Can Hamsters Eat Pretzels? Yes or No!

It’s not uncommon for pet users to share their food with their pets. And if you have a hamster then you’d do it even more. But what if your hamster wants a pretzel. Should you give it to him?

So, can hamsters eat pretzels?

No, hamsters should never be fed pretzels. The salt substance in a pretzel will cause dehydration in your hamster. This will in turn cause electrolyte imbalance. It will also vomit out the pretzels and all the water it just drank. But, after a few minutes, hopefully, your hamster should be fine.

Still confused? Well, we figured this might happen. That’s why we have this article explaining everything in detail.

So, let’s start!

Should You Feed Your Hamster Pretzels?

Should You Feed Your Hamster Pretzels

Fresh pretzels hot from the oven smell and taste fantastic. And as a form of affection, it’s normal for us to share them with our little buddies.

But can our little furry buddies eat pretzels? Well, unfortunately, the answer is no. Hamsters should never consume pretzels. They should be only allowed to look at these from a distance. You should never feed this to your hamster.

This specific sort of pastry is far too salty for your pet. And it will cause both immediate and long-term implications.

If your hamster consumes a good amount of pretzels mistakenly, then first you’ll see some short-term signs. For example, you’ll notice that your hamster looks dehydrated and its thirst for water increases suddenly.

But have you been feeding your hamster pretzels for some time? Then you’ll notice some more serious signs. Signs like gaining weight, different heart diseases, and high blood pressure.

Well, now you know if you should feed your hamster pretzels. Move on to the next part to find out what can happen after the consumption of pretzels. 

3 Major After Effects of Pretzels on Hamsters

Major After Effects of Pretzels on Hamsters

By now, you know how you’re never supposed to feed your hamster pretzels.

However, what if your hamster consumed some pretzels while you were not looking? What’ll happen then? If your hamster accidentally consumed a lot of pretzels then it’ll set off a chain of events. 

Let’s see how their body will react.

After Effect 1: Dehydration

True, salted sesame seeds are a fantastic complement to pretzels. However, anything like this isn’t good for your hamster. Salted foods must be avoided by such little creatures.

Dehydration is the primary and most prevalent complication. Excessive thirst is a symptom of dehydration. Even a small bit of this salty food will cause your hamster to drink a lot of water.

Nausea is a common reaction after a hamster has drained your water bow. And this is not ideal for these small creatures.

If this happens then don’t let your hamster drink too much water. Instead, give them their regular foods like grains and nuts. These will cancel out the salt ingredients in the pretzel.

If you’re looking for some good quality commercial hamster food then we have a few suggestions. 

You can use these as regular foods or you can give them as treats. They’re good either way. 

After Effect 2: Electrolyte Imbalance

Pretzels can cause electrolyte imbalance for hamsters. And the reason it starts is because of the salt substances in pretzels. And also it causes dehydration.

Now, you might feel confused about this. But don’t worry. We’ll explain it with a very easy example.

When an electrolyte issue comes up, the body does not have adequate nutrients, resulting in dehydration. It could also indicate there is far too much water present. This can cause nausea, vomiting, and restlessness among other things.

So why does it happen?

If your hamster consumes a large portion of your pretzel, it will get quite thirsty. It’s possible that you’ll have to keep refilling your hamster’s water bowl until it’s finished drinking.

However, your hamster’s tummy may inflate now that it has consumed too much liquid.

Vomiting or diarrhea can occur when an organism has an excessive quantity of water. Each of these poses a serious threat to your hamster. It will take a couple of minutes for your hamster to settle down. That is just after the violent evacuation of these chemicals from the system.

All these might seem a little scary for you. We understand this. But don’t you worry. Once your hamster has vomited up the water, give it a little time to settle down. You’ll see that your hamster is back to his original self after a few minutes. 

However, if you see that he’s still not feeling well then it’s better to take him to the vet. 

After Effect 3: Long Term Complications

Now, these are all the things that’ll happen to your hamster if it ate some pretzels. But what if you’ve been feeding your hamster pretzels before you read this article?

Well, pretzels are rich in calories, fat, protein, and of course sodium. So you can probably guess that your hamster will gain weight. This is because of the high calories and fat.

Then, as a byproduct of weight gain, your hamster’s blood pressure will also increase. This can be a thing of great concern. This is why we suggest that if you see your hamster gaining weight, take it to the vet.

They will test and see if anything is wrong with your hamster and prescribe medications accordingly.

So now, you know both the long and short-term effects of feeding your hamster pretzels. You also know how to take care of your hamster if he accidentally ate some.  


What can hamsters eat as treats?

Apples, pears, strawberries, and bananas are all favorite treats among hamsters. They should be used sparingly as an addition to a healthy diet. Clean any veggies or fruits that haven’t been consumed in the last 24 hours.

Is it possible for hamsters to eat popcorn?

Yes, your hamster is allowed to consume popcorn. But be cautious. Your hamster can eat popcorn, but only if it is fully cooked and free of additives.

What is a hamster’s wet tail?

Watery diarrhea in hamsters is referred to as “wet tail.” It could be caused by a number of factors. A range of stomach bacteria, including Campylobacter and Lawsonia intracellularis, is suspected to be the reason. 

Final Word

So, can hamsters eat pretzels? By now you should already know that they can’t. 

So if you’re thinking of sharing that tasty pretzel with your friend, then think again. 

Good luck with your furry little friend!

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