Can Hamsters Suffocate in Bedding? In-Depth Explanation

Hamsters are adorable creatures that many people love to keep as pets. But a common concern arises among their owners regarding them suffocating in their bedding. We understand if you are worried about the same issue.

So, can hamsters suffocate in bedding?

It’s highly unlikely for a hamster to suffocate under his bedding. Their natural instinct is burrowing regardless of where they are living. They are pretty safe unless there are several layers of bedding, which is rare. Also, the wheels and the cage can cause trouble slightly.

But, they could choke on the bedding due to some substrates of the bedding. This is just a superficial view. There is much more that you need to know right here in this article.

So, what’s the holdup? Let’s start reading!

Can Hamsters Actually Suffocate in Bedding?

Can Hamsters Actually Suffocate in Bedding

It is a very rare sight where a hamster suffocates while digging into his bedding. Their natural trait to dig is the reason behind it. These small furballs are excellent at burrowing.

Oddly enough, hamsters have a behavior where they burrow or dig. There are other odd behaviors that can be seen like chewing vehemently while filling their cheeks. Or maybe, being asleep while you are wide awake.

But, all of these behaviors aren’t all that surprising in a hamster’s life cycle. These do not raise any major concerns.

When living in the wildlife, hamsters end up digging up several channels that connect to tunnels. This helps them be safe from predators like wild cats. Also, these tunnels provide them with storage for food.

It also provides them a sleeping place, and shelter from adverse weather conditions. They like to exercise and enjoy doing so while burrowing.

Yes, you might say pet hamsters need not worry about any of these problems. They don’t usually face a scarcity of food or threat from predators, or adverse weather conditions. But even so, they display these traits at one point in their lifetime.

If your hamster is loving burrowing, you can rest assured that everything’s fine!

But, we do recommend that you pay attention when choosing the bedding for your hamster. It is imperative that you make sure that the bedding is clean. Your hamster should be safe from suffocating in all instances.

However, the depth of the hamster’s bedding is something that needs attention. Let’s look into it.

Can Hamsters Breathe Under Bedding?

Can Hamsters Breathe Under Bedding

Hamsters can breathe under bedding just fine. Surprisingly enough, hamsters absolutely love to sleep under the cozy bedding. You might find it very odd, but it is totally natural for them to show these behaviors.

Honestly, if you find your hamster spending most of its time under the bedding, that’s good. It indicates that he is loving it inside the cozy comfort of the bedding. If he doesn’t like it there, he’ll simply not want to get in there again.

The behavioral patterns that these hammies portray are simply fascinating!

However, the wheel and cage that you use in your hamster’s cage might cause trouble. They can have a serious impact on the well-being of these adorable little things. Not all wheels and cages are designed to suit your lovely hamster.

Make sure not to buy hamster-specific merchandise with small gaps where his head can get stuck. If your hamster accidentally gets his head stuck, he could hurt his neck or suffocate. 

Optimal Depth of Your Hamster’s Bedding?

You may wonder how many inches of bedding do hamsters need.

According to the studies on the fundamentals of bedding, the depth of bedding is important. The cages with roughly 15” or 40 cm of bedding are of the optimal depth. They should help in the betterment of your hamster’s overall health.

Then studies concluded that deep bedding is quite good for pet Golden Hamsters. They can live absolutely well in cages with a bedding depth of approximately 30 cm or 80 inches. 

However, we recommend you go for cages with a bedding depth of 40 cm.

Can Your Hamster Choke on Bedding?

It is a very rare sight where a hamster suffocates while digging into his bedding. Their natural trait to dig is the reason behind it. These small furballs are excellent at burrowing. 

As you can see, the material of the bedding could have detrimental effects on your hamsters. And so, you have to make sure to get the best quality out there. There are several types of bedding that suit the health of hamsters well. 

What are Safe Hamster Bedding Types?

You might be wondering which substrate you should get for your hamster’s bedding. Well, we can help you with some of the best bedding substrates for your hamsters.

Let’s have a look at some safe bedding types for hamsters::

Type 1 of 2: Beddings That Are Paper-based

Paper-based beddings are the most common bedding options that people go for. They are available in a variety of ranges. You can get different forms, textures, and even colors.

There are many variations as well that you can get your hands on.

There are so many options that you can go for to decorate your hammy’s cage. Some people even use plain shredded paper as bedding. It also works if you want to do so. 

Type 2 of 2: Kaytee Soft Granule Bedding

Kaytee soft granule is a better and safer option for the bedding of your little hamsters. The main element of this bedding is wood fibers. For smaller areas of the hamster’s cage, they can be used as a great option.

These are very comfortable and cozy, something your hamsters will adore for sure!. Also, the Kaytee soft granule beddings are super absorbent and very soft.

Here, we are mentioning two great paper-based and Kaytee soft granule beddings for you:

Hopefully, you’ll love these options!

This was all regarding hamsters suffocating in bedding. 


Why do Syrian hamsters eat their bedding?

Syrian hamsters are most likely eating their bedding to maintain their teeth. Hamsters have their teeth growing throughout their lifetime. They chew on stuff in order to trim their teeth to fit them in their mouths. 

Why do hamsters sleep in a corner?

Hamsters sleep in a corner because these can be marked as their safe zone where they feel at home. It is most likely because he treats that space as his nest. He feels safe and at ease when he is there.

Why do hamsters change where they sleep?

Hamsters changing their sleeping place could be due to too much sunlight falling on his bed. Maybe he gets disrupted when tries to sleep there. So, they turn to relocation to a darker space where there is no disruption to their sleep. They love to sleep and their sleeping space.


Hopefully, now you are clear about can hamsters suffocate in bedding? Now you know that it’s okay if they don’t want to come out of their bedding.

Make sure you take good care of them!

We’ll meet in another article very soon. Till then, adios!

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