How To Bathe A Hedgehog? [7 Easy Steps]

Hedgehogs are normally pretty clean animals. Still, as a responsible owner, bathing your hedgehog is an important thing you should do. Though it isn’t something you have to do regularly. But if you ignore it can lead to health issues later on.

But the question is how to bathe a hedgehog?

Hedgehog baths won’t be a struggle for you. You can make the procedure much easier if you follow some basic steps. The fun fact is hedgehogs love getting cleaned! As a result, bath time may be a lot of fun. That said, you’ll need to keep a lot of consideration while bathing your hedgehogs. They’re small animals, so you’ll have to take extra care.

This article will show you how to bathe a hedgehog effectively and easily. So read on to know all about the process. 

Things Needed To Bathe Hedgehogs

Things Needed To Bathe Hedgehogs

You must gather all the necessary things before bathing them.  It will make the process a lot easier. It will also ensure that you complete the task.  

  • Sink Or Bathtub

You can use both the sink and bathtub for bathing your hedgehog. But the sink is preferable. Because in the sink you can control the temperature of the water. 

On the other hand, in bathtub hedgehogs can be spooked by the sound of bathtub filling. 

  • Soft Toothbrush

A soft toothbrush is necessary when you are bathing your hedgehog. Hedgehog’s spines are difficult to scrub. The toothbrush is the perfect tool to clean their spines properly.

The skin beneath the spines is soft. So, make sure you are not causing any discomfort to hedgehogs.  

  •  Washcloth

 Hedgehog needs a place to stand in the sink. The washcloth is the solution! 

Take a soft washcloth and put it in the sink during the bath.  

  • Towel

You have bathed your hedgehog. You will need something to help them dry out. Keep a soft clean towel to dry the hedgehogs.

Dry them well and cautiously so that moisture doesn’t stick around their spines. 

The Entire Bath Process

The Entire Bath Process

As you have all the things ready. Now it’s time to start the bath. After you have done this a few times it will be the easiest thing to do.

Here we have divided the bathing process into a few parts. 

Step 1: Fill Up The Sink

First of all, fill the sink or bathtub with warm water. It’s not necessary to check the temperature with a thermometer. And, you can test the temperature with your bare hand. Make sure the water is not too hot. 

That said, the water should be comfortable for your hedgehog.

Also, fill up the sink only 2-3 inches to bathe your hedgehog. If you fill up the sink more that hedgehog has to swim in the water. This is not recommended.

Step 2: Place The Washcloth Bottom Of the Sink

Now as you have the sink filled up with water. You need to take the washcloth.  Place it in the bottom of the sink. If the size of the cloth is large, fold it and put it. 

Make sure the surface is smooth and not floating. If the surface is smooth it will give the hedgehogs comfort during the bath. 

Step 3: Put Hedgehog In Sink And Give Them Some Time

After putting your hedgehog in the sink you need to give them some time. 1 to 2 minutes is enough for them to adjust and become comfortable in the water. 

This is very important because if hedgehogs are nervous it will be troublesome to bathe them. 

Step 4: Start Bathing

Take a bit of baby shampoo in your hand. Don’t apply shampoo directly to the body of a hedgehog. After you lather it up in your hand gently rub it on your hedgehog’s body.

Focus mainly on the soft non-spine part of the body. But don’t forget to clean the spine areas also.

Be careful so that you don’t get shampoo in their eyes, mouth, or ears. 

Step 5: Brush The Spines

The question is- how to brush hedgehog’s spines?

Firstly, soft toothbrushes work wonders. So, take it and apply some soap/shampoo to it. You want it to be thorough because shampoo can dry the skin and create irritation.

You already have some shampoo in their boy for the previous step. Gently brush their spines and that’s it. 

Step 6: Rinse Them Off

Wash them in fresh water. Before getting them out from the sink make sure they are properly cleaned.  

Step 7: Dry Them Off

Another question you’ll face- How to dry a hedgehog after a bath? 

Drying off a hedgehog after a bath is a difficult task. You don’t want the quills to come in the way.

You can use towels to dry off a comfortable hedgehog. So, try to use a warm towel so that your hedgehog feels comfortable.

Don’t put your hedgehog in a cage until it is totally dry. It will take some time. During this time you can make a bond with this cute little creature.

So, watch tv or drink a cup of coffee with your hedgehog in your lap. There are tiny sleeping bags for hedgehogs also. Use it if you want. 

When your hedgehog is completely dry, put it in a cage. But if you still feel wet, put a towel in the cage. It will continue to dry off.

Check on after a while and remove the towel from the cage.


What Should Be Hedgehog Bath Water Temperature? 

It has to be around 28 degrees celsius. Water should be warm and comfortable. Use 1-3 inches of water in the sink. 

How Often Should Hedgehog Be Bathed?

On average bathing your hedgehog once a month is enough. Some hedgehogs need frequent baths though. But try not to bathe all the hedgehogs frequently. Bathing frequently can cause problems like dry skin.

Will Hedgehogs love sand baths?

Yep, they will like sand baths. Sand bath gives hedgehogs a natural feel. 


So, how to bathe a hedgehog. Well, you know that now. To summarize make sure you have all the supplies ready before giving a bath.

Also, make sure you follow all steps mentioned above. Hopefully, you will be able to give your hedgehog a happy bath time.

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Ryan Dugan
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