Can Rats Have Cinnamon?: Yes or No!

Are you tense about your rat because he/she had cinnamon? Yeah, I can get you. Because I also got frightened when my one had cinnamon.

Is this the reason you are finding that can rats have cinnamon?

Yes, rats can have cinnamon. It is not poisonous for rats but some rats may not like the raw cinnamon sticks. Most of the rats like cinnamon applesauce, cinnamon graham crackers, and cinnamon toast crunch. These kinds of cinnamon-made foods are really liked by rats. 

So, let’s get into the article to see how your rat really likes to have cinnamon. 

Cinnamon for Rats! [Safe or Dangerous]

Cinnamon is not dangerous for rats for sure. Because there are some foods that contain cinnamon are the favorite of rats. There is no harm to rats if they have cinnamon.

So, if you are confused about can pet rats have cinnamon there are no worries.

Even some rats like the raw cinnamon powder, even cinnamon sticks.

Yes, maybe there are some rats who don’t like cinnamon that much. But cinnamon is completely safe for rats. It is not poisonous.

Is Cinnamon Good for Rats?

Is Cinnamon Good for Rats

You will be really astonished to know that cinnamon is actually good for rats. Because I think you surely know that cinnamon has some health benefits. Like the human body, rats’ bodies can benefit from cinnamon.

Basically cinnamon helps rats to reduce weight. There are some kinds of foods and supplements that are specially used to reduce weight for rats.

There was an experiment on rats by the American Heart Association’s Arteriosclerosis. Where they gave a rat a high-fat diet for 12 weeks straight. With that, they also gave it some cinnamon supplements.

The experiment was divided into two different rat groups. And it was seen that the group that took the cinnamon supplements are in better health condition. Those rats have less body fat and belly fat.

Even those rats have a good level of insulin, fat, and sugar in their blood.

On the other hand, the rats who didn’t have those supplements are not in good health. Because their high-fat diet increased their body fat.

But you need to know that it was an experiment with professional researchers. That’s why I will recommend you not to give your rats random cinnamon supplements. It is ok only if it’s prescribed. 

Can Rats Have Cinnamon Applesauce?

I am sure you know that rats love applesauce. Generally, applesauce is counted as a nice treat for rats, isn’t it? But you may have been confused with the cinnamon applesauce.

So, if you have cinnamon applesauce instead of normal applesauce you don’t need to worry. Because rats also like cinnamon applesauce as normal applesauce.

If your rat is healthy and doesn’t have any sickness it will generally be like cinnamon applesauce. There will be no issues with that. But it can also depend on the taste of your rat.

But you have to remember that applesauce can be harmful to rats.  Though having a lot of applesauce can be harmful to rats. And that is if the applesauce has lots of sugar.

And always remember to remove the apple seeds if you make applesauce at home. Because apple seeds are hazardous for rats.

If the rat is sick then it may not like the cinnamon applesauce. But generally, all the rats are fond of cinnamon applesauce.

If you are confused about what you should give to your rat then let me suggest some.

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These are the most popular foods for rats. 

Can Rats Have Cinnamon Graham Crackers?

Rat’s generally love cinnamon graham crackers. If you put some cinnamon graham crackers in front of rats they generally go crazy.

It is seen that cinnamon graham crackers don’t create any health issues for rats. That’s why it is completely safe for rats.

Can Rats Have Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Yes, rats do like cinnamon toast crunch a lot. And it is perfectly safe for them; it won’t create any health issues for them. Generally rats like all kinds of crunches which is normal, right!

That’s why they also love cinnamon toast crunch. If your rat is enjoying having cinnamon toast crunch then you don’t need to worry. Because the rats are in good health.

Can Rats Have Cinnamon Sticks?

Now, this can be a topic of conflict. Because there are two different types of opinions about having raw cinnamon sticks. There are some people who think that rats generally hate cinnamon.

Some of them also think that cinnamon helps to get rid of rats. If you put cinnamon sticks in your wardrobe it will protect your clothes from rats.

Then again there are some people who claim that their rats love cinnamon powder. So, if rats love cinnamon powder then why can’t they have cinnamon sticks!

Cinnamon powder is basically grounded cinnamon sticks. So, there shouldn’t be an issue with the cinnamon sticks. That’s why, if you have the question, do rats like cinnamon! Yes, they do.

But from that conflict, you can assume that there can be taste differences in rats. You know there are so many types of rats in this world.

Maybe there are some kinds of rats that love to have raw cinnamon. And there are also some kinds of rats that may hate cinnamon.

That’s why cinnamon is used by some people to get rid of rats.


Question: Is cinnamon poison to rats?

Answer: No, cinnamon is not poisonous to rats. But some people think that some rats don’t like cinnamon. And again some rats like cinnamon. But coumarin is poisonous for rats. There is an element which is called cassia. It is basically used in rat killing. This cassia contains coumarin.

Question: What spices can rats eat?

Answer: Generally, rats can have basil, sage, parsley, coriander, and these kinds of spices or herbs. They can also have cinnamon but not all the rats like cinnamon. But rats can have cinnamon-made foods. Like cinnamon graham crackers, cinnamon toast crunch, etc.

Question: What foods are poisonous to rats?

Answer: There are lots of foods you should be aware of before giving to your rat. Like avocado skin and pit, chocolate, citrus fruits, mango, green potato, and green bananas. Basically, these foods are poisonous to rats. There are some others like uncooked/dried beans. 


I hope you have got the answer of can rats have cinnamon from our article. The main thing is that the taste of rats can differ from each other. Some of them may like cinnamon, some may not.

But cinnamon is not harmful to rats. If you have any more doubts please drop them in the comment section.

Till then stay happy, stay healthy.

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Ryan Dugan
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