Rat Tumors Burst [Explained With Solution]

So, the tumor of your rat just burst open. And you don’t know what to do. Well, it is completely okay to feel tense about it.

So, you’re wondering why rat tumor burst?

The abnormal cell growth and division enlarges the tissue to create a large tumor. That blocks the natural flow of blood vessels and oxygen. The increased pressure then leads to a huge burst. The first thing to do is to go to a good vet. Do the surgery if necessary.

Now, there is more to the story. We’ve discussed the cause and solution to this issue in detail. We’ve even added prevention for the problem. You just have to read the article to know the full story. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading!

Why Does Tumor Burst?

Why Does Tumor Burst

We all have seen a rat’s tumor burst at some point in our life. That is why you have clicked on this article to learn more about it.

Before telling you why the tumor burst open, let’s know what a tumor is.

A tumor refers to cells abnormally forming together to create an abnormal tissue. Which is a solid mass or growth, mostly seen on mammals. 

Now, the cells are dividing and growing abnormally and sometimes not dying. These abnormalities can lead to less worrisome issues to some major concerns.

Because organs and vines have very limited space for the blood and oxygens to flow through. It cannot expand in any circumstances.

The size of the tumor starts to get bigger after a while. This happens due to uncontrollable cell division. This blocks the natural flow of blood vessels and oxygen.

Without finding any other way to decrease the flow of them. The pressure results in a burst. As it is the only way that the body can decrease the pressure.  

How to Identify a Tumor Burst?

As we have already explained, a tumor is an abnormal solid tissue. If you want to identify a tumor burst, let’s know where tumors can grow.

Tumors grow on the skin of rats affecting the organs, tissues, glands, and bones of rats. They can be less harmful like, benign (non-cancerous) lipomas or cysts. They can even turn into some harmful malignant like, cancer tumors. 

It can be visible if it is growing on the outer organs or skin. But it might be growing internally in some glands or tissues. If so, there is a huge chance of it going unnoticed for a long time.

If any organs or parts of the body seem more than their usual size. It means that the tumor is going to burst very soon. We have to be very careful with the rat in this phase. 

When the tumor bursts open, then there will be a hole of 0.5 inches to 5 inches. If we look closely through a magnifying glass, we can easily find that.

Furthermore, there’s a huge chance of you getting confused between abscess and tumor. That’s why we’ve added the next segment.

Difference Between Tumor and Abscess

We have to keep in mind that not all bursts are because of tumors.

Many people mistake an abscess for a tumor. Because they almost look alike and develop in similar areas. 

But we have to be careful to identify the differences among them. It will help us to take care of it in a proper way. 

The differences among them are mentioned below-




DefinitionAbnormal cell growth and division that creates a solid tissue.Defensive reaction by the tissue to stop infectious matter to spread in the body.
Harmfulness It can be both cancerous and non-cancerous.It is mostly harmless.
Smell after bursting openThere is no bad smell.It causes a really bad smell.

What to Do When Tumor Bursts?

The first thing that happens after a burst is that it breaks through the skin. This causes a hole in the skin, as well as blood dripping from that place. 

We cannot simply let it be like this. Because the rat might start licking the wound. Also, many germs and bacteria can attack that wound. That can lead to different diseases. 

That is why it is better to know what to do at that moment. 

What you need to do is simple. Without thinking, go to a good vet. Talk to the doctor to know how major the condition is. It is better to do the surgery as soon as possible if the doctor recommends it.

The faster one goes to the vet the better. Because the more they wait, the chance of infection increases. 

Small ones don’t usually need any surgery. But the large one causes a lot of problems for the rats. So, it is better to get done with the surgeries as soon as possible.

It will help them ease their pain sooner. You can also use a few pain relief medications. But make sure they are prescribed by the vet.

Ways to Prevent Tumor and Tumor Burst

As we have already seen, how bad the tumors can be for rats. It is better to prevent it from happening in the first place. There are a few easy ways, you can prevent tumors to occur on rats-

  • Feeding them low fat and nutritious diet
  • Neutering them
  • Feeding them miso
  • Spaying them

By following these few easy steps, your rat immense amount of pain and also save you from seeing your rat suffer. 


How long can a rat live with a tumor?

Rats with non-cancerous tumors live almost their full life span. Many rats even lived up to 2 more years after their surgery. But surgery sometimes can not be the right choice. Because it might decrease their lifespan. So, it is better to talk to a good doctor first.

Are tumors painful for rats?

They are typically soft and mostly grow under their skins. It can grow up to a few inches in a very short time. At first, it doesn’t hurt when touched. But after a certain time, it becomes painful for the rat to walk. Because the size of the tumor is too large for its small body structure. 

How can I tell if my rat is dying?

The first sign is a lack of thirst and appetite. Their body starts to shut down their functions. Their sensation of hunger disappears. They can live up to 2-3 days without having anything.


Hope you got a clear idea about why a rat tumor burst and what to do afterward. 

Always remember to take your rat to the vet as soon as possible. Because it will ease the suffering of both you and your rat.

We hope the article helped you. We wish all the best for your rat!

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Ryan Dugan
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