How To Sex Pekin Ducks?: 8 Simple Ways

When you buy ducks for the first time, you might get confused about the sex of your ducks. As an owner, you should know the sex of your ducks. The reason is obvious, you want to grow your flock.

Sexing Pekin ducks or ducklings whatever you have is possible through some techniques.

So, how to sex Pekin ducks?

We have mentioned all the possible ways like vent checking, wing characteristics, voice, etc. to sexing Pekin ducks. It depends on you which method you are gonna use to determine the sex of your Pekin ducks. 

So read on to find out the best way to sex Pekin ducks for you. Let’s get started!!

Why It’s Necessary To Know The Sex Of Your Ducks?

Ducks are great as pets. When you own ducks it’s very important to know the gender of the ducks. Because maybe you want female ducks more than male ducks. Female ducks give eggs which male ducks don’t.

On the other hand, you may want to know it to maintain a ratio between males and females. 

8 Ways to Figure Out The Sex of Pekin Ducks

Ways to Figure Out The Sex of Pekin Ducks

Some of the methods of sexing Pekin ducks are vent or cloaca checking, the difference in wings of the ducks, voice, breeding season, duckling behavior, etc.

Way 1: Do the Cloaca Check

So the most feasible way of knowing the sex of the Pekin duck is the “cloaca check”. Using this method can help you to separate male and female ducks accurately.

You should always do a cloaca check by a well-trained or skilled person. So that it does not hurt the ducks.

A little bit of pressure is necessary to expose the reproductive organs of the Pekin ducks. We’ve explained the entire process down below-

Cloaca Check Process

Here is a step by step process for you :

  • First, place the duck on a solid and level surface.
  • Then, place the duck’s legs away.
  • Make sure the duck’s tail hangs away from the cloaca. So that the area is exposed thoroughly.
  • Feel along the tail feathers to locate the small opening. And put your thumbs on the side of the cloaca opening.
  • Press pressure slowly to open the cloaca.

Here, you’ll be able to determine the sex of the ducks!

Way 2: Determine the Body Size

When the ducks are growing you would notice there is a difference in body size between males and females. Usually, male Pekin ducks are larger than female Pekin ducks. 

Way 3: Observe the Wings

Another way of finding out the sex of Pekin ducks is by looking at their wings. Usually, female Pekin’s wings will lose the thin feel before the male Pekin ducks.

Not all but some of the types of Pekins show the first feather sprouting faster than the male Pekin ducks of the same age. 

Way 4: Put your Attention to their Feet

To figure out the sex of the ducks pay attention to the ducks waddling habit. You can know whether the duck is male or female from their feet.

You can know about it long before you can differentiate them based on size or bills.

Male Pekin’s feet are large in comparison to their body size. Male ducklings have thicker legs. They wander about with their feet crossed more than female ducklings. 

Way 5: Keep Track of their Voice

Sound the duck make can be a good way to determine their sex. Till ducks are six weeks old they make a kinda similar type of sound.

So when a duckling is six weeks old. Pick one to sex them by the voice. Here, you’ll have to move it away from the rest of the ducks.

Ensure that you are hearing the sound clearly. At six weeks, female ducklings will have a demanding tone.

Whereas male ducklings create a soft quack compared to female ones.

When the female ducks are excited they create a honking sound.

Way 6: Do the Plumage Check

Plumage color variation can be used to sex Pekin ducks. Most of the Pekins have female plumage colors until they are 3 months old.

Male will develop drake feathers with one or two curly tail feathers when they are matured. 

Way 7: Breeding Season

The characteristics ducks show during the breeding season can help to determine their sex. 

During inbreeding season, some types of drakes grow red freckles in their bills.

Male Pekin ducks toss their head back and kick vigorously at the water while swimming. By doing this they entice the females to accept him as a mate.

The female responds to the male duck’s head bobbing by swimming over. She positions herself in front of him to encourage him.

Male ducks swim in a nodding manner before mating. They only swim short distances. Keep the heat on the water surface and body as flat as possible.   

Way 8: Duckling Behaviour

Female pekin ducklings are more active than the male pekin ducklings. Female ducklings move more frequently and quickly.

The difference between males and females can be apparent within a few weeks. 

Things To Remember

Things To Remember

Be Careful About Cloaca Check. We already know that cloaca check is the easiest way to sex Pekin duck but you shouldn’t try it if you are completely new in this matter.

Cause if you do it improperly it can emotionally traumatize, injure or even kill your Pekin. Carefulness is a must for doing cloaca checks!

You should never open the cloaca more than necessary, nor should it be held in that position for more than  30 seconds.


What Color Are Pekins When They Hatch?

When they hatch, the color of the Pekins is yellow.

Why Are Pekins so famous?

Pekin ducks are calm and friendly in temperament. It’s a kind of all-rounder duck. They are kept for meat, eggs, or as a pet.

When Do Pekin Ducks Lay Eggs?

Female Pekin ducks start laying eggs when they are 26-28 weeks old. They can be kept for about 40 weeks of production. In that time they will lay about 160 eggs. Don’t put too many ducks together. Try to keep a maximum of 250 ducks in a single shed. That will ensure quality egg production and keep the bed safe.


Hopefully, now you know about how to sex Pekin ducks

Knowing the sex of ducks is important for both those who have duck farms and anyone raising them as pets.

It helps to plan flock increases. Because maintaining a healthy ratio of males and females is necessary.

Best of luck and keep your ducks safe!

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