Can Hamsters Eat Pasta: Know All the Facts

Hamsters love to eat grains and vegetables. Since pasta is made of grains, they are highly attracted to it. But as a conscious owner, you have to be sure about the effects of pasta.

So, can hamsters eat pasta?

Yes, pasta is edible for hamsters only under correct supervision. The pasta which is free of spices should be given to the hamsters. Also, the pasta must be salt-free. The amount of pasta given to the hamster should be controlled too. Because eating too much pasta can be risky for the hamster.

To feed pasta to your hamster you have to be very precise. I have discussed this matter in detail below for your convenience. So get ready for a journey to the land of knowledge!

Can Hamsters Eat Pasta?

Can Hamsters Eat Pasta

Yes, Hamsters can eat pasta. But there are some conditions. These conditions must be followed. Otherwise, the pasta can become a potential danger for the hamster. Below I will show you the methods of feeding pasta to the hamsters. 

The Pasta Should Be Free of Spices

This is a very important aspect of giving pasta to your pet hamster. We, humans, like to eat pasta with lots of spices. And we can digest the spicy pasta without any problem. But the scenario is not the same for the hamsters.

They face problems while digesting spicy pasta. Spices like the pepper or the carbonara are very harmful to hamsters. So you can only feed spice-free pasta to your hamster.

And can hamsters eat pasta sauce? No, they can not. Since pasta sauce contains lots of spices, it can have adverse effects on the hamster. Hence you must keep your hamster away from the pasta sauce.

The Amount Must Be Controlled

Pasta is tasty food. But it is not very healthy. Even humans are suggested to avoid too much pasta. Eating a huge amount of pasta can make you sick. And the same thing also happens with hamsters.

You should give a very small amount of pasta to your beloved pet. The amount differs for different types of hamsters. For Syrian hamsters, the safe amount is a single piece of pasta per week. 

The amount is one piece every two weeks for Robo hamsters. Can dwarf hamsters eat pasta? Yes, they can. Dwarf hamsters can eat only one piece of pasta every three weeks. You can see that the amount is very small for all types of hamsters. 

The Pasta Must be Unsalted

Many people exclude salts from spices. But salt is equally dangerous for the hamsters. So you should give unsalted pasta to your little friend. Because unsalted pasta for hamsters is okay.

 Salt can be fatal for the hamster. You have to be very careful in this aspect. 

I have some suggestions for high quality pasta for you hamster. Try them out!

These products are very tasty. Your hamster will love the pasta after eating them.

These are the requirements for feeding pasta to your hamster. You must pursue the given advice to keep your hamster safe. In the next section, I will discuss the effect of pasta on your hamster.

Video-How to Cook Pasta for Hamster

Impacts of Pasta on Hamsters

Pasta also has all kinds of impacts on hamsters. There are both negative and positive effects. These impacts depend on the way you feed pasta to the hamster.

Below I’ve presented both the positive and negative impacts of pasta on the hamsters.

Positive Impacts

Pasta is a food with high levels of carbohydrates. It is full of glucose. So it is a source of instant energy. Besides this, it is also useful in some other ways. Let’s see them.

  • Pasta is rich in fiber. It will improve the digestive system of the hamster. The stomach will get clear because of pasta. So a treat of pasta every once in a while is very beneficial for the hamster.
  • Pasta is a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary to prevent cancer. They are also useful in defending age-related problems. You will surely want to supply enough antioxidants to the hamster.
  • The amount of fat in pasta is very low. By eating pasta your hamster will never become obese. However, this does not mean that you should feed excess pasta to the hamster.

These are the positive effects of pasta on hamsters. Now I will discuss the negative impacts of this delicious food.

Negative Impacts

Despite having many benefits, pasta can be risky for the hamster. These are some impacts you need to look out for while feeding pasta.

  • After eating pasta the hamster will not want to eat other foods. Because its stomach is already full. Also, pasta does not have a rich food value. As a result, it will miss out on a balanced diet. And this will cause nutrition deficiency. 
  • Pasta can be responsible for high blood pressure in the hamster. This blood pressure leads to heart disease. And heart disease is a very serious issue for the hamster. The little creature can die because of heart disease. 
  • Diabetes is a serious medical condition for hamsters. They can suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes just like humans. And pasta is a food which can cause or increase this problem. Too many carbohydrates are a key reason for diabetes. So pasta can cause a very critical problem for your precious pet.
  • Pasta is great for digestion. But too much pasta is the problem. Feeding excess pasta can block the digestive canal of the hamster. And it will result in indigestion. 

Just like the answer to can hamsters eat rice, pasta is also edible under supervision. To get the best results and to avoid the negative effects, you must be cautious. Only then your hamster will get a happy and healthy life.


Can hamsters eat tomatoes?

Yes, hamsters can eat tomatoes if the tomato is fully ripe. Because unripe tomatoes contain a substance named tomatine. This tomatine is harmful to the hamsters. Moreover, care should be given so that the hamster doesn’t eat tomato leaves. Tomato leaves also contain tomatine.

What food kills hamsters instantly?

Several foods kill hamsters instantly. Chocolate, tomato leaves, avocado, potato, apple seed, garlic, almonds, etc are some of the toxic foods for hamsters. So it is very important to exclude these foods from the diet of the hamsters. But you have to ensure green vegetables in adequate quantities. 

How can I make my hamster fat?

You can make your hamster fat by giving it a high protein enriched diet. Boiled eggs and chicken are high in protein. But the egg must be boiled until it is hard. You can also add mealworms to a small amount in the diet chart. All these are very useful in increasing the weight of the hamster. 


I hope that you have got the answer to your query: can hamsters eat pasta. Now you can decide whether you will give or not pasta to your hamster. 

If you are planning to give pasta to the hamster, give spinach or whole grain pasta. Because these kinds of pasta have the best nutritional value.

Take care of your precious little pet!

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