Can You Have A Hedgehog as A Pet?[Guideline to Petting]

A very common nocturnal animal native to Asia and the European subcontinent is HedgehogI. This cute animal is very loved by all animal lovers. There is no doubt that pet lovers are really fond of hedgehogs for their undoubted cuteness. And the best part about having a hedgehog is they are considerably low-maintenance pets than any other pet. 

If  you are also a pet lover, you must have come up with the query “Can I Have Hedgehogs as A pet?”

Well, this is one of the frequently asked questions about hedgehogs and the answer is Yes you definitely can. You would love to have one after knowing how low maintenance and less costly it is to have a hedgehog.

This is the zest of our whole discussion and if you are interested in digging more, you can follow along.

Are Hedgehogs Suitable for Petting?

Are Hedgehogs Suitable for Petting

Yes, hedgehogs are quite familiar with petting. If we name some common pets, hedgehogs would definitely appear on the list. Hedgehog is a quite familiar small nocturnal animal.

Though there are some restricted countries where having a hedgehog as a pet is not allowed.

Among all types of hedgehogs, Europeans are the most common types of petting. Hedgehogs mostly live alone in forests. When you bring them home for petting, they might take some time to get along with you.

You might find hedgehogs low maintenance pets but they also required some special kind of setup and care to grow well. Another difficulty one might encounter while having a hedgehog as their pet is the basic feature of the hedgehog.

They have sharp pokey quills which cause difficulties to handle sometimes. 

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Petting Hedgehogs?

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Petting Hedgehogs

Every pet has its own challenges and difficulties. Even though Hedgehogs are a low-maintenance pet, you will face some challenges regarding them too.

Though hedgehogs are up for petting, it is quite difficult to create friendly terms with them. Since they are nocturnal animals, they are more active at night time.

This could be difficult for you as a pet owner. But, if you give them some time and they can figure out a friendly environment around them. And, they won’t mind cooperating with you in this environment.

Plus, giving them some time and playing with them is very important to get them used to you and your touch. Know this-  they love to run, climb and swim so you need to take care of the fact that they get to do these activities from time to time. Hence, you can do these activities to create a strong bonding with them. 

Are Hedgehogs Difficult To Maintain?

All the pets out there need certain maintenance and care to grow well no matter how low maintenance they are. Hedgehogs are calm and solitary animals which makes them easier to maintain as pets. 

Maintenance Factor When Petting Hedgehogs

From the previous section, you’ll already know that hedgehogs are easy to maintain. Well, they’re calm animals after all. So, maintaining them won’t be that big of a deal. 

But, still, let’s see some factors that you’ll need to give special emphasis on-


Like every other animal, hedgehogs also require proper cleaning to keep them healthy. You have to spend at least 30 minutes a week.

First off, you have to keep the cage, food containers, water bottle, wheel, and toys clean. A wheel is an important tool for hedgehogs since they don’t get to go out. They love to play on the wheel. So, we have to make sure the wheel is not broken and properly clean. 


Though hedgehogs are solitary animals they won’t trouble you if you can’t take them out or don’t play with them. But the fact is for a healthy pet you need to allow some playtime. 

In fact, to make sure your hedgehog is not unhealthy or ill, you need to take them out and observe their movement. Managing a playpen away from other animals would be best for them. 


You need to take care of the diet of your hedgehogs properly. They are not that foodies but they need a proper diet routine.

So, you’ll need to keep in mind that their food and water should be refilled from time to time. And, you should keep track of whether they are getting all kinds of nutrition their body requires. 

The Right Temperature

Temperature is a big factor in hedgehog petting. They like the temperature around the 70S and above. To maintain that temperature all we can do is place an animal heated pad under their bedding.

Do Hedgehogs Interact with Other Animals?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They usually communicate less with people, even with other animals. But they often get along with other animals.

That said, there are some facts about hedgehogs. They will not communicate nor depend on the personality of the other animal. Hence, the relationship between your other pets and hedgehog should be healthy. Otherwise, you shouldn’t leave them alone.


Are hedgehogs open for petting in every country?

There are some legal issues regarding petting hedgehogs in some countries. There are a few countries where hedgehogs are not permissible as pets. However, these are very limited countries where you cannot have them as pets due to safety issues. 

Can hedgehogs spread any diseases?

Hedgehogs are usually safe but sometimes they can be the carrier of salmonella infection. Direct connection with hedgehogs can cause humans to get infected by salmonella infection. The germs can easily spread from their quills, body, or toys to humans which is a matter of worry about petting hedgehogs.

Are hedgehogs endangered?

According to research and calculations, hedgehogs are not really endangered but surely they are declining in recent times in some areas.

Final Words

We hope you get the whole overview of whether hedgehogs are convenient as pets along with the pros and cons of it. Then you might get the answer to can you have a hedgehog as a pet?

One added tip for you, if you really want to make a healthy bond with your hedgehog, then don’t forget to spend some time showing your love and affection to the pet.

Take care!

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Ryan Dugan
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