3 Reasons Why My Ferret Drinking Lots of Water!

Did you know that ferrets were initially used to help hunt rodents and rabbits? But this was only until they started being domesticated.

If you have a pet ferret, you already know about their thirsty nature. But it is concerning if they’re drinking more water than normal.

So you might be wondering why “my ferret is drinking a lot of water”?

There’s more than one reason for this. Firstly, it could simply be a climate change issue. But it might also be caused by underlying medical conditions. For instance, increased thirst is often caused by dysfunctional liver and kidneys. But the same symptoms are also observed in the case of diabetes. 

Well, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Because we have the reasons explained in detail for you in this article. Just scroll down to learn more!

How Much Water is Normal for a Ferret to Drink per Day?

How Much Water is Normal for a Ferret to Drink per Day

Ferrets are small animals that tend to be rather active while they’re awake. As a result, it’s pretty normal for them to get thirsty real quick. And you’ll find your ferret drinking water often.

But their size plays a significant role in the frequency of their water consumption. Which means they can only have small quantities of water at a time. Therefore, your ferret will be drinking water frequently. 

However, say your ferret has started drinking a lot of water. And it’s much more than their usual intake. Well, there may be some need for concern here. So, how much water should a ferret drink a day?

Typically, a ferret weighing about 3.5 pounds tends to drink 175ml of water per day. But that’s at the very least. At most, it can easily drink up to 350ml, and anywhere within this range is good. 

And what about a ferret weighing about 4.5 pounds? Well, the norm would be roughly about 200 to 450 ml of water in a day. But of course, there is no general rule of thumb in this case. 

Here are some digital scales you could use to weigh your pet:

Hope they were helpful!

Now, how much water your ferret drinks will also be dependent on how active it is. Plus, weather conditions will also alter that amount as well. 

But everything is as usual, and yet your ferret is drinking lots of water. So, of course, you’re left wondering what’s causing that. Well, let us get right into it. 

Why is My Ferret Drinking So Much Water?

Why is My Ferret Drinking So Much Water

If your ferret is drinking lots of water, it must also be urinating a lot. The increased thirst is commonly known as polydipsia and increased urination is polyuria. And either one could trigger the other.

Now, it’s helpful to have an idea about these terms. That’s because your ferret probably has some underlying medical conditions. And it could be very serious too. So if you notice any of the symptoms above, you’ll want to take your pet to the vet.

But why is your ferret drinking a lot of water? Let us quickly go through the reasons.

Reason 1: Change in Climate

First off, it could simply be a climatic issue. Perhaps it’s summertime and the scorching heat is draining your ferrets off of their fluids. And that’s causing them to be so thirsty all the time. 

But in this case, you shouldn’t worry too much. And more worrisome if you find your ferret not drinking water.

Simply have a bowl of water left for them to drink at all times. So that when they are thirsty, they don’t feel dehydrated. 

However, replace the bowl with fresh water from time to time throughout the day. And refill as required.

Reason 2: Organ Malfunction

Now, increased thirst could also be caused by liver or kidney disease. Perhaps your ferret is suffering from dysfunctional liver or kidneys. And both these organs play a key role in flushing out toxins and waste out of their bodies.

Therefore, impaired function in these organs means that their body can’t do it the normal way. So, their bodies will require more water. And this is simply an attempt to flush these toxins out through their urine.

Now, more urination will lead to a loss of water from the body. And that will lead to increased thirst. So that is another possible reason why your ferret is drinking so much water.

Reason 3: Diabetes

So, diabetes could be another reason for the increased thirst levels in your ferret. In diabetes, the sugar levels in their bodies will be at a constant high. Hence, lots of water will automatically be absorbed.

But more water will also be lost with their urine. And that in turn will create a demand for more water consumption. Therefore, your ferret will tend to drink lots of water.

However, the thirst will remain mostly unquenchable. Unless of course, suitable measures are taken in the diet, besides suitable treatments.

Now you know the reasons for your ferret’s thirst problem. But how can you help out your pet? Let’s move on to the next section!

What Should I Do for my Ferret’s Water Drinking Problem?

Ferret’s Water Drinking Problem

You can’t possibly know what exactly is causing your ferret to be so thirsty. You might have a hunch of course. However, you can’t be certain on your own.

So the best one can do in this position is to take your ferret to the veterinarian. And have them checked out. That’s the only way you could ensure proper diagnosis.

That will help your ferret get the necessary treatments. Or help you understand what adjustments you need to make in their diet accordingly. 


How many times does a ferret drink water in a day?

Normally, a ferret can drink water up to 20 times on any given day. However, the weather can certainly affect this number. And so, in hot weather conditions, they might go up to the water bowl even 30 times. And that’s fine because they generally drink in small quantities. 

What symptoms should I look out for to know if my ferret is sick?

There are symptoms you can look out for to know if your ferret is sick. A common symptom in sick ferrets is a lack of appetite. Besides that, they could also have difficulties in breathing, weight loss, vomiting, and lethargy. Plus, you should also look out for any changes in behavior. 

What symptoms point to dehydration in ferrets?

There are lots of symptoms that point to dehydration in ferrets. These symptoms include sticky or dry gums and a decreased amount of urine. Plus, they might be suffering from weakness and fatigue. Also, check if their eyes seem dull or if they’re squinting a lot. 

Take Away

That’s it! That’s all we had on you wondering why “my ferret is drinking a lot of water“. Hopefully, we helped you find the answers you were looking for!

A pinched face is a good indication of dehydration in ferrets. 

Thanks for reading till the very end!

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