Do Hedgehogs Burrow? [Truth Revealed]

Hedgehogs are one-of-a-very kind pets not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of temperament. Also, hedgehogs are known to forage and explore during the night in quest of food.

Aside from that, some people are curious about whether or not hedgehogs burrow. Whether you have a pet hedgehog or one that comes into your yard at night.

It is actually interesting to know, do hedgehogs burrow?

Yes, hedgehogs burrow like many other animals. Hedgehogs burrow and therefore can able to dig holes in the ground up to 20 inches deep. Both wild and captive, hedgehogs burrow as a natural behavior. Burrowing is a behavior that most animals exhibit including hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are never seen in trees. They always live on the ground. And, do not dwell completely underground, although they do spend time there.

Let’s learn more about hedgehogs and their burrowing habits-

Do All Hedgehogs Burrow?

Do All Hedgehogs Burrow

Depending on the temperature and time of year, wild hedgehogs utilize a combination of nest building and burrowing. Though some hedgies want to burrow in the wild. On the other hand, some others prefer to make a habitat out of grass and fungus on the ground.

Hedgehogs begin burrowing as soon as they are three weeks old. They also mature into excellent burrowers from an early age to maturity.

On the other hand, captive hedgehogs frequently try to burrow under their cage bedding.

What Causes Hedgehogs to Burrow?

What Causes Hedgehogs to Burrow

Hedgehogs burrow because it is natural to them, whether they live in the wild or as pets.

They also sleep a lot and sleep for most of the day. This little creature may sleep for up to 18 hours every day. That is why they burrow in the wild to create a safe shelter for themselves to sleep.

The climate in which a hedgehog lives determines whether it will burrow or create a nest. Hedgehogs are burrowing in greater numbers as the winter season approaches.

Hedgehogs burrow to have a place to hibernate and shut out the cold. Hedgehogs require extra warmth throughout the colder months.

Moreover, hedgehogs use burrows as a temporary home and they don’t like to dwell in them for lengthy periods of time. These small animals go from burrow to burrow, only staying for a night or two at a time. 

If there is a winter season, hedgehogs will remain in their burrow until the hibernation period is through. A mother hedgehog would remain in her burrow until her pups were weaned and ready to go.

Do Hedgehogs Live in Groups in Burrows?

Hedgehogs are mostly solitary creatures who only interact while they’re mating or nursing their young. Hedgehogs spend the most of their time alone in their burrow or nest.

Hedgehogs spend the most of their time alone in their burrows or nests.

A breastfeeding mother will remain with her youngsters for a short period of time. Usually 5-6 weeks. After that they will be self-sufficient and nest and burrow on their own.

The ultimate point is that, given all factors, hedgehogs are most often found alone in burrows.

Hedgehogs Dig Holes in Gardens, Is That True?

Gardens are one of the most typical sites for hedgehogs to burrow. This is due to hedgehogs’ desire to stay warm. That is why you may discover holes in your yard frequently. A hedgehog has very much likely burrowed behind a massive mound of compost leaves in your yard, for example.

Hedgies burrow themselves near the base of trees. Also, they are known for burrowing behind garden sheds. Hedgehogs use burrows dug by other animals, such as rabbits, in addition to digging tunnels for themselves.

Hedgehogs will dig holes in gardens to find food in addition to burrowing. Hedgehogs are adept diggers and they excavate the dirt to seek worms and insects underground.

Is Burrowing by Pet Hedgehogs Normal?

Burrowing is a natural instinct for hedgehogs, thus even pet hedgies also want to burrow. But don’t worry, they won’t destroy your home by digging holes.

Pet hedgehogs burrow in the same way that wild hedgehogs do.

What Can I Do For My Pet Hedgehogs Regarding Burrow?

As burrowing is the natural behavior of hedgehogs you can do something for your pet for their betterment-

  • Make sure your hedgehog’s cage has enough bedding. Because of the bedding, the hedgehog will burrow. Burrowing indicates that your hedgehog is in good health and it is something you should encourage. The bedding not only helps a hedgie’s burrowing but also lets it build a nest.
  • Hedgehogs in the wild build nests or burrows to keep warm. It’s critical to give them enough bedding to burrow or nest in their enclosure. If you’re buying bedding for your hedgehog, make sure it’s of the highest quality.
  • Wood chip bedding should be avoided because of its sharp character. Those can damage and injure your hedgehog. To prevent your hedgehog from developing allergies, the best bedding should have a minimal dust level.
  • Hedgehog burrowing is a sign of good health. Although it can also be a reason for concern. Hedgehogs burrow in the wild primarily for hibernation. As a result, when your hedgehog burrows, it may display behaviors that indicate it is going to hibernate.
  • The fat level of a pet hedgehog is insufficient for hibernation. If you suspect your hedgehog is going to hibernate, gradually raise the temperature in the room to prevent it. Hedgehogs in captivity may die during hibernation.

Hibernation is a survival feature for wild hedgehogs but it can be detrimental for hedgehogs raised as pets.


Is it true that hedgehogs can climb?

Hedgehogs may appear clumsy and have a reputation for getting themselves into difficulty. But underneath their spiky quills and underlayer of hair, they surprisingly can walk, jog, swim and even climb.

What is the habitat of hedgehogs?

They live in East Africa, West Africa, and Central Africa, in a broad diversity of temperatures and terrains. They require a sufficient supply of ground-dwelling insects and other invertebrates, as well as dry, well-drained shelters.

Is hedgehog poop safe to use in the garden?

Because hedgehogs eat a lot of protein and fat, their poop resembles that of a dog or cat. It lacks many nutrients for plants. Using the excrement of any animal that is prone to parasites or pathogenic pathogens is generally not a good idea.


So, now we think that you have already got your answer to your question – do hedgehogs burrow?

Burrowing is something that all hedgehogs do instinctively. Either in the environment or in confinement, hedgies burrow. If your hedgehog burrows, it is an indication that this is healthy, and you should praise it with extra care.

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