Is Aspen Bedding Safe for Rats? Should You Get it?

Aspen bedding is known to be a common choice for rats. But we need to check out whether they are good for them or not. Otherwise, we won’t be able to provide the comfort they need.

So, is aspen bedding safe for rats?

Well, yes, aspen bedding is considered safe for rats and mice. Moreover, it’s actually the top choice for rat owners. Because this bedding is really cheap and absorbent. Furthermore, the bedding also eliminates bad smells easily. However, the bedding can cause a lot of dust. This is definitely harmful to not only the rat but also the owner. 

So, are you confused if you should get this bedding? 

Well, it’s understandable because you have just got the gist. But here we’ve mentioned the pros and cons of this bedding. This will surely help you come to a conclusion. 

So, just keep on reading with us!

Should You Use Aspen Bedding for Your Pet Rat?

Nowadays, aspen is actually a great alternative choice as bedding for rats. 

Alternative to what you may think?

Well, when we think about making bedding for our rats, we think of pine or cedar shavings. However, with time we now have some amazing alternatives to wood shavings. And one of them is aspen. 

Rat owners use this type of bedding a lot. But why do they use it?

Well, there are some really good benefits of using it. But there are some drawbacks too. 

In this section, we’ve addressed both so you can make up a decision. So, let’s dig in- 

Pros of Aspen Bedding

As always, let’s begin with aspen bedding’s advantages. We’ve mentioned 3 benefits of the bedding and explained them in detail. So, give them a look-

No Toxic or Harmful Phenols!

Now, aspen is actually pretty different from both cedar and pine. Because it’s considered hardwood instead of softwood. And for that reason, this contains zero toxic phenols. 

Good Absorbent & Odor Controller!

Even after being hardwood, aspen is comparatively soft. Therefore, it works really well as an absorbent. 

This bedding will completely soak up your pet rat’s urine. As a result, the environment around your little friend will smell fresh and stay clean. 

Furthermore, your house won’t smell like urine as well! 

Readily Available & Not That Pricey!

Last but not least, you can enjoy all the above benefits at a cheap price. Yup, aspen is cheaper than other rodent beddings. 

Not only that, aspen shavings are really easy to get. And you can get them in a wide range of sizes. This includes large quantities too. 

So, it’s definitely an economical and cost-effective option. 

Now, that’s a lot of benefits, right! You might be already tempted to buy the bedding. 

However, we want you to be extra sure. That’s why check out the drawbacks too. 

Cons of Aspen Bedding

So, let’s check a few bad things this bedding may cause. These can be problematic for you and your pet rat. 

Can Create Dust Sometimes

The bedding can become dusty sometimes. This happens if you don’t clean the bedding after 3-4 days. 

The dust can make your little fella sneeze a lot. This can later result in breathing and lung pathology problems.

That’s why you have to clean the bedding frequently and properly. 

Gets Dragged around Your Home

Aspen shavings can cling to any type of fabric. Due to this, you might end up dragging the shavings around your house.

This definitely creates a messy situation. Plus you might even find it difficult to clean the aspen bedding. 

So, these are the two cons of aspen bedding. 

Now, have you made a decision? Do you want to try out this bedding for your precious rat? 

Buy Aspen Bedding or Not? The Last Push from Us!

Kaytee Aspen Bedding
Our pick: Kaytee Aspen Bedding(Click the Image to View on Amazon)

ir?t=fromtheheartvet 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0002DK8PW You can still be a bit confused regarding if you should buy Aspen bedding or not. Well, not to worry! We can help to resolve this confusion.

First of all, you should think about your rat’s comfort. Then you should think about the absorbing capacity and price.

So, if you think about all of this then aspen is indeed a good choice. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it and use it.

However, you should also take into account the cons. For example, if you have a severe dust allergy, aspen shavings should be avoided. Furthermore, if you like being neat and clean, this bedding isn’t the one for you. 

Now, are you still confused? We hope not. So, do make a sound decision. 

Brief Idea on the Alternatives to Aspen

Don’t want to use aspen bedding? Looking for alternatives to aspen bedding? 

Pine or Cedar

Well, as we’ve already mentioned pine or cedar would be good alternatives. 

But is pine or cedar bedding safe for rats?

Well, we don’t suggest pine or cedar as bedding. Because it contains toxic phenols. This can be fatal to your rat’s health.


Furthermore, you can use paper bedding. This type of bedding is preferable for people who don’t like wood shavings.

You can find both scented and unscented paper bedding. We suggest the unscented ones for pet rats. 


You can also go for fleece bedding if you have dust allergy or issue with wood shaving. This may be soft and comfortable for the rat. But this bedding can’t absorb urine that well, unlike aspen.

Note: Don’t use synthetic clothes as bedding. This won’t be comfortable for your pet rat. Plus they can’t absorb urine. Hence, you’ll be left with an odor. 


Is lavender bedding safe for rats?

Yes, they are. Lavender bedding is considered safe for rats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other small pet animals. However, if you think your rat is sensitive to artificial smells, don’t get this bedding.

What are some good beddings for rats with respiratory issues?

Unscented, low-dust, nontoxic beddings are the best for rats that have respiratory problems. These types of beddings are paper, cardboard, hemp, aspen, and coconut husk bedding. 

Is aspen bedding dust free?

Not really. Aspen bedding is not completely dust free if we compare it with paper beddings. However, aspen is a low dust bedding when compared to pine and cedar.

Final Words

That was a lot of info on is aspen bedding safe for rats! By now the answer should be clear. 

So, will you buy aspen bedding? 

Well, we suggest you do. As it’s a healthy and cheap choice.

But make sure to make the bedding out of coarse aspen shaving. This will reduce the dust rate. And don’t forget to clean the bedding!

That’s all! Good luck with your little pet rat! 

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