Do Hamsters Need a Heat Lamp?- 3 Important Reasons!

Hamsters may be good pets for both youngsters and adults. But it is critical to do your preparation before adopting one home.

These little animals are quite easy to handle. However, there are a few things you should know before adopting one into your house.

Are you curious to know do hamsters need a heat lamp?

No, hamsters don’t need a heat lamp. A heat lamp is not required for the survival of hamsters. A heat light, in fact, can be hazardous to them. Temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees are preferred by hamsters.  And may control their body’s temperature by roaming about or snuggling with other hamsters.

I just covered a little portion. I will explain all the possible questions you have. If you keep reading, you will discover more about it in depth.

Do Hamsters Need a Heat Lamp?

Do Hamsters Need a Heat Lamp

Some people assume that hamsters require a heat light to remain warm. They might fail to recognize that hamsters are native to warmer areas. And do not require additional heating facilities.

When purchasing a hamster habitat, avoid kennels with built-in heat lights.

Reason 1 of 3: It’s Not Beneficial

A heating lamp for hamsters is not required to function efficiently in cages. In reality, using a heat lamp can be hazardous to the hamster. And expand the number of hamsters who die in cages.

The most crucial factor in maintaining a hamster healthy is to give it stability. Also pleasant habitat with lots of food and water.

When hamsters age, they might lose their ability to keep themselves warm. And some owners find it essential to supply extra heat in the form of a heat lamp.

This is not, however, required for all hamsters. Certain hamsters, especially those from chillier locations, may naturally build nests out of bedding to stay warm.

Furthermore, your hamster has a lot of bedding and toys to gnaw on. When it appears fit and healthy, it is taking sufficient heat from its surroundings.

Using a heat lamp might potentially cause health issues in certain hamsters. Since they can become vulnerable to infection if their habitat is too warm.

Reason 2 of 3: Temperature Must Be 65°F to 75°F

Hamsters are tiny, nocturnal animals endemic to Syria. They dwell in groups of 20 to 30 species. Hamsters are carnivorous, eating a wide range of things such as peanuts, berries, greens, and bugs.

 Hamsters require a place to hide during the day since they are active at dawn. The majority of hamsters have a circle in their cage for workouts.

Hamsters may be maintained as pets in a number of settings. Such as an aquarium or terrarium with a steel mesh top.

 A hamster ball or a properly designed hamster cage. The most crucial aspect of maintaining a hamster is to provide a pleasant environment.

This involves keeping the hamster at the proper range of temperature. And also give appropriate food and drink because hamsters get cold easily which is dangerous.

Hamsters like temperatures ranging from 65°F to 75°F. You have to keep your hamsters at this particular temperature. 

Reason 3 of 3: Heat Lamps Are Harmful

Heat lamps may be detrimental to hamsters, which hamster owners should be cautious of. You must use a heat lamp in winter for hamster to keep the hamster warm.

Ensure it’s placed in an area. So that the hamster can’t access it. Heat lamps may harm or even kill hamsters if they go too nearby.

It’s also critical to keep the temperature in the hamster’s room at a comfortable level. A decent rule of thumb is to maintain the temperature in the room at about 70 degrees.

You can also DIY your own heating pad. You can easily control the temperature according to your preference. 

Top 4 Tips to Keep a Hamster Warm Without Using a Heat Lamp

Keep a Hamster Warm Without Using a Heat Lamp

Here are a few simple and quick techniques. You may try on your own to keep your hamster cosy and prevent him from becoming cold:

Tip 1: Additional Bedding

Many hamsters like making a nest out of bedding, drawing it up behind them to be warm. My hamster, on the other hand, prefers to sneak inside his outer tube. And cocoon himself in a pile of bedding.

On a contrary, you must give a large stockpile for your hamster to climb on. Also for dig, drag, and nest in. If you can’t manage to store up extra bedding, crumbled tissues work. As well as a cheap substitute just assure it’s gentle.

Tip 2: Blankets

Layering a sheet of flannel fabric around your hamster’s kennel might give some extra warmth. But ensure your hamster has enough circulation to inhale.

We drape a tiny fuzzy cap over the corner of oscar’s tube, which the hamster enjoys. Since it not only keeps him warm but also keeps it darker for him to sleep.

Tip 3: Food

Keeping your hamster warm necessitates a significant amount of energy expenditure on the part of your hamster. So, you need to feed them in larger quantities to keep their energy levels stable.

If you are unsure about what to feed your hamster, you should do some study. According to the research, you should feed your hamster.

Are you searching for hamsters food? Then I have some perfect recommendations for you:

These two products are safe and people repurchased them so many times. 

Tip 4: Warm Temperature

During the winter, keep your hamster inside and not on a balcony or in the basement. Keep them off window sills or anyplace there is a chance of gaps or breezes.

Since you don’t want any air peeping through. Remember to dial up the heat so that everyone may enjoy a pleasant room.

Why Do Hamsters Need to Keep Warm?

Your hamster’s respiratory system, like ours, is weakened when it gets too cold. This increases their susceptibility to caused by bacteria illnesses. And if you have a very old hamster, you may be putting them in danger of hypothermia.

It is normal for your hamster to become more lethargic throughout the winter. This is because they are conserving energy in order to remain warm by staying in bed. You shouldn’t worry because hamsters only wake up to feed and drink in the wild.

If, on the other hand, the hamster becomes comatose due to excessive cold or enters recovery mode. This is highly dangerous and you should seek veterinary treatment immediately.


Is it okay to put a sock in my hamster cage?

Yes, believe it or not, a sock makes an excellent hamster accessory! They may nestle within it like a small hamster sleeping bag. Or they can eat it and use the portion to cover their bed.

Can hamsters sleep on toilet paper?

Toilet roll and tissue paper may also be used as bedding for your hamster. Prepare strips of toilet paper or tissue paper much as you did with white office paper. Although toilet paper is so soft, tearing it into pieces with your hands may be simpler.

Can hamsters learn to recognize their own names?

Hamsters are bright animals that can even establish their own names.  If you chat to your hamster regularly and mention their name. They could ultimately try to respond when called. They may eventually try and come when called. The teeth of a hamster are continually developing.

Is it terrible to let a hamster wheel out late at night?

Although eliminating a loud exercise wheel at night may appear to be a smart approach. To keep your hamster quiet, doing so is as harmful to his health as it is to his happiness. Physical activity is important for your hamster’s health and mental well-being.

Final Words

I think I have covered all the questions about do hamsters need a heat lamp. Now, it will help you understand how and why you can’t use a heat lamp.

Please, care about your hamsters. They’re really sensitive and you should take more care during winter.

That’s all for now, guys. I’m delighted I could assist you. 

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