Can Hamsters Eat Marshmallows? Here’s What You Should Know!

As a hamster owner you always want to treat your pet with something new. And maybe you have got some leftover marshmallows in your kitchen pantry.

Now you’re wondering, can hamsters eat marshmallows?

No, they can’t. Due to the high amount of sugar in the marshmallows, it’s not easy for hamsters to absorb them. Plus, the high amount of gelatin makes it sticky and hard to swallow. And the sucrose leads to different health issues, such as stomach ache, diarrhea and sometimes diabetes.

Still confused? Don’t worry! Because here we’ve provided everything you should know about feeding marshmallows to hamsters. Plus, provide some alternatives you can use!

Keep reading to find out!

Is It Possible for Hamsters to Eat Marshmallows?

Could hamsters eat marshmallows? No, hamsters can not eat marshmallows. 

There are several reasons for that.

First of all, marshmallows are excessively sweet for your hamster to eat. It is due to containing a large amount of sugar.

Hamsters usually don’t do well with the sugary and stuffy consistency marshmallows have.

They are extremely sticky due to the presence of gelatin. So, they are most likely going to get stuck in the hamster’s mouth. Then it becomes too difficult for hamsters to even swallow.

Moreover, marshmallows are said to be one of the worst offenders. As it may lead to disturbance in hamsters’ internal systems.

All the ingredients that marshmallows contain are processed, which is contemptible for the hamsters. These complex ingredients may be too overwhelming to digest for fragile stomachs like the hamster’s.

What Happens When Hamsters Eat Marshmallows?

So, maybe without your notice, your hamster managed to sneak into the pantry. And munched on a marshmallow. If that’s the case, here are some possible consequences that may happen:

Display Suspicious Behavior

Your rat may show some unusual behavior after consuming a marshmallow. There are some cases where hamster owners said that their pets would not move. And became too inactive after eating marshmallows. They’re always squeaking and chirping hamsters would not make any sound. They just sat still and stiff, huddled in one corner.

Loss of Appetite

Even a slight amount of processed sugary stuff like marshmallows can be bad for hamsters. As it is enough to make your hamster feel queasy. 

It makes their stomach extremely full. They helplessly try to absorb it as they’re unable to vomit. The item remains stuck in their throat which makes them unwilling to eat anything.

Upset Stomach

As hamsters are unable to digest marshmallows, it can lead to several stomach issues. It hampers the overall internal digestion system and may lead to severe stomach aches.

Moreover, it can then cause diarrhea which eventually drains them out. As diarrhea causes too much dehydration in hamsters. They will be too slow and tired. If not treated immediately, the situation can worsen.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the issues that hamsters may face if they eat marshmallows.

The extra sugar in marshmallows and their sticky nature of it create the problem. It means it may get stuck in hamsters’ cheek pouches for a long period.

Eventually, those stuck marshmallows may start indicating signs of rot. Which may lead to a substantial bacterial attack in their mouth. As a result, they can develop tooth decay. And some other dental problems as well. 

The Hamster May Choke to Death

Due to their sticky consistency, marshmallows can easily get stuck in your hamster’s mouth. It leads to a situation where the pet can not open its mouth. Eventually, it gets stuck in the throat and they may be unable to breathe properly. Eventually, your hamster may choke to death.

What to Do If the Hamster Accidentally Ate Marshmallow?

Have your hamsters consumed some marshmallows without your notice? If so, there are a few things you can do.

First of all, try to look for any usual behavior such as whether it is too stiff or inactive. Notice if your hamster is moving properly or making any noise. Also, notice whether it’s eating properly as it normally would.

If you notice any abnormalities in these behaviors, we recommend consulting a vet. 

However, if it is not showing any unusual behavior, don’t relax yet.  Because you still need to take some steps on your own.

Firstly, try to cut down the sugary treats for two to three weeks. As it has already taken a huge amount of sugar to last for a long time.

So, It means no chocolate or yogurt drops for them. It would balance out the sugar that has already been consumed. And thus minimize the risk of diabetes or obesity. 

Also, give your pet plenty of water and remain careful in case their health suddenly worsens.

What to Feed Instead?

So, we hope your questions regarding are hamsters allowed to eat marshmallows has been answered. 

So, what can hamsters eat?

You can feed them some alternative foods instead that will give all the nutrition they need.

We recommend the following hamster feeds for you:

Feeding these will ensure that your hamster gets a balanced diet out of its meal.

For a balanced diet, you can give your hamsters a mix of seeds or fresh foods. 

Hamsters tend to be fairly prone to diabetes. So you should always avoid including sugar in their diet. Apples with no seeds, broccoli, carrots, bananas, grapes, cucumbers, kale, peas, sweet potatoes, etc. are some of the safe food items to feed them.

Questions like can hamsters eat marshmallow root or can hamsters eat marshmallow fluff are also commonly asked. To those, we say that it’s for their best to keep them far away from those foods.

However, if you want to treat them with something new and tasty, you can feed them a small amount of peanut butter or raisins occasionally!


What foods should you not feed hamsters?

Avoid feeding any type of junk food to your hamster. As they have a fragile digestive system, they will not be able to absorb them properly. Also, avoid giving them any type of sugary (e.g. marshmallows) or salty (e.g. chips) food.

Can hamsters eat sugar?

No, they should not. Granted that they are not toxic. However, high amounts of sugar in foods like candies are very harmful for hamsters. It can damage their teeth as well as the digestive system. 

Why is it dangerous for hamsters to eat marshmallows?

Marshmallows are high in sugar and sucrose. And due to having a fragile stomach, hamsters can’t digest complex substances like marshmallows easily. Marshmallows also contain gelatin which makes the item very sticky. So it gets stuck into hamsters’ mouths when eating them, making it hard to breathe for them.

Wrapping Up

We hope we have answered your question of can hamsters eat marshmallows.

Keep them away from marshmallows. In fact, keep any kind of junk food away from your pet hamsters’ reach. Otherwise, your pet may sneakily munch on it.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your day!

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