How To Stop Chickens From Pecking You? 4 Effective Ways

I know getting peaked by your chickens is not that harmful. But it hurts right! You should definitely prevent that before getting too aggressive.

So let’s find out how to stop chickens from pecking you!

There can be several reasons why chickens can start pecking you. Being bullied by others, and thinking of toes as food are the two most common reasons. But to prevent you from pecking you can peck them or bump them back. You can also cover your feet to get more protection.

If you are still confused to protect yourself properly, no worries at all. By the end of this article, you’ll get to it all the way possible. 

So, let’s just dig in.

Why Do Chickens Peck: [3 Main Reasons]

Why Do Chickens Peck

Pecking the owner and themselves is kind of a common characteristic of chickens. There are several reasons for pecking.

But you will be shocked to know that they don’t come pecking by themselves. They generally learn pecking from other chickens. Sometimes even chickens started pecking each other to death.

Even sometimes you can notice that your chicken starts pecking at your feet. And you may have the question, why do chickens peck your feet!

Let’s talk about some reasons why they started pecking.

Reason 1: Being Bullied

Sometimes, you may see chickens picking on one chicken. That is basically bullying. Chickens peck each other’s feathers to bully them.

It can happen that your chicken is pecking you because other chickens are bullying him/her. Generally, chickens bully or peck other chickens. If this happens the hen suddenly gets aggressive and starts pecking at others.

So when you try to feed them or get close to them they will start pecking you as well. They might think that you are also there to bully. So basically, they have to defend them. Ethically it’s not wrong, right!

Reason 2: Thinks of You as Food

You know chickens eat their food by pecking. So, when you try to feed them with your own hand they may think of your hand as food. That’s why they may peck your hand as well.

Even if you get close to them bear-footed they can peck your toe fingers. There can be food around your fingers and they can peck unconsciously.

Reason 3: Peck Things That are Red

Generally chickens peck red things. Most of the time they find their food red. So, when they find something red like sores, freckles, or your painted toenails they try to peck that.

So, you don’t need to worry about that. Because that is not a sign of aggressive chickens to humans. She is just trying to find her food.

Basically, these three are the main reasons for pecking you. But you can prevent yourself from pecking at the chickens easily.

Let’s find out how!   

How Can You Stop Chickens Pecking You! [ 4 Effective Ways]

How Can You Stop Chickens Pecking You

I have already discussed why chickens can peck you right! This is a very common trait among chickens. But those pecking can hurt you and even can make you bleed.

So definitely, you should protect yourself from getting pecked by chickens. There are some easy ways to prevent yourself from getting pecked.

So, let’s see how to stop your chickens from pecking you. 

Method 1: Peck Them Back

Peaking chickens back is the most effective way to stop getting pecked. Because when you peck them back they start learning to respect you. But there is a certain way to peck chicken back.

I know your chickens are dear to you. But if you peck them soft and delicately it will make them feel adored. So, you need to be hard on that.

You need to point a finger at them and peck them hard on their head. If you are struggling with pointing on the head that’s not a problem. Because pecking on the shoulder will also do. 

But in both cases, you need to be hard on them. Once they get if they peck you, you can also peck back they will eventually stop pecking. 

Method 2: Use Boots While You Get Close

I have already said that chickens can think of your toe fingers as a treat. Maybe if you paint your fingers you can also get attracted to them. 

So it’s better to cover your feet when you get close to them.

I will suggest you wear boots when you are up for feeding them. Because when they will peck on the boots they will get there are no treats for them there. 

That’s why they will eventually stop pecking on their feet.

Method 3: Use Something to Bump

It is a basic thing if anyone hurts you and you don’t react they will hurt you again. So, it is the same procedure for chickens. If chickens try to peck you need to hurt them back.

You can use a stick or something a little longer than your arms to protect yourself. You can also use the feed bucket or anything. Just try to bump them if they try to get close to you. 

By this, they will get shocked and they won’t try to get back. You can use this technique when there are so many aggressive chickens around you. 

Reason 4: Remove the Aggressive One

You can never expect the same behavior from every chicken right! There will be some chickens who will continue to peck. Even if you peck or bump them back they won’t stop. They will still be aggressive to everyone.

As I have already said, chickens generally learn pecking from other chickens. You can notice that there is a single or a few chickens that are still aggressive. Then you should remove them from the folk.

Removing them from the folks will save your other chickens. That will save them from getting pecked. Even it will prevent them from pecking others as well.

Basically, these are the easiest ways to prevent you from getting pecked by chickens.

A Special Tip to Prevent Pecking

You know! You can make homemade anti pecking spray for chickens! Let me tell you a secret vinegar stop chickens from pecking each other.

So, you can use vinegar to spray on chickens. If they try to peck themselves. 

Let me suggest to you some vinegar that you can use on chickens.

  1. Calyptus 45% Pure Super Concentrated Vinegar
  2. AVO Pure Natural Distilled White Vinegar

These vinegar bottles are so popular and commonly available on the market. You can easily try those without any doubt.


Question: What will stop chickens from pecking each other?

Answer: Overheating can be a reason why chickens peck at each other. They try to peck their feathers to reduce the heating for themselves. You can try reducing heat by spraying water on them which will work. But sometimes chickens bully other chickens by pecking. 

Question: Why are my hens pecking each other?

Answer: There can be several reasons that chickens peck at each other. Overcrowding, boredom, high stress, and sickness can be some reasons. Overheating is also a reason they try to reduce heat by pecking feathers. Pecking is also a sign of bullying. 

Question: Will vinegar bother chickens?

Answer: The smell of vinegar may bother chickens. And you can also use vinegar to stop pecking each other. And vinegar can also be used to clean the chicken coop. As vinegar is an acid so it kills bacteria. Though it has a smell it helps reduce odors.


I hope by now you have got why chickens peck you. And also get to know how to stop chickens from pecking you!

If there are any more questions don’t hesitate to drop in the comment section.

Till then stay happy with your chickens.  

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