Why Do Ferrets Sleep So Much? [Answered]

The duration of time a ferret sleeps is one of the most confusing factors for ferret lovers. This is frightening to new owners, who naturally tend to panic. But often it’s nothing to worry about.

So, why do ferrets sleep so much?

Ferrets need a lot of sleep because they are tiny creatures with high brain metabolism. They need more high-energy bursts in a short period of time. This is particularly true if they are adapting to new situations. Ferrets may only stay awake for 2 – 3 hours every day.

In most situations, there is no reason to be concerned if your ferret is sleeping a lot. A ferret may sleep for up to eighteen hours every day.  But it’s also true that sleeping too much is a cause for worry.

Don’t get all worked up now. Because we’ll discuss these things in detail.

How Much Sleep is Normal for Ferrets?

How Much Sleep is Normal for Ferrets

Ferrets, unlike most household pets, may sleep for up to 18 hours at a time. Or even throughout the day and night. There is barely sufficient time for lunch and amusement before falling asleep again.

Since your pet is so eager to sleep, it’s your responsibility to get him a place to sleep. Here I have shortlisted the best ferret beds available in the market.

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These should get your ferret all the comfort he needs.

A typical day will consist of four hours of activities. The whole other day the ferret will spend sleeping. Even said, there’s a strong probability that something else is prompting them to do so. 

6 Reasons Behind Ferrets Sleeping So Much

Reasons Behind Ferrets Sleeping So Much

Ferrets are a wonderful addition to any family. Ferrets napping excessively is common, but there may be an issue of concern here. Let’s look at some of the reasons your ferret is sleeping more than normal.

Reason 1: Ferrets are Crepuscular Creatures

Ferrets are Crepuscular animals. That is, they are most active during twilight. They are awake at night when their owners are sleeping.

As a result, they tend to sleep for a large portion of the day. This explains why they prefer to sleep so much.

Reason 2: Going into a Hibernation Phase

Another reason a ferret could be sleeping all day is that they’re about to enter hibernation. Because ferrets are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Where winters may be very cold, they go into a daily hibernation phase.

Reason 3: Temperature

Another reason why your ferret is sleeping so much is because of the temperature. The humidity of your house may also be a role in most circumstances.

Their peri-hibernation phase will be triggered if your house is maintained at a reasonably cool temperature. This will result in their will to stay asleep even longer than normal. Temperatures that are overly warm might reduce their movement and drive them to rest more.

A ferret’s optimal temperature is when they don’t have to use any energy. They generally use energy to maintain a constant body temperature. Temperatures from fifty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit are usually ideal.

Reason 4: Seasonal Change

When the cooler seasons arrive, we humans often dial up the thermostat. This causes a ferret’s activity level to decrease.

They will have phases when they are less active during these cooler days. The duration of this low-activity period varies based on the age and gender of the ferret. They will not, however, be operating on all cylinders even while they are awake.

Ferrets will begin to develop more fur in readiness for the winter months. Your ferret is likely to feel it much more. This is when the heat in your house is turned up to keep you warm.

Each ferret is unique based on its preferred environment. Try different environments to determine the optimal resting temperature for your ferret. Experiment with several alternatives to discover which one offers the greatest sleeping temperature.

Reason 5: Sickness

Do you get the impression that your pet is getting too sleepy?

Insulinoma is a kind of cancer that affects the pancreas. A tiny tumor in the pancreas develops. When blood sugar levels go too low, this is a regular symptom.

You’ll notice various symptoms if your pet has this disease. You could notice excessive licking or a visible ulcer spreading on their hindquarters. Or they might be hesitant to interact with you or other ferrets.

Insulinoma is a hazardous ailment. Therefore you should take your ferret to the doctor right away if you feel it’s the cause.

An adrenal illness is another health problem that might lead your ferret to nap excessively. It is more common in elderly ferrets. 

Reason 6: The Ferret Dead Sleep Phenomenon

Ferrets do experience what is known as a “dead sleep.” It might cause a lot of tension in someone who isn’t familiar with this sort of phenomenon. A ferret may go into a profound coma that seems to be dead. It is known as the ferret deep sleep phenomenon.

This might be somewhat frightening in the very beginning. But it is a typical sleeping behavior for ferrets. 

As a result, don’t be shocked if it occurs in your place. Some ferrets seem to fall asleep more often. They’re all accused of it now and then.

Make sure your pet is still warm, and that his mouth is still red. Also, check if he’s breathing regularly. If these symptoms are present, your ferret is alive. However, he is just in a “dead sleep.”

You could detect a little drool and they may tense up, but this is hardly a cause for concern.

Additional Suggestions

You should get acquainted with their typical routine. Is your ferret’s extended sleeping habits due to normal behavior or an illness? If you get acquainted, it will be easier for you to understand.

It is critical that you keep a close check on your ferret for signs that anything is awry. Instead of asking why is my ferret sleeping all day, look for symptoms of illness. The sooner you discover it, the more likely you are to provide him with the medical treatment.


Do ferrets like the light or the dark?

Ferrets prefer to sleep in complete darkness as pets rather than light. For this, ferrets in the wild would dig tunnels to sleep in.

Is it possible for ferrets to sleep in your bed?

It’s not suggested that you let your ferrets sleep in your bed. That’s because when you roll in bed, they can get squeezed and injured.

Do ferrets like being held?

Ferrets adore being held while lifting them up. They also appreciate you playing with them.


Now you know why do ferrets sleep so much. Since ferrets can’t tell you if they’re unwell, keep a close check on their health.

The more time you can keep them healthy, the more delight and pleasure you’ll offer to your whole family’s life.

Best of luck till next time!

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Ryan Dugan
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