How To Make A Ferret Dig Box [Briefed In 3 Easy Steps]

Got ferrets but having issues with their accommodations? Perhaps, seeing your favorite pet get scared, unhappily living is becoming a regular occurrence.

We got your problem. So, we want you to have a sustainable plan, so are you, right?

Well, how to make a ferret dig box then?

Ferrets are completely natural burrowers. What they love is to play in the dirt. Can you guess what? We will be making a box full of dry items on the surface. Things that ferrets won’t get disturbed with. Also, maintaining their health is concerning here. We will keep it bigger with playing items.

Want to know more? Then, spare us a few minutes! We will be reviewing each aspect of making a dig box.

What are the odds then? Let’s jump into it!

Process Making an Ideal Dig Box

Process Making an Ideal Dig Box

You may have got several questions on how to make a ferret dig box. Worry not, we have brought the best dig box for ferrets to you. 

It will be easier, fun making, and cost-effective. Here’s the path stepwise!

Step 1: Choosing the Box

Choosing the right size of box or container comes first. While picking this containing material, you should check some points. Such as the robustness of the container.

Ample space or a nicer presentation won’t be enough unless ensuring its sturdiness. Along with that, keep in mind if the material can handle the wiggling of ferrets.

Secondly, the box should have a decent depth. As a result, ferrets get the chance to dig suitably. It allows the pet’s body to get underneath the filler.

Last but not least! Does the box carry any cracks or holes? All three aspects are equally vital while picking the box. Including, it’s better to have a plastic bin.

You may also add a strong cardboard box or even a laundry basket.

If there are multiple ferrets, playing with other pets can be a healthy option. This list may feature a kiddie pool too. But at the same time, keeping your budget handy is also a concern.

Filling a kiddie pool with rice can’t be a cost-effective idea, right? Also, you may find it quite a time-consuming process. So, avoiding staying aside from all sorts of water options is better.

However, all these may create a bigger mess. Your ferret would also face no digging facilities there. One more thing is not to keep them with no air holes.

Breathing issues may leave health risks, depression, and so on. Mostly, pet owners minimize the mess by putting a lid on the box. Don’t do this too! 

Step 2: Picking a Filler

Keep something in that keeps them safer. Also, it should be non-destructive so that ferrets can eat or chew. 

Putting mixing materials in is always an ideal option. But let yourself be aware not to put dust.

Now, let’s explore the key fillers including the pros and cons of these!

Filler ItemsAdvantagesDrawbacks
RiceCheaper option,


Can be used in any size of box

Using instant rice is suggested to avoid, Can cause stomach discomfort while swelling up
SandEasily available,


Ease in replacing

Can get messy easily
Pasta/RigatoniFun shapes to attract,


Easily available

Not suitable for deeper boxes due to it’s heavyweight
Dried BeansTidy and ideal sizeToo heavy for ferret to play comfortable
Shredded, crinkled paperCheaper,


Easily available

Not so much fun digging it in,


Get messy when mixing with water

Dried LeavesFree to get,



Not available in every season,


Requires time to get dried even if available

Got a clear overview to pick the right fillers for ferrets? Then jump to the next step! We are still in the middle!

You can explore our recommendations for suitable ferret toys!-(Check on Amazon)

Step 3: Add Toys And Fun Things

Thinking about why we gradually accelerate budgeting? Not actually! Adding ferret toys or other fun things is simply up to you.

Tiny bells, balls, etc., suitably do the part of entertaining ferrets. And it’s quite cheaper, isn’t it? Also, you may add a tube or tunnel.

Maybe you can put this tube hiding into the fillers. As a result, ferrets can do plenty of activities.

Digging fillers, finding the tube by diving into the lower substrate, etc., are possible. Nevertheless, these activities sharpen their burrowing instincts.

Be Careful

Things that you can’t anticipate always run the risk of being a threat! Don’t worry, we have sorted these issues below. Keeping these in mind will smoothen your ferret’s living indeed.

  • Among all fillers, ferret dig box rice is one of the most healthy items. Also, it barely creates any mess. But choosing instant rice can not be an ideal choice.
  • Leave your ferret to move independently. But have a look often! Your supervision will decide their happiness and healthy living.
  • Try to remove the affected substrate after discharging faeces from its body. If there are multiple ferrets, keep all of them away until the box gets cleaned. 
  • Never put any heavy materials. It may cause them trouble or injuries too.
  • Dig box fillers must be full of hygiene and carry no harmful materials. However, let them learn not to eat fillers usually. It’s easy! Ferrets quickly adopt as per your actions.
  • No air holes in the box can’t be expected. Enough breathing space you should make there.
  • Stay away from adding peanuts there. It gradually creates hazards inside their bodies.


What Should I Fill A Dig Box With?

Choose a clean cardboard box having ample space. Remove if it comes with any tape, staple! Then, it’s better to fill the box with shredded paper, straws, toilet tubes, pasta, etc. But never try to put plastic packets or ink-based materials. Sand is suitable but your floor can get messy shortly.

Is Rice Suitable For Ferrets?

Yes, except it’s uncooked! Meanwhile, instant rice can be much more dangerous. It causes blockage of the tummy after swelling it up. Pinto beans for ferrets or pasta can be the ideal alternative to choose from. Ferrets like to eat while they get to pair up. After chasing another ferret, they engage in eating.

Why Does My Ferret Scoot Backward Into The Box Corner?

If your ferret is doing it, then he may get scared of something. It’s generally an inherited instinct of ferrets. Also, you will notice his tail poofing out. Mostly, they start urinating or defecating during that period. So, keeping a nicer, warmer environment in the box makes them comfortable. 

Final Words

Now you know how to make a ferret dig box! If you’ve any better alternatives, go for it!. But in our recommendation, that’s the ideal way. 

Also, keep them engaged, let them access fun things and make it wholesome.

Happy petting!

Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan

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