts, walnuts, cashewnuts, almost every type of nut is a rat’s favorite food.


Fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, berries, and melons are some of the fruits that rats love to have.


Carrots, peas, cabbage, broccoli, potato, and squash are a few of those that rats consume.


Among cooked foods, rats prefer to have thin meat slices and levers.


If you know rats, you know they are cereal lovers. Corn, chips, oats, sunflower seeds, and wheat are rats’ favorites.

Rice and Bread

You can not go wrong with rice and bread if you think about rats. They would love to have those anytime.

What Food Attracts Rats the Most?

If you want to please your rats then there are some options for you to look at-

  • Meats
  • Grains and Seeds
  • Berries 
  • Pet food
  • Sweet food

Some Things to Consider While Feeding Rats with Grass

Going for a walk with your rat on the lawn? You should keep in mind that your rat might be having grass from the ground.

The main concern should be if there is any pesticide or insecticide on the ground. It will be suicidal for your pet. Our advice will be to try and keep the rats away from the harvest field to avoid health risks.


What are the other plant rats like?

Rats like tender plants and vegetables, house plants and leafy vegetables too. Plants like corn and sunflowers are their favorite.

What should your rat avoid while choosing food?

Foods like green bananas, cheese, vegetable skin, sweet potato, hamster, peanut butter, mango, orange, mixed grains containing high calories, etc.

What are the health issues rats might face from an unhealthy diet?

Rats are obese prone. If we let them eat food like blue cheese, seaweed, and mixed grains too, that might lead them to obesity. 

Final Words

So, do rats eat grass?

I personally hope you already got an elaborated understanding of whether rats eat grass or not. You also get to know what rats like, what attracts them the most, and what is both very suitable for the sound health of rats.

One last word for you if you own a rat pet, do make sure it doesn’t spread any unwanted germs which might affect you and your family. 

Take care of your little friend’s health and your health!

Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan

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