How Do Ferrets Show Affection- All You Need to Know!

Just like a human relationship, understanding your adorable pet is your commitment. Maybe you have found ferrets bringing unique expressions or acts!

You might feel a bit confused over their unfamiliar reactions. Some of the expressions might even make you panic. We totally get your point.

So, how do ferrets show affection?

Ferrets can express their affection by biting, playing with other ferrets, and eating quickly. Many other aspects remain to discuss here. Always keeping a good interaction with them brings more lovable moments surely.

Worry not, we got all the explanations. Spare a few minutes of your time and be our partner! 

By the end of this article, you’ll be amazed to learn how ferrets show affection.

How Does a Ferret Show Affection?

How Does a Ferret Show Affection

Let’s start by addressing a question:

Can ferrets show affection? 

Absolutely! It can be a quirky expression. Or a simple gesture. Ferrets can show their affections to you in a number of ways. Let’s get exploring these!

Dancing or Bouncing Around

Ferrets like to let the people surrounding them know of their emotions. That’s why you won’t find them hiding unless something terrible happens.

Pet owners often know about the dancing skills of ferrets. Yes, maybe you have missed too watching them in this nature. This is what we call Weasel War Dancing.

Also, they love to be grabbed by you. Don’t miss that moment by not playing with them. Once they feel admired, it lasts for a long time.

So, try to keep these memories in their mind repeatedly. As a result, a smoother, troubleless relationship can be kept up.


Along with that, ferrets love to kiss humans. Not always, but when they feel joy or affection the most.

That’s how you may understand your pet is quite satisfied with you. It starts dancing and kissing when you hold it warmly.

Kissing on your lips may also indicate that ferrets are fond of your lip balm. Maybe they have got attracted to that flavor.


Are you noticing the ferrets biting you? Well, observe whether it is a gentle bite or not. They love to bite humans closer to them.

You don’t have to worry till it gently grabs you with teeth. Often it can be considered a love bite! They may also try to drag your hand to the dig box.

Eureka! By all means, they are treating you as a playing toy. Let them cooperate and enjoy the moment.

Lots more other activities they come with too! Meanwhile, we have discussed the major ones. Running back and forth, fanning their mouth during play, licking, etc., you may notice too.

Variety of Showing Expressions

Variety of Showing Expressions

Being unable to speak creates a bit of suspense and hindrance to the emotions of pets, right? But we consider sign language strongly which is somehow a great way to communicate.

And, before exploring how a ferret shows affection, let’s take the overall ground to discuss.

Not unlike humans, they also come with several expressions. These will guide you to how do ferrets show affection too!

Showing Excitement

Let ferrets be happier and chilling undoubtedly is a common goal of every pet owner. Hearing any dooking sound loudly?

It results in indicating joy and excitement after all. Also, they can dance! Have you thought it’s coming? More amazingly, activities get separated in terms of allowing different types of ferrets emotions.

An excited ferret will never put his head down while dooking. Eventually, they are spotted raising heads with joy and dancing for a long time.

On the other hand, afraid or cautious ferrets may put their heads down and keep dooking. Along with that, the excitement gets increasing while the dooking gets louder and faster!

You can explore our recommendation of ferrets dig box. Better living amplifies their excitement indeed.


Seeing your ferret hanging around an empty dish? It’s the indication of wanting food. But that’s not all. You may find them walking up to you.

Then frequently, he walks back to the food dish. Simply you should understand why he’s doing that, right? So, putting in some dry foods does the quick job.

As a result, ferrets may not feel hungry when they need it the most. Along with that, your short-time absence won’t bring any mess.

Last but not least is to alter the foods after a while, particularly in moist conditions.


Screeching and hiding are the major indications of having panic acts. Along with that, they may start trembling or crouching down unusually.

One vital point is to make your ferret comfortable from the first day of adoption. Letting him be independent will make them happier.

Unless we mostly see ferrets trembling due to your instant approach to grab them. Rather letting the ferret come out to you is an ideal technique.

Also, ferrets may bite you while passing through fearful, troublesome states.

Being Curious

Which pet comes to your mind as a curious one? Well, likely cats or dogs, you will discover ferrets as inquisitive pets too.

Mostly, you will find them starting to draw an invisible circle. And keeping their heads low to the ground. It indicates their exploration or discovery of something.

Meanwhile, they may sound unusual during the ‘checking out’ period. A soft plunging or chuckling sound a ferret loves to make. That’s how ferrets’ curiosity gets revealed.  

Feeling Endangered

This state might be different and more intense than afraid only. Screeching, hissing, arching their back, etc., match similarity to the afraid state after all.

Also, they may start pooping on the floor. Stop interacting with you or even releasing bad scents from their anal glands is the major indication.

That is all!


Do Ferrets Enjoy Cuddling?

Definitely, they do! You get amazed to know that ferrets are one of cuddle-lover pets. As they consider humans as trusted and true companions, cuddling comes out as a reflection. Also, ferrets enjoy sharing cuddles as their love language. So, always try to get them back with a warm cuddle. 

Does My Ferret Like When I Hold Him?

Yes, you will find true happiness on their faces. Ferrets like to spend quality time with humans or even other pets. They may get sad when you stop interacting with them. But holding warmly is a sign letting them know you take care of them. You often find ferrets biting you while holding closer.

Can I See Ferrets Crying?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know just by seeing their faces. They can’t stoically or even strongly show through their facial acts. But behavioral changes, medical conditions, etc., will indicate their despair. You may find them sitting alone in the corner, losing interest in playing, etc.

Final Words

You already have caught the details on how do ferrets show affection, right? As ferrets are exceptionally lovable pets, you can’t avoid some major facts.

In this article, we articulate its variety of expressions, etc.

Also hoping that you got the gist to know their affectionate moments.

Happy Petting!

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Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan

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