Can Hedgehogs Eat Broccoli? [Shocking Truth]

Having a pet necessitates the provision of food and nutrients. Hedgehogs prefer a diversified diet. As a result, they are willing to try new foods.

Generally, the hedgehogs eat a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables, in addition to protein. Potassium, vitamin K, fiber, vitamin C, iron, along with other minerals, are present in broccoli.

So the question is, Can hedgehogs eat broccoli?

Hedgehogs can consume broccoli. But make sure to cut broccoli into small, bite-sized pieces before feeding it to a hedgehog. Hedgehogs like eating veggies in addition to their regular meals. As a consequence, you can feed your hedgehog broccoli. This is very much safe to provide to your hedgehog.

If you choose, you may serve it cooked, steamed, or even raw. Let’s take a closer look at the hedgehog and its food in more detail-

How To Feed Your Hedgehog Broccoli?

How To Feed Your Hedgehog Broccoli

Cutting the broccoli into little pieces or steaming it is helpful for the hedgehog. Plus,  hedgehogs have a hard time eating bigger chunks of food.

Thus, smaller ones are preferable. You can also serve them cooked broccoli. But it should be without spice.

How Often Should I Feed My Hedgehog Broccoli?

While feeding broccoli to your hedgehog is safe, you should do it in moderation. Considering it a delight and give it in little amounts. It’s recommended to introduce broccoli to your hedgehog gradually and see how they react at first.

If they don’t appear to be suffering from any intestinal problems. Then you may give them this green treat in small cut-up pieces a couple of times a week.

Some Other Hedgehog-Friendly Vegetables

Some Other Hedgehog-Friendly Vegetables

Hedgehogs can eat a variety of veggies, but only in moderation and only if they are sliced into little pieces so they can digest them safely. Spinach, corn, asparagus, green peppers, turnips, sweet potatoes, arugula, carrots, and cucumbers are among these veggies. 

If you’re going to feed your hedgehog any hard vegetables, make sure they’ve been cooked first, and don’t include any oil or spices.

Hedgehogs can eat veggies but don’t get carried away and feed them all. Also, hedgehogs can be poisoned by some vegetables. On the other hand, your hedgehog will cheerfully eat a variety of veggies. Some of these include:-


Hedgehogs enjoy carrots as a supper. However, you must be cautious in how you present them. Carrots are a tough veggie. It will be tough for your hedgehog to chew if you give it to him the entire carrot.

Instead, the hedgehogs will benefit from cooking the carrot first. Hedgehogs’ mouths are tiny. As a result, before giving it to them, you should boil the carrot and chop it into little pieces. 

You must also make certain that the carrots you feed do not have any flavor added to them.

Leafy Green

Hedgehogs consume leafy greens including spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, and watercress are considered to be high in vitamins and minerals.

Here, the leafy greens should be carefully cleaned before serving since they may contain pests or pesticide residue.

Hedgehogs benefit from vitamins and minerals. But too many leafy greens can cause bone problems. Because of oxalates produced interact with calcium, inhibiting calcium from being absorbed in the skeleton. Instead being flushed out of the hedgehog.


Hedgehogs can consume cucumber, which is a great food source because of its high water content. It gives nutrients and hydrates.

To guarantee safe feeding, the cucumber skin can be removed. Also, the cucumber should be chopped into smaller pieces before being offered without oils or spice.

Green Bean

Hedgehogs may eat green beans if they are prepared properly. Hedgehogs will find it difficult to chew and break down raw green beans into tiny bits, posing a choking threat. 

Hedgehogs should be fed plain cooked green beans in very little bits. Before serving any cooked green beans should be allowed to cool ideally to room temperature.


Hedgehogs can eat cabbage, and many hedgehog owners recommend it as a safe meal. It should be prepared without the use of oils, seasonings, or butter. 

This provides more security for hedgehogs to eat. Hedgehogs should avoid eating raw cabbage since it is difficult to chew and can cause choking.

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What Foods Should I Keep Away From My Hedgehog?

What Foods Should I Keep Away From My Hedgehog

There are also several foods that your hedgehog should avoid. These foods should be kept away from your hedgehog.-

Cream or Milk (Dairy Products)

As hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, milk, particularly heavy cream should be avoided. Milk or cream may even be toxic. Hedgehogs in the wild do not drink milk and domesticated hedgehogs do not require it. You can just give them water as an alternative.

Insects from the Bait Shop

Hedgehogs aren’t supposed to eat insects from bait shops. Because these insects are likely to contain pesticides and transmit parasites.

It’s better to get them from a reliable pet store that specializes in hedgehogs. Also, don’t overfeed your hedgehog with insects because it will gain weight.

Hedgehogs require chitin. And this is present in insect exoskeletons. Your hedgehog will not be capable of exercising as much of it as indigenous hedgehogs in captivity.

Hedgehog insects should be fed three to four times each week.

What Is the Healthiest Hedgehog Diet?

Hedgehogs are omnivores, indicating they eat both plants and animals. In the wild, however, they are mostly insectivores.

Basically, hedgehogs can consume almost anything that is intriguing and tempting to them.

Nevertheless, as just a hedgehog keeper, you must manage to feed your pet for maximum diet and nutrition. Mazuri Hedgehog Diet is a great commercial brand meal option. 

This meal is strong in carbs and protein. And both of which are essential for your hedgehog. It includes vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids and has no artificial flavors.

Hedgehog food is sometimes scarce and unavailable; if this is the case, high-quality cat food is an acceptable substitute.


Is it possible for hedgehogs to consume raw vegetables?

Hedgehogs have limited ability to digest plant elements like celery and kale. As a result, hedgehogs should not be fed unripe fruit or undercooked fibrous vegetables. 

Is it safe for hedgehogs to eat iceberg lettuce?

Hedgehog fruit and veggie combinations based on healthy greens are advised by veterinarians. Collard greens, kale, romaine or leaf lettuce, and kale are all acceptable options. Iceberg lettuce should not be included in a pet’s food since it is largely water and contains very few nutrients.

Is it possible for hedgehogs to consume onions?

Onions are toxic to hedgehogs and can induce gastrointestinal upset as well as red blood cell destruction. If your hedgehog eats onions by mistake, seek immediate medical veterinary care.


It’s fine to give your hedgehog broccoli on occasion, particularly as a treat. However, make sure you split it up into little pieces so they can absorb it quickly.

Hopefully, I believe that all have a better understanding of what to feed your exotic hedgehog and how to feed it. As we’ve looked at its nutritional requirements. Hope you have found the answer to your question – can hedgehogs eat broccoli?

Feeding them high-protein, low-fiber meal is a solid rule of thumb. The recommendations above are fantastic possibilities if you have access to commercial hedgehog food.

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