Can a Hamster Have a Heart Attack? Discover the Truth!

Hamsters are beloved pets. But, they are also prone to many health diseases. Well, let’s discover something about hamster heart attacks.

So, the question is can a hamster have a heart attack?

Yes, a hamster can have a heart attack. Many factors like stress, fear, atrial thrombosis, and other diseases can lead to it. This can occur for past genetic history too. It is called Polymyopathy, which has a high chance to lead to a heart attack. Also, in old age hamsters can have a heart attack.

Nevertheless, these are a few drops in the ocean. You must learn more about this life-threatening disease. Continue reading for more information!

Can Your Hamster Get a Heart Attack?

Can Your Hamster Get a Heart Attack

To answer this question simply, yes they can have a heart attack. Another question from it may arise. Can hamsters die of a heart attack? Well sadly, this is also a common cause.

The reasons why hamsters can have a heart attack are many. We need to know each reason so that you can help your hamster.

So, let’s jump to the next section.

Reasons Why Your Hamster Have a Heart Attack

Reasons Why Your Hamster Have a Heart Attack

Every disease has some common reasons. Hamsters have heart attacks for some factors too. So, why do hamsters have heart attacks? Let’s learn some common reasons behind it.


Hamsters can get stressed. This has a significant impact on your hamster’s immune system, resulting in a heart attack.

Chronic stress can lead to even unexpected death from a heart attack.


One of the worst things that a hamster can face is fear. If hamsters are deemed relevant whereby fear is common, it can lead to a heart attack. It is a very common condition for any animal.

Frightful environments can be low light, and the presence of other animals (snakes, dogs, etc.). Also, too much human interaction can cause this condition.

But, can hamsters die from being scared? The answer is yes. It leads to a heart attack or respiratory failure which can lead to death.

Atrial Thrombosis

It is frequent in elderly hamsters, with up to 70% of them suffering from it. Thrombosis is a severe consequence of heart failure.

This results in a heart attack. The final consequence of the illness is death eventually.


The disease is hereditary, meaning it can be passed through the recessive gene. Polymyopathy affects the heart and causes muscular weakness.

In some hamsters, it eventually leads to early death due to heart failure.

Old Age

You might be wondering why hamsters die after 2 years? Well, a hamster’s life span is 2-2.5 years on average. Naturally, an old hamster is prone to many diseases. 

So, they can have a heart attack at this stage of life. Sadly, this heart attack has a high chance of death.

These are the causes of how can hamsters get heart attacks. Now, lets’ see some symptoms of it in the next section. 

Symptoms of a Hamster Having a Heart Attack

Hamster heart attack symptoms are very noticeable. Let’s see the symptoms of it below.

Respiratory Distress

If your hamster is having a heart attack, he will face difficulty in breathing. The breathing pattern will be shaky and distressful. 

The hamster will struggle to get air in his respiratory system. 

Lack of Orientation

Another symptom is the lack of orientation. Your hamster will be imbalanced. For that reason, he will face difficulty moving around.

Sign of Cyanosis

At one point after the heart attack, the hamster’s body will turn blue. The situation is called cyanosis. Consider this as a warning sign.


Hamsters’ body parts can get swollen during or after a heart attack. It causes a lot of pain and irregularity in consuming foods. Internally, it cloths blood slowly.

You can see the swelled body parts. Touching those parts will make hamsters react to it because of the pain.

Accrual Fluid in Abdomen

Some hamsters show this rare symptom. The hamster gets bloated because of the fluid. Irregularity of digestion, food intake, and vomiting occurs for this reason.

These are all the symptoms your hamster can show. If you see any of the above symptoms, then consulting a nearby veterinarian is advised.

Is Treatment Available for a Heart Attack?

We all know how dear our pet hamsters are. For this reason, we will do anything to make them feel better. However, there is no effective treatment available for a heart attack in a hamster. 

In some circumstances, your veterinarian may prescribe medications like cardiac glycosides. These can increase cardiac muscle contraction. This may help in the restoration of normal circulation.

But don’t get worried! We have all heard the term “prevention is better than cure”. You can prevent it by keeping your hamster in good health.

Let’s see some steps to keep your hamster healthy.

Provide Your Hamster Healthy Foods

You should follow a healthy diet routine for your hamster. Because an overweight hamster is more prone to heart attack and other diseases.

Kids love chocolates. But, for them eating fruits and vegetables are important. Just like them, hamsters should get more vegetables and fruits to eat. Consider carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, etc.

Don’t give them citrus fruits like orange, lemon, or, grapefruit. Give them vegetables and fruits in small portions at a time.

Also, hamsters need to intake protein. For this, you can choose some of the best hamsters food in the market. Some are suggested below.

These foods help your hamster to lead a healthy, active, and happy life. Also, these are great for a balanced diet.

Keep the Hamster Cage Clean

It is very important to keep the hamster’s cage clean. A cage is technically a hamster’s home.

A dirty cage will be the reason for parasites. Parasites cause many illnesses, stress, etc. which eventually can lead to a heart attack.

Also, keep the hamster’s food dish, water tank, bed, etc. clean too.

Keep Temperature Suitable for Your Hamster

Temperature is an essential key for the healthy life of hamsters. It should always be set at a cold ambient temperature.

An ambient air temperature of 65°F to 75°F is likely to be most pleasant for your pet. If the temperature falls below that, your hamster can develop many illnesses.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your hamster healthy. A healthy hamster has a high chance to avoid a heart attack during its lifespan. 


Is It Safe to Hold a Hamster?

Yes, it is completely safe to hold a hamster. However, never pick them up if they are sleeping. This causes disturbance and leads to problems like stress, fear, etc.

Do You Need to Vaccinate Your Hamster?

No, hamsters don’t require any vaccination or shots. But it is advised to take your hamster for medical check-ups yearly. Hamsters above the age of 1 should be inspected twice a year.

Can Hamsters Feel Cold?

Yes, they can feel cold. As a result, he begins to shiver and lose interest in his meals and drink. He might also appear sluggish.


This is all about can a hamster have a heart attack? After going through it, you can be cautious about your dear pet’s critical condition.

Always try to keep your hamster engaged for a brief time of days. That way they will be engaged and be happy.

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