Can Hamsters Eat Applesauce? [Explained]

Hamsters are atypical pets. It’s normal to find hamsters digging their feet into all sorts of food. This is especially true if you let them roam around cage free. Your leftover applesauce on the dinner table might be something they’ve dug into. Now you might panic thinking whether it’s safe for them to even consume. 

So, can hamsters eat applesauce?

No! They can’t. It contains high amounts of sugar. It increases the likelihood of lipid related health issues. They are especially susceptible to diabetes. Applesauce is notorious for getting stuck in all the wrong places. It also causes minor irritation and gunk buildup.

This is just a brief overview of why applesauce is unsuitable as a treat. The article glazes over all the information you need regarding applesauce and hamsters.

Keep reading for the details!

Is It Safe to Feed Applesauce to Your Hamster?

Is It Safe to Feed Applesauce to Your Hamster?

This is a rather simple question with a complicated answer. Applesauce is not the best addition to their simple diets. So there are a few things to consider when feeding them treats as such.

As hamsters can eat apples, most presume they can eat applesauce too. But the skin of the apple is unsafe for your hamster. Which is sometimes used in the making of applesauce.

Applesauce is a puree made from apples with sugar, spices, honey, and other preservatives. Doesn’t sound like the ingredients you would want in your hamster’s diet!

Apple seeds can sometimes inadvertently be found in the applesauce mixture. The seeds contain amygdalin, which produces cyanide. This is not safe for the human body or for hamsters.

The consistency of applesauce is not commensurate for the hamsters. Because they usually do not like squenchy foods. But if your hamster does, you can make them homemade applesauce in tiny amounts. 

You might also be thinking if the other hammy breeds can eat applesauce. Can Syrian Hamsters eat apple sauce? No they certainly cannot. Doesn’t matter what breed they are. 

Can You Feed Your Hamster Homemade Applesauce?

Can You Feed Your Hamster Homemade Applesauce

Hamsters can consume applesauce if it contains no sugar, salt or added preservatives. Homemade applesauce can be given to your hamster but in small amounts. It is not wise to give this food to your hamster on a regular basis. 

They can get quite sick since their digestive systems are fragile. Foods as heavy as applesauce are fiber void, which can very well cause diarrhea. 

Cinnamon is great for digestion, however, and a great addition to applesauce. So naturally, it raises the question: can hamsters have cinnamon applesauce? Yes, if it is fed in moderation and if it’s homemade. 

Adding cinnamon increases the antioxidant content of the applesauce. It enables some nutritional elements to be present as cinnamon naturally has high nutritional value. 

Cinnamon lowers the chances of heart disease in hamsters. Just make sure you don’t also add sugar!

Why Can’t Hamsters Eat Factory-Made Applesauce?

Apart from a surge of energy from the sugar, applesauce serves no benefits to the hammies. But most importantly it is far from being beneficial and hardly appealing to hamsters. Some of the reasons for this are listed below.

Runny Food Texture

It is advised to give solid food to hamsters. They love to pouch their food. It becomes a problem when the food is sticky like applesauce. It gets stuck in their pouch and causes irritation.

Excessive Sugar

Apples contain suitable amounts of sugar for hamsters. But in applesauce, the sugar content is much higher as it is a concentrated puree.

The additives in store-bought applesauce may not be excessive for humans. But for hamsters, it’s a different story. Obesity is rampant amongst hamsters, and such foods only bolster the chances of health issues.

Lacks Necessary Sustenance

Applesauce lacks any vital nutrients necessary for your pet hamster. It mainly contains lots of sugar, and the store-bought ones some fats.

Most of the vital nutrients from apples are removed while making applesauce. It almost makes no sense to feed it to them.

Can Hamsters Eat Unsweetened Applesauce?

As mentioned before, some amount of homemade applesauce is fine to feed to hamsters. But only if there are no preservative agents, artificial salts, or sugars added to it.

Pellets of solid food added to applesauce may also make it more appealing to them. Bits of carrots and even timothy hay are good choices for an applesauce hodgepodge.

A better alternative would be mashed apples with some water. It’s all natural and very close to the puree that is applesauce. Be sure to leave some chunks of solid apple, you can also add other fruits!

Alternatives to the Applesauce

If you’re thinking of better options for your hamster’s diet, you should also know the alternatives.

If you are thinking, can hamsters eat regular food? Yes, they can have bits of your menu as long as it’s in moderation. Treats should be fed in limits. You should remove junk foods which aren’t healthy for your hamsters from the diet.

The truth is they love pelleted foods, seeds, and grains. They love solid foods more than runny ones. Things they can nibble on.

They should maintain a nutritious diet. Here is a list of hamster foods that you can feed your hamster:

Your hamster will get a well-balanced diet from these hamster feeds.


Can I feed apples to my hamster?

Yes, apples are a great snack choice for hamsters, they love the texture. The Vitamin C content and antioxidants are a great benefit for their immunity and skin. But there are drawbacks too. The skin of apples can cause digestive issues, and so should be fed in moderation.

Is applesauce good for diarrhea?

Yes! Soluble fiber found in mashed apple helps greatly for loose motion. It absorbs excess liquid in the intestines and stops diarrhea quicker than natural means. Applesauce is a better choice than apples. Apple skin contains insoluble fiber and this enables constipation.

What other foods are toxic to hamsters?

Hamsters have fragile digestive systems and they shouldn’t be experimented with much. The top foods to avoid with your hamsters are citrus fruits or seeds, beans, raw potatoes, nuts, onions or garlic, or any herbs. Chocolate along with any sugary foods should be avoided too, junk food is out of the question!


We hope you are clearer now on can hamsters eat applesauce.

The bottom line is – avoid feeding commercially produced applesauce to your hamsters. It contains complex preservatives and additives, but most importantly high amounts of sugar and salts. Their simple digestive systems just aren’t suited to these.

Good luck!

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