Can Hamsters Eat Edamame? [Confusions Clarified!]

Edamame is a super healthy and delicious snack loved by all pets. But, pet owners often struggle with confusion when it comes to feeding edamame to their hamsters. We understand if you are confused about it too.

So, can hamsters eat edamame?

Well, the answer is yes! But there are certain things that you need to be wary about. You need to understand the nutritional value that edamame possesses. Also, it’s necessary to know the safe amount of edamame for consumption. Finally, there are some side effects that you need to be cautious about.

That’s not all. We have discussed all of these important aspects in detail throughout this article.

So, if you are curious to know more about this, keep reading!

Can Your Hamsters Consume Edamame?

Can Hamsters Eat Edamame

In simple words, yes, you can feed edamame to your hamsters. But, you have to be cautious of the nutritional value that it possesses.

Edamame is beneficial for your hamster since it is rich in protein and fat. This is something that will help your hamster get strong and healthy. However, edamame contains a high level of sodium as well.

If sodium is consumed in a high amount, it could cause severe kidney problems for anyone. Hence, the amount of sodium must be regulated when feeding edamame to a hamster. If your hamster has a previous history of kidney problems, it’s better to avoid edamame altogether.

Also, it is super important to remember that edamame should never be boiled in salt. If you boil edamame in saltwater, it exponentially increases the amount of sodium that it contains. It could prove to be deadly for the kidneys of your little friends.

Always feed them edamame in moderate amounts and serve freshwater along with it. It would help them stay hydrated and take pressure off the kidneys.

How Much Edamame Is Too Much For Hamsters?

How Much Edamame Is Too Much For Hamsters

You should always feed your hamsters a tini-tiny amount of edamame. Otherwise, the level of sodium could get too high.

We recommend you feed your hamsters a maximum of one or two edamame beans each day. Edamame should not be fed in a quantity more than one-tenth of the whole diet.

This will provide sufficient nutrients and protein that your hamsters need without overloading them

How to Feed Edamame to Hamsters?

How to Feed Edamame to Hamsters

Usually, we can’t eat vegetables without cooking them because they are acidic. The case is different with edamame. You can eat them raw or cooked.

However, your hamsters can’t eat edamame raw. Their digestive system can’t process the beans unlike us. So, the only way that you should feed edamame to your hamsters is by cooking them.

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, edamame should not be cooked in saltwater. Make sure you follow that very sincerely. Otherwise, it could lead to grave consequences.

If you cook the edamame in the correct way, it has great merits to offer!

Do not serve edamame soaked in water to your hamsters. This often causes indigestion. Wait till the beans have let all the water out. Waiting for 15 mins should be enough to ensure that.

Spice them up with little salt and pepper to add a nice flavor that hamsters love. Make sure not to use too much salt or pepper while doing so.

Another very important thing to remember is to rinse them very well. Veggies bought from stores often contain pesticides and preservatives. Even though we do not get affected that much, these little chemicals are fatal for hamsters.

Rinse them thoroughly with water to get rid of the preservatives. Otherwise, diarrhea could very well strike your little furballs.

You can use fruits and vegetable washers or strainers to rinse your edamame. Here we have mentioned some quality fruit and vegetable washers just for you!

We are pretty sure that you’ll love these!

We hope that now you know how to feed edamame to your hamsters.

Side Effects of Edamame on Hamsters

It has often been noticed that hamsters suffer from a side effect of gas from edamame. You will observe a sudden gassing from your hamster after eating. In that case, decrease the amount of edamame that you have been feeding him.

Diarrhea and constipation can also sometimes follow the consumption of edamame. We highly recommend that you stop feeding edamame if side effects of edamame show up. It is better to visit a vet if your hamster shows these side effects.

Does Edamame Have Any Acidic Property?

You’d be surprised to know that edamame has no acidic property, rather it’s alkaline in nature. For those wanting to add alkalizing agents to your hamster’s diet, edamame is a great option!

Alkaline foods are necessary to be included in the diet for a lot of reasons. They help greatly in regulating a perfect pH balance in the body. It helps in the prevention of various diseases and contributes to overall health.

Edamame is just one of those foods that provides a great source of alkaline. You can have them raw or cooked.

But for your hamsters, you should definitely cook them before feeding them. 

The Common Misconception of Thinking of Soybeans & Edamame

It’s a very common misconception that soybeans and edamame are the same. They are quite different.

However, edamame is one of the many types of soybeans that get harvested before they mature. On the flipside, soybeans are harvested after their maturing period is over. This creates a difference in flavors between them.

Edamame is said to be a touch sweeter than soybeans are.

Can hamsters eat whole edamame? Yes. But, if you want to feed soybeans, they have to be processed a lot beforehand.

Many hamster owners make the mistake of feeding whole soybeans thinking they are edamame. This could lead to fatal issues for your hamsters. Hence, you have to make sure you are feeding the right beans.

Can hamsters eat soybeans? As you have probably got the hint already, yes, you can feed soybeans to your hamsters.

Some hamsters prefer soybeans over edamame. Make sure you understand which one they love more.

But make sure you do not give them too many soybeans to eat. Similar to edamame, soybeans have a high sodium presence. Hence, they should always be fed in moderate amounts that your hamsters can consume safely.


Can I feed blueberries to my hamsters?

You can feed your hamsters blueberries only if they are fresh, pre-rinsed, and organic. Regular food should be served alongside blueberries. Even though blueberries have merits when it comes to nutrition, introduce them to the diet gradually. Make sure to maintain moderate amounts of blueberries.

Can hamsters have cheese?

Even with the high level of fat and sodium, hamsters often enjoy having cheese. If your hamster can tolerate it and shows predilection, occasionally feed them cheese in moderation. You should never feed your hamsters cheese more than once or twice in a week. Feed them pea-sized portions of cheese.

Can hamsters be fed cheerios?

It is strongly suggested that Cheerios should only be fed as treats. Cheerios contain high levels of sugar that could fluctuate their blood pressure. Hence, it cannot be a part of the regular diet. However, you can definitely feed your hamsters cheerios occasionally, but in moderate amounts only.


Hopefully, we were able to clear your confusion regarding can hamsters eat edamame. Edamame can be a great source of protein and fiber for your little furballs.

However, make sure you have a clear idea of any symptoms that your hamster is showing.

We will definitely see you in an article very soon. Till then, we bid you and your lovable hamsters goodbye from our side!

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