What Sound Does A Hedgehog Make? [Properly Explained]

When you buy a hedgehog for the first time you can wonder about many things like how to bathe them, how to feed them, or the sound they make.

Knowing the sound they make and what they mean is very important for you. Face it- knowing your pets and their sounds is always admired by pet owners. Hence, we won’t judge you at all when you’re trying to know your hedgehog’s sounds.

So, what sound does a hedgehog make?

Hedgehogs make different kinds of noises. Their sound can vary from low pitch to high pitch. Hedgehogs often sound like ducks or frogs. Their sound is not as loud as cats or dogs. Also, hedgehogs make different sounds like purring, snarling, chirping, etc. Different sounds have different meanings. So, their sounds have meanings. 

But, there’s more to their sounds. You’re fortunate. Because we’ve compiled all the types of sounds of the hedgehogs in this article.

Let’s know about the sounds hedgehogs make and what those sounds mean in detail-

The Hedgehog Sounds

The Hedgehog Sounds

The common hedgehog sound you can hear is a squeak. This is kinda similar to the sound of when you squeeze a toy duck.

But there are many kinds of sounds this little creature can make. Read about them below-

Hedgehog Screaming Noise

When a hedgehog screams, the sound feels like it’s coming from an upset human baby.

Hedgehogs scream when they are in severe distress or pain. Maybe when they are injured or trapped. 

That is why you’ll need to investigate what happens as soon as you hear this sound. They may need your help at that moment.  

Happy Hedgehog Sounds

If you have hedgehogs you would want them to be happy. That’s a no-brainer!

It is hard to tell if your hedgehog is happy or not because they are not as expressive as other animals.

So, how do you know if your hedgehog is happy? 

You can look out for signs to know if your hedgehogs are actually happy. First of all, you should look at their quills.

When hedgehogs are scared, they raise quills. At that time, they turn into a ball. When you see this, know that your hedgehog is uncomfortable and they are not happy.

Hedgehogs will relax their quills in the direction of their tail when they are happy. Happy hedgehog sounds are squeaking and purring.

Plus, hedgehogs love to explore. So it spends most of the time sniffing and quenching. A hedgehog is happy when it runs around its cage, eats well, and also makes lots of noise.

You can know if hedgehogs are happy or not by sleeping. When a hedgehog snores during sleep it’s a sign of their happiness.

Hedgehog Purring

Hedgehogs show their emotions in various ways. Purring is one of them. 

Many people think that hedgehogs purr when they are content. Usually, hedgehogs purr and show love toward their owners. But it is not always true.

Your hedgehog can also purr when they feel not happy. So, you need to keep track of its activities.

Hedgehog Chirping

Hedgehogs chirp like baby birds when they are hungry. When you hear this sound, try to give them food as soon as possible. 

Hedgehog Distress Call

When hedgehogs are in distress they make quacking sounds like ducks. Like screaming it is also a distress call. Screaming means the problem is very serious. Whereas, quacking means they are in trouble but not that serious.

They can make a quacking sound when they are stuck. Also, young hedgehogs make a quacking sound when they are hungry.  

Hedgehog Noises Meaning

Happy hedgehog sounds mean your hedgehogs are happy and comfortable around you. It will let you touch it and pick it up when they are happy.

If your hedgehog is huffing when you try to handle it, it is not comfortable. You should leave it alone then.

Hedgehogs can snore. A snoring hedgehog makes a very cute sound.  

A snoring sound usually means they are peacefully sleeping.

But, if you hear the sound when their eyes are open it can indicate that they are having breathing problems.

You should contact the local hedgehog rescue for advice if you face this kind of situation. 

What Noise Do Hedgehogs Make When Giving Birth

What Noise Do Hedgehogs Make When Giving Birth

When a baby hedgehog is born it’s difficult for mothers to identify their offspring because they are born with their eyes shut. Also, their ears folded over. So, they give off a hissing sound. 

What Are the Baby Hedgehog’s Sounds?

Baby hedgehogs stay silent when they are born. They start to make noises when they are growing. They can make different types of noises like snuffling and grunting. When nursing they make a “sucking in the air” sound.


What Sound Does Hedgehog Make When They Are Mating?

Usually, hedgehogs snarl loudly when they mate. Male hedgehogs make more sound than female hedgehogs. They can sound just like humans during mating. The Hedgehog mating period is from April to September. Try not to disturb them when they are mating.  

Why Does My Hedgehog Hiss At Me?

When your hedgehog hiss at you, you can think that they are angry. But it really means that they are stressed or scared. When you bring a new hedgehog into your house. The environment is new for the hedgehog. So they can be afraid and curl like a snail and start hissing.  

Why Are Hedgehogs So Noisy?

Hedgehogs make a lot of noise. It’s completely normal. If your hedgehog makes noise you should be happy because it means they are active. Hedgehogs become mature enough to have sex when they are 2 years old. Males try to impress female hedgehogs. They woo females in lengthy encounters. 

End Note

We have already come to the end of the article. We have mentioned all the sounds that can be made. Hopefully, now you know, what sound does a hedgehog make?

Try to understand the sounds your hedgehog makes and act accordingly. Because their sounds have meanings. And, they’re probably trying to make you understand their situations. Hence, they’ll need your side.

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