Can Chickens Eat Ground Beef? [Answered Perfectly]

If you already have chickens or you are planning about opening a farm. You can have many questions in your mind. And that is completely okay.

Suppose you still go ahead and make a farm of your own. However, you might want to experiment a bit with their food. Well, at the end of the day, if you want your chickens to be healthy and have more eggs, the right diet is necessary.

This will probably lead to this question in your mind, can chickens eat ground beef?

Yes, chickens can eat ground beef. The diet of chickens is very diverse. They eat many kinds of food and have a good digestive system. Ground beef can be an extra source of protein for them. There are four types of ground beef. But you shouldn’t feed all of them to your chicken.

That’s not it, though! We’ve worked hard and prepared a lot more in this guide. So, read on and let’s know in detail about giving ground beef to your chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Ground Beef?

Can Chickens Eat Ground Beef

Yes, chickens can consume ground beef. This is due to the fact that chickens are omnivorous creatures. And, they can consume both vegetation and animals.

That said, you can’t really give whole ground beef to your chickens. So, ground beef is chopped finely by a knife or meat grinder (our pick: LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder). As a result, the meat is shaped into small pieces. Because of this, you can easily allow your chickens to chomp on the smaller pieces.

But you’ll need to remember a couple of things before feeding ground beef to chickens. 

What Types of Ground Beef Can Chicken Eat?

What Types of Ground Beef Can Chicken Eat

Your chickens will be delighted to receive a little more on top of their regular diet. Also, the presence of protein will never hurt your chicken. A healthier treat can also make up for the portion of the diet that is lacking.

Protein, on the other hand, tends to cause a lot of confusion. There are four sorts of ground beef in general. 

Ground Beef

It’s usually made from the shank. It contains 30% fat. So it’s recommended to feed this lowest.

Ground Chuck

It is made from the shoulder meat of the cow. It delivers a good flavor. Chicken is gonna love to eat it.  

Ground Round

It comes from the back half of the cow. It contains only 10-15% fat. Which is a very low and good option to feed your chicken. 

Ground Sirloin

Ground sirloin comes from the middle part of the cow. It contains the lowest amount of fat. That’s why it looks dry. Though it is the best option to feed your chicken.

Each type of ground beef contains a different level of fat. Here, round beef contains the highest level of fat whereas ground sirloin contains the lowest level of fat.

So, you can feed ground sirloin when your purpose is to raise chicken for meat. And you can feed ground beef when your aim is to get more eggs. 

What’s the Best Way to Feed Ground Beef to Chickens?

Before we move into how to feed ground beef to your chickens, let’s know about how to make sure you feed them high-quality feed.

Feeding your chicken right is one of the most important things. If you do it correctly, you will have a healthy flock of chickens.

But if you do it wrong it can create problems. For example, it can reduce egg production, feather picking, deformed egg, etc.

The main thing you should feed your chicken is good quality poultry food (our pick: Manna Grain and Flaxseed Scratch)

Feeding your chicken poultry food ensures that they are getting the vital elements that are necessary for them. You can even feed ground beef as a supplementary meal for them.

It is more important when your chickens don’t have access to the outdoors. Because of that, they won’t get enough minerals and water from the ground.

Besides this, you might be feeding your chicken two times a day. In the morning and in the evening. If so, you can just give them ground beef only once a day.

Hence, try to give them ground beef in the morning. Because they’ll remain active all day. So, it will help them to digest the ground beef quickly.

Also, don’t throw your chicken’s food straight into the floor. Give the food in a chicken trough. It will keep the food clean. Plus, it will be easier for the chickens to eat.

Another thing! Try to calculate how much food chickens are eating daily. According to that calculation, give them food in the right proportion.

You should know that chickens eat different amounts of food in different seasons of the year. It also depends on the breed of the chicken you are raising. So, you will learn how much ground beef you should feed your chicken by keeping these factors in mind.

Furthermore, if you find food on the trough regularly, try to reduce the amount. Clean any leftovers regularly. Because it can attract insects and rats

Types of Meat You Shouldn’t Feed your Chickens

As you already know you can feed your chicken ground beef. But you shouldn’t feed them all kinds of beef.

So let’s have a look at which kinds of beef you shouldn’t feed your chickens.  

Raw Beef

Raw beef is not an ideal option to feed your chicken. Though if you give your chicken raw beef to eat, they will eat it. But the problem is it can create various problems for your chicken.

Generally, raw beef can contain injurious microorganisms like bacteria. So if the chickens eat raw beef they can get food poisoning. Besides, they can suffer from coccidiosis.

So you must avoid giving raw beef to your chickens. 

Cooked Beef

Cooked beef is less harmful compared to raw beef. Chickens can eat cooked beef. Still, you shouldn’t give chickens cooked beef regularly.

The reason is it is not easy to digest for them. And, the lack of digestion can cause breathing problems. 

Beef Scraps

Chickens can eat beef scraps, even though there are legal issues in some countries about feeding beef scraps.

If the beef scraps are uncooked and chickens can get deadly diseases or food poisoning from it. 

Beef Fat

If you feed your chickens beef fat in winter it can be beneficial for them. Beef fat helps them to keep warm in the cold winter. But, you have to remember that you can’t just give them a huge amount of fat to eat. There should be a moderate amount.

Another disadvantage of feeding beef fat is that it can make your chickens obese. Which further can create many more problems like they won’t be able to walk properly. 

Beef Bones

Chickens usually don’t eat beef bones. But the thing they do is, eat meat off the bones. This can contain harmful bacteria. 

Beef Liver

Beef liver contains a high level of protein. So people sometimes think that it can help chickens become healthy.

This is true, in some cases. But you should follow some things while feeding beef liver. Firstly, cut the liver into pieces. Then, it will be easier for them to eat.

And if there is leftover after eating, clean the leftover soon. So that the chickens can’t eat them later and get sick. 


Are chickens needed to be fed even when they’re free-range?

You should feed your chickens even if they are free-range. Because chickens won’t get all the vital elements of food they need from nature. So, if you are expecting meat and eggs from your chicken, you have to definitely feed them. 

What is toxic for the chickens?

There are many things you shouldn’t feed your chickens. Never feed your chickens candy, moldy or rotten beef, or any food. Also don’t feed your chicken junk food. 

Is It Legal To Feed Chicken Chicken?

No, it’s not legal to feed your chicken. In many countries, you can’t feed it legally. If you think ethically you shouldn’t feed any animal meat that is from the same animal. 

End Note

We hope you got an answer to your question: can chicken eat ground beef? You can definitely feed them ground beef.

But don’t forget those above-mentioned safety measures. Don’t feed your chicken raw beef and other types of beef that were discouraged in the article.

Take care of your chicken and ensure that they’re getting the right diet. This is important for you and them. Goodbye!

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