How To Keep Ducks Cool in Summer: 5 Methods to Remember

Seems like summer has arrived. The arrival of summer means your ducks will suffer from overheating. On a hot summer day, ducks can easily get overheated. However, if you can maintain just a few simple methods your ducks will be as comfortable as ever.

So, actually how to keep ducks cool in summer?

To keep ducks cool in scorching summer you should follow a few methods. These include providing your ducks with necessary water bodies as well as freshwater to drink. In addition, you should provide your ducks with shade and cool treats. Besides, you should maintain a proper time to feed them. 

We’ve elaborated on these methods in this article. 

So, stick with us till the end. It’ll surely be helpful for you in raising your ducks in summer. 

Let’s dive in.

Why Do We Need to Keep Ducks Cool in Summer?

Why Do We Need to Keep Ducks Cool in Summer

Despite the fact the ducks are heat tolerant, your ducks could be suffering from overheating. Summer heat could very well become an issue for your ducks. Especially, if you don’t take the necessary steps to help them remain cool. 

Reason 1: Overheat

Ducks have a very dense layer of feathers. This layer doesn’t let the body heat out. Which makes the average body temperature higher than most domestic birds.

A common problem in summer is overheating. In some regions, the heat could get unbearable. This could result in your duck becoming dehydrated or exhausted.

One way to recognize this in ducks is by their behavior. One of the signs is if your ducks are panting with their mouths open. Their wings may also be drooping.

In times of excessive heat,  you could find a duck lying face down with its eyes shut. Ducks pants loudly or appear to be in discomfort.

Now you could ask, what temperature is too hot for ducklings? Well, there are some ways to identify if your ducklings are too hot. But In general, ducklings prefer warmer temperatures.

After hatching, ducklings prefer 90-92 degrees for the first 3 days. Then for the next week, they prefer 85-90 degrees. Then gradually the temperature should be reduced. 

Reason 2: Stress

Summer heat could result in your duck becoming stressed. There could be various duck health issues. 

Stress makes the ducks exhibit some minor symptoms. Such as fatigue, tiredness, diarrhea, loss of weight, sickness, loss of appetite, nausea, etc.

But When the ducks are under excessive stress they can show serious symptoms. Such as lower production of eggs. Sometimes the ducks become motionless. Even sometimes they collapse.

Methods to Keep Ducks Cool in Summer

Methods to Keep Ducks Cool in Summer

When it’s summertime your ducks could have a little difficulty adjusting. Your ducks could have a hard time in the summer heat. Especially if you do not take some necessary steps to ease them.

Well, these steps are not that hard. Yet very effective to keep your ducks cool in summer.

Here are a few methods to keep your ducks cool in summer. 

Method 1 of 5: Provide Water Bodies

Ducks love water. Your duck will always be cheerful if you provide a water body for them to swim around. 

The best water body for your duck is undoubtedly a pond. They can play around in a pond freely. Which also keeps them cool.

But let’s be real. Not everybody can have access to a pond for their ducks. If you do not have a pond there don’t worry. There are alternatives. You could use kiddie pools. Your ducks will certainly use it in the summer heat to keep themselves cool. 

Method 2 of 5: Provide Shade

In summer the scorching heat of the sun could get a little intense. Especially in the middle of the day.

In such conditions, your ducks will certainly be in search of shade. They use it to relax. This helps them to cool off and conserve energy.

To offer them shade you could do lots of things. Such as, you could raise the duck house. This will help the ducks to find shade underneath the house.

You should also try to keep lots of bushes and shrubs around the house. You’ll often find your ducks curled up in the suburbs comfortably to keep themselves cool.

You can also elevate a screen over some areas where you keep your ducks. This will offer a good amount of shade to them. So, whenever they feel overheated they can easily come to seek shade. 

Method 3 of 5: Provide Adequate Drinking Water

In summer, ducks usually consume a lot more water. Hence, you should always provide adequate drinking water to them.

You could place additional water tubs for them. And try to keep the water tubs in shady areas. So that they can drink water with ease.

Ducks do go to heat. And because of this, they become thirsty. You could add ice cubes to their water tubs to keep the water cool. Ducks do like ice water.  After burning in the heat ducks would love a little bit of cold water.

Method 4 of 5: Provide Cool Treats

Your ducks will surely love cool watery treats in summer to cool themselves off.

You can give them cold cucumber slices, watermelon, berries, lettuce, etc. You can also serve these in water bowls.

These treats will keep your ducks cool.

Method 5 of 5: Feed Them in Colder Time of the Day

Your ducks will most likely eat less in the summer. Hence you should try to feed them often.

But you should feed them when the weather is cooler. The weather early in the morning is relatively colder. That could be a good time to feed.

Similarly, feeding them just before nightfall is also suitable. Feeding them in these hours will help them remain cool. 


Here, we’ve curated the most frequently asked questions. Have a look. 

How can you tell if the duck is happy?

Ducks keep on quaking repeatedly when they are happy. It’s usually in a very high-pitched tone. Other than that ducks also bob their heads up and down. They can keep doing this for up to 15 mins at a stretch. Ducks mostly become happy when they are about to go to the pond or receive fresh food

Why do ducks walk in a line?

Ducks walk in a line to remain safe from predators. The leading duck keeps a look straight ahead. While other ducks tend to keep a lookout for either side. This behavior of theirs is mostly because of their placement of the eyes. In this way, they are aware of the danger from all sides. 

Do ducks sleep with one eye open?

Yes, ducks have the capability to sleep with one eye open. They do it to stay alert to predators. Ducks usually tuck their head in their wings and sleep with one eye open. They’re capable of doing this because both halves of their brain function are individual. They don’t do this when they feel safe. 


By now you should have an idea of how to keep ducks cool in summer.

A bonus tip for you is, always keep the duck house clean and moisture-free. That’ll keep the ducks upbeat. 

That’ll be all. Catch you another time.

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