Can Chickens Eat Quaker Oats? [ A Complete Guide]

Oats seem like a healthy food item to add to your chicken’s diet, right? But we can’t just add any food item to their diet without knowing if it’s safe. Because this can cause digestion problems in them.

So, can chickens eat quaker oats?

Yes, chicken can most definitely eat quaker oats. Moreover, they love oats. Oat is a great addition to their diet. You can feed oats to chickens while they are dry and soaked. You can even make oatmeal for the chickens. Because this doubles the vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients. 

Now, you must want to make a great oatmeal for your chickens. Well, we’ve mentioned just that in our article.

So, check the entire piece out! 

Are Quaker Oats Good For Chickens?

Are Quaker Oats Good For Chickens

As you already know, the answer is yes. But why is oatmeal a good addition?

Well, oats are known to contain beneficial vitamins and different nutrients. These include-

  • Choline,
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • copper,
  • niacin,
  • zinc,
  • magnesium, 
  • thiamine, 
  • riboflavin.

Furthermore, the US dept. of Agriculture did a study on this. According to that, feeding oatmeal to chickens improves their health and growth.

Moreover, the study says mixing 3% of oats in your chicken’s diet can do wonders. For example, it reduces pecking and cannibalism issues.

So, yes it’s a great meal for chickens. Now, are you thinking if chicks can eat oats? 

Well, yes, your little chicks can eat oats too. If they eat oats, their growth will be healthier than chicks that don’t eat oats. Furthermore, oatmeal can help a chick to solve and prevent pasty butt, a severe health condition.

Thus, do let your chicken and chicks eat oatmeal!

How to Make Oatmeal for Chickens?

How to Make Oatmeal for Chickens

So, you want to feed oats to your chickens. But how to do that?

Well, we’ve got the perfect oatmeal ideas for your chickens!

Want to feed them dry oats?

Well, that’s possible. But don’t keep the raw oats out for too long before feeding the chickens. This way the oats can lose their nutrients.

Now, let’s get to the main part! Let’s see 3 ways how you can make nutritious oatmeal for your chickens-

Oatmeal with Fruits and Nuts

Let’s keep it simple at first!

You don’t have to necessary cook the oats for this recipe. You can just soak the oats in water. 

The process of this oatmeal is mentioned below- 

Soak Your Oats

Measure up 1 tablespoon of quaker oats per chicken/hen.Now, moisten the oats with warm water. Use enough water but don’t make a soupy texture.

Once you’ve added the warm water, let the oats cool of a little.

Now, you can serve plain oatmeal to the chickens. But mixing them with fruits and nuts is better.

Add the Nuts and Fruits

Now, you can start adding nuts and fruits to the oatmeal. These will provide the fat your chicken needs. 

You can use both fresh and dried fruits. You can add all types of berries, especially blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries. They are a really good addition.

For nuts, we suggest unsalted ones. 

Furthermore, if you want you can add raisins, cracked corn, or even mealworms. 

That’s it for this recipe! Let’s check out the next one. 

Oatmeal with Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to the oatmeal can keep the chicken’s mucus membrane in great condition. This way your chicken won’t face any respiratory issues. 

The process to make the oatmeal- 

  • First, take 1 tablespoon of oats and soak them in warm water. 
  • Let the oats cool off. 
  • Now, add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder. This much is enough.
  • Lastly, stir the mixture with a spoon. This way the cinnamon powder will mix well with the oats. 

Once the mixture is ready, serve it to your chickens right away. This oatmeal will definitely be helpful. 

Oatmeal with Cayenne Pepper

During the winter season, chicken frostbite is considered a common concern. Frostbite can be prevented if the chicken has good circulation.

That’s where cayenne pepper comes to the rescue. It can improve the chicken’s circulatory system. Because the pepper increases the flow of blood to the chicken’s leg, comb, and wattles.

Therefore, it reduces the chance of frostbite in chickens.

So, are you ready to make this spicy yet healthy oatmeal?

Let’s check the making process out- 

  • Firstly, measure the oats with a tablespoon. 1 tablespoon of oats is enough for one chicken. 
  • Add water that’s warm to the oats. Then wait for a few minutes for it to cool of. 
  • Now, add a pinch of cayenne pepper powder to your oatmeal. Mix them well by using a spoon to stir. 

And that’s it! You can serve this to the hungry chicken now. 

You might think of adding chopped cayenne pepper. But we don’t suggest that. 

Using the powder is an effective way. Because this way, the chicken can eat the pepper and oat at once. 

Things to Consider while Feed Oats to Chickens

You have to be extra careful when you’re dealing with a pet’s diet. So, while feeding your chickens oats do remember 3 important things- 

Give Minimum Amount of Oats

Now, giving your chickens oats every day for breakfast is a lazy feeding habit. Giving nutritious oatmeal once a week is the best way to go. You can follow the recipes above to make the perfect oatmeal. 

Don’t Give the Chickens Spoiled Oatmeal

If you’ve made too much oatmeal, give the rest to your other animals. Don’t keep the leftover overnight. This will make it go bad. And feeding that to your chickens is not we’d suggest. 

Clean Up After Feeding Chickens Oats

Last but not the least, always clean the bowl or the feeder that’s used to feed the chickens. Because otherwise, this will invite germs and disease.

Therefore, thoroughly clean up!

That’s it! Now, you’re all good to go!


Can I mix seeds with oats to feed chickens?

Yes, you can. You can add bran flakes or flax seeds to the oats. These are good additions to the oatmeal. You’ll be keeping your chickens healthy this way. 

Can I add yogurt into oats?

Yes! That’s a good idea if you want to give your chickens protein. Yogurt is low in fat so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. 

Can Chickens consume whole oats?

Yup, they can. You don’t have to put extra effort in grinding the whole oat. They will eat the whole oat by packing it. Therefore, you don’t have anything to worry about. 


And that’s it, folks and flocks! We’re done providing info on can chickens eat quaker oats. Hopefully, it’s all clear to you now.

If you don’t want to feed oats to your chickens, you can just give them flax seeds. Even sunflower seeds are beneficial for them.

Lastly, make a good meal for the chickens! Good luck!

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Ryan Dugan
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