Should I Let My Hamster Die Naturally? -Problem Solved!

Pets provide emotional comfort to many of us. But they can also bring great sadness. While that’s true, some of us prefer putting animals down instead of seeing them suffer. After all, it hurts to see hamsters in pain. 

So, you might wonder, should I let my hamster die naturally?

The answer is simple. If your hamster is completely healthy, you should let everything play out. Take care of your hamster every day. Make sure the hamster is happy and sound. But it’s better to euthanize your hamster if it’s been suffering recently. It becomes an act of mercy.

That was just an overview and didn’t even cover the entire topic. We have elaborated further on that right below. 

Should You Let Your Hamster Die Naturally?

Should You Let Your Hamster Die Naturally

Hamsters are extremely cute. They run, they like to exercise on the wheels. While doing so, they make you laugh and feel better.

But unfortunately, hamsters don’t live very long. Hamsters usually live around 2 – 3 years. Hamsters die easily and that’s something we can’t do anything about.

There are many ways that can put an end to your hamsters. For example, boredom can be a big reason behind a hamster’s death. They can easily become ill and that can lead to health problems.

You should also take note that boredom is a reason behind stress and anxiety. Hamsters are no exception to that. In fact, stress is a huge danger to the hamster since they’re fragile.

Another thing that people often wonder is, should I leave my hamster in the dark?

Yes, you can just leave your hamster in the dark. Because hamsters can see perfectly fine at night. Leaving a light while they sleep might make it hard for them. Simply keep your lights off while they sleep and it’ll be just fine.

Other than that, hamsters can die from anything. Even something so simple as sneezing can make your hamster have a heart attack.

Many hamster owners have confirmed such instances. Hamsters dying from sneezing is pretty common, unfortunately.

Sneezes are considered scary for your small hamster friend. In fact, hamsters can die from fright. So try not to scare your hamster; at least intentionally.

We’ve also had COVID problems recently. Without a doubt, hamsters dying of COVID is legit and something to be scared of. Data has suggested that hamsters can transmit covid to humans too.

Other than that, pneumonia is also quite serious even though it’s rare. Leave the area too cold, your hamster will catch pneumonia. Too hot? Again, pneumonia is a high possibility.

But don’t worry you can instantly detect pneumonia. Because hamsters leak pus or mucus when they suffer from pneumonia.

Hamsters can also suffer from skin diseases. Those can get your hamster skin infections. It’s also possible that your hamster might get attacked by parasites.

As you can see, a hamster can die in both simpler and complicated ways. That’s why the answer ultimately depends on you. It’s all about how you treat your hamster.

If you’ve been taking the best care possible, it’s okay to let them die naturally. But if your hamster has been suffering lately, then euthanization is better.

In easy words, if your hamster has been enjoying life, let it be. A perfectly healthy hamster requires no euthanization even if they’re old. 

Hamster Euthanization: Should You Consider It?

Hamster Euthanization Should You Consider It

Since hamsters die so easily or suffer, euthanization is something to consider. It’s perfect to avoid seeing your hamster suffer.

Sometimes your hamster can get a serious illness. For example, cancer or extreme skin infection. When that happens, life becomes painful for them. In such cases, euthanization seems to be the perfect solution.

Sometimes your vets may suggest an ultrasonogram or an x-ray scan. It sure does cost some money, but you can choose to proceed.

If you choose to go to such lengths, that’s commendable. But remember that, your hamster might be suffering from too much pain. Generally, vets do suggest when to euthanize and when not to.

Simply said, it’s best to get a medical expert for inspection. But ultimately, it depends on you what you want to do with your hamster.

If your hamster has been suffering a lot, don’t be afraid to consider euthanization. At that point, the act becomes mercy.  

How To Treat Your Hamster Better?

Hamsters have the same lifespan as house rats. They’re from the same family and therefore share a lot of resemblances.

Without a doubt, treating your hamster correctly will increase its lifespan. A healthy diet and great interaction can keep your hamster happy.

A hamster usually lives up to 2 years in general. But if you’re really lucky, your hamster may hit the 3-year mark!

Luckily, the hamster diet list is quite long. It helps you not to make the food boring. From vegetables to grains, hamsters can eat different types of food.

You can also provide commercial food specially made for hamsters. They’re a safer option if you aren’t sure what to feed.

To help you out, we’ve listed some of our favorite hamster food-

  1. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster and Gerbil Food

Choose whichever option you like better and it’ll help you get started!

Other than that, remember to clean the hamster’s toilet often. Make sure the bed meant for the hamster is not wet. They don’t like wet beds and it can make them stressed.

Avoid feeding the same water for long. Clean the food bowl frequently. Doing so is going to make them happy. A clean environment is always healthy for your hamster. 


Do hamsters suffer when they die?

Whether hamsters suffer when they die depends on the stress level of your rodent friend. Mostly dying hamsters show a lot of signs including the inability to breathe. They also become unable to move and react. 

What do hamsters usually die from?

Aging is the most prominent reason behind a hamster’s death. Falling from a height or heart attacks are also some of the big reasons. Insufficient exercise, stress, and malnutrition are some of the biggest culprits.

How do you let a hamster die peacefully?

You can let a hamster die peacefully by keeping the hamster at the perfect temperature. Don’t forget to keep the bed clean and comfy. Shower them with lots of attention because that’s her final moment. And finally, keep water nearby.

Final Words

That was all we could deliver on should I let my hamster die peacefully? We hope this discussion has helped you understand the problem better. 

Last but not least, always make sure to check up with the vets. Because vets can predict and give you the most accurate information possible.

Finally, have a nice day.

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Ryan Dugan
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