Can Rats Eat Rosemary? [Explained]

Rosemary is used in the gardens to repel rats. But accidentally your rat ate some of the rosemary. Now, you’re worried if it’ll harm your rat. Well, you’re not the only one.

So, you’re wondering can rats eat rosemary?

Yes, rats can eat rosemary. It is not only beneficial but also safe for them to eat. For example, it will improve their digestive system and protect neurological cells. And on top of these, it will stop cancer growth. But there is a limit to the amount that they can eat. Eating too much will have some negative effects. 

Want to know more about the limit and benefits of eating rosemary? Then you’ll have to go through our entire piece. Because we’ve mentioned it all in detail. 

Let’s continue reading!

Is It Safe for Rats to Eat Rosemary?

Is It Safe for Rats to Eat Rosemary

To know if rosemary is safe for rats, first we have to know what it is.

Rosemary is an herb used to speed up the circulation of blood. It also helps to protect the skin as well as the hair. Even its oil and leaf can be used to make medicine. For example, as a diuretic and choleretic agent.

But it is mostly used in houses or gardens to repel mice or rats. And successfully do so.

Now the question is, is it safe for rats to eat it?

We’re going to answer it with the help of a research article.

According to the research conducted by Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2007-

After a lot of experiments, they found out there is a limit to the amount that they can eat. Overeating anything will have a negative impact, rosemary is not an exception.

The rats should not eat more than 2000 mg/kg of their body weight. This way they will not have any negative impacts.

The researchers observed the rats for up to 90 days. They found no clinical negative signs nor any rats were dead.

Even after eating that much, they did not gain any extra weight. All of it was absorbed by their body. 

The weight of the organs did not change when they measured the weight. Furthermore, neither amount of water nor food consumption increased. 

Thus, we can easily say that it is safe for rats to eat rosemary.

7 Benefits of Eating Rosemary for Rats

As we already said, every part of it is used one way or another. This makes it clear that it has a lot of benefits to offer. Not only to humans but also to rats. They are-

Provides Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidants Compounds

Rosemary is filled with a lot of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. It increases the circulation of blood. It also improves the immune system.

The antioxidants also help the body to neutralize infectious particles. This might cause some diseases to the rats.

Improves Digest System

Rats eat anything and everything. Therefore, they need to have a good digestive system. Otherwise, they might die because of it.

That is where rosemary comes in. Eating it will increase the digestion process.

Increases Concentration and Memory

The aroma repels the rats from coming. However, that is the same thing, which also helps them to improve their performance and speed.

Protects Neurological Cells

There is an ingredient in rosemary called carnosic acid. It protects the brain from harmful particles. It also helps them to recover quicker.

As we all know, rats are very much prone to stroke. Eating it will also help them to protect themselves from any kind of brain damage.

Prevents the Brain from Aging

Rosemary has a therapeutical ability. It helps the rat to prevent Alzheimer’s. In simple words, it prevents their brain from aging.

Helps Rats in Stopping Cancer Growth

As we may know, rats are very much prone to cancer or tumors. It decreases their life length.

Eating rosemary decreases the formation rate of cancer cells.

Protects Rats from Muscular Degeneration

Rosemary includes an acid called carnosic. This helps their outer retina or more specifically eyes from diseases.

Therefore, we can clearly see that it has a lot of benefits necessary for rats. Even though you were searching for if they can eat it. Now I’m pretty sure that you will feed them.

How to Feed Rats Rosemary Properly?

How to Feed Rats Rosemary Properly

Rosemary is a small herb that can be very easily fed to your rats. As the herb is small, it is better to serve it in a small bowl. Then the rats can easily eat them on their own.

We have to keep in mind that we can only feed them 2000 mg/kg. Any more than that should not be given.

Rosemary can be grown fresh in the garden and also can be bought online.

Side Effects on Rats of Eating Rosemary

We already said that it is safe to eat. But we have to keep in mind the amount, which it can eat. Eating large doses of anything will have a few side effects. 

More than 2000 mg/kg of their weight might lead to something dangerous. They are:

  • Can cause them to vomit a lot.
  • Can create an excess amount of fluid in their lungs.
  • This will lead to them having seizures.
  • May damage both the kidney and stomach.
  • Can increase the toxicity rate of rosemary and cause harm to the rats.
  • May even send them to a near-death situation.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful!

What to Do If a Rat Ate Too Much Rosemary?

As we already mentioned, eating a little amount won’t cause any problems. Instead, it will be good for the rats.

But we also have to keep in mind that, they might eat more than they should. If the rat is showing any of the side effects mentioned above, directly go to a good vet.

The doctor will tell you what to do next.

To prevent this type of situation. It is better to keep them under your watch.


What foods do rats like?

Rats have very sensitive noses. It won’t eat something they don’t like. Though it eats most fresh fruits and vegetables. Such foods include-  apples, melons, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, and many more.

What foods are toxic to rats?

We need to be careful regarding the food that the rats eat. Because some of them are too toxic, that might kill them. Such foods include- chocolate, mango, uncooked beans, chlorinated water, and some raw vegetables.

Do rats like to eat herbs?

Rats like to eat herbs. It is not only beneficial for them but also very easily accessible. It improves their digestive system as well as their immune system.


Hope that you got a clear idea about can rats to eat rosemary.

Even though it has some benefits, we also have to keep in mind the side effects. It will keep our rats safe. As the side effects can even kill the rats.

We hope our article helped you. We wish you and your rat a good day.

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