Can Sugar Gliders Eat Cantaloupe? [Clarified!]

Having sugar gliders as pets is becoming an ever more popular idea these days. But people are often distressed when feeding them cantaloupes since they have a sensitive digestive system. We understand if this is stressing you out as well.

So, can sugar gliders eat cantaloupe without getting sick?

Yes, sugar gliders can be fed cantaloupes. They will literally eat any fruit that is sweet. However, sugar gliders are supposed to be fed cantaloupes in a moderate amount. You should also make sure to avoid feeding seeds and rind. Otherwise, they could end up having severe digestive issues real fast.

This isn’t all. There’s much more that you need to know before feeding cantaloupes to your sugar glider. We have it all clarified in this article for you!

So, what’s the hold-up? Start reading along!

Is Cantaloupe Safe for Sugar Gliders?

Is Cantaloupe Safe for Sugar Gliders

Cantaloupe is a scrumptious delicacy whether you are having it with salad or a prosciutto wrap. Cantaloupes that are picked fresh straight out of the farm side taste even better.

Both your pet sugar glider and cantaloupes are things that you love a lot. So, it’s only natural for you to want to feed the sugar glider some cantaloupe. But you should always make sure if something is healthy and safe before letting them have it.

Cantaloupe is definitely a safe fruit for your sugar gliders. They will love eating them in most cases. But you have to make sure the quantity is moderate.

The reason for the moderate amount is their sensitive digestive system. It has been reported several times that diarrhea can follow with too much cantaloupe for sugar gliders. Sugar glider owners have faced this scenario quite often.

You must be wondering what’s wrong with cantaloupe that causes this indigestion.

You see, cantaloupes are known to have high water content. Sugar gliders cannot digest fruits with that sort of water content in them. Their digestive system is very sensitive and malfunctions when an overwhelming amount of cantaloupe is consumed.

So, feed your sugar gliders a small amount of cantaloupe and they’ll be just fine!

Can Sugar Gliders Consume The Rind and Seeds?

If you buy fruits or vegetables from a store, it most likely contains pesticides and preservatives. We, humans, can consume it safely after rinsing it properly to get rid of the chemicals. 

However, the case is not the same for the sugar gliders. They are prone to get affected by even slight traces of pesticides or preservatives.

It is often observed that most people do not wash their melons properly before feeding. Hence, the best option is to cut off the rind along with some flesh underneath.

The rind is the outer skin of the cantaloupe. Sometimes the pesticides reach the flesh just beneath the rind. After that, you can cut the cantaloupe and serve them to your adorable gliders!

You should avoid feeding the seeds as well when it comes to your sugar gliders. You may wonder what’s up with feeding the seeds.

While feeding fruits and veggies, you should feed them the parts that we eat ourselves. It is the general rule of thumb.

Also, the seeds of cantaloupes are too big for the sugar gliders. There have been cases when the seeds got stuck in their throat. 

Hence, we highly suggest you get rid of the seeds out of the cantaloupe. 

How to Feed Cantaloupe to Sugar Gliders

How to Feed Cantaloupe to Sugar Gliders

It’s best to serve sugar gliders fresh and frozen when it comes to fruits and veggies. We highly recommend refraining from feeding canned and processed food to your sugar gliders.

We understand that you rule out some very convenient ways to feed by discarding canned cantaloupe. But trust us, it’s not healthy at all for your suggies and could have severe consequences.  Hence, ensure that your sugar glider isn’t eating any preserved jam or jellies of cantaloupe.

First, scoop out the seeds from the cantaloupe. After that, cut away the rind properly. Now, cut the cantaloupe into small pieces and feed them to your sugar gliders.

Sugar glider owners often like to dice the cantaloupe into cubes for feeding. Dicing it into cubes helps you regulate the amount of sugar intake for your furry friends. Even though the word ‘sugar’ is in their name, too much sugar is never healthy.

Cantaloupes should be fed in a rotating diet plan like all other food. It’s never possible for one single food to give adequate nutrients to your sugar gliders. No fruit or vegetable should be repeated in consecutive diets.

Always make sure that they are eating other fruits and veggies other than cantaloupe every day. Even one whole cup of cantaloupes does not possess that many nutrients. And you will be feeding them much much less than a cup.

So, you don’t want them to be too full to eat the other food they require.

Also, don’t be bothered if a cantaloupe isn’t something your sugar glider particularly likes to eat. Sometimes sugar gliders can get super picky when it comes to eating.

The rule of thumb is to keep the ratio of 2:1 between calcium and phosphorus. In that case, understand that cantaloupe changes those numbers and should be compensated accordingly in diets. If this ratio is not maintained, your sugar gliders might face health issues. You’d want to avoid anything of that sort.

Hopefully, now you understand how to feed scrumptious cantaloupes to your sugar gliders easily. 


What fruits can sugar gliders not eat?

Avoid feeding fruits and veggies with high oxalates. High amounts of oxalates disfunction the absorption of calcium for animals. These fruits include berries like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. The vegetables comprise- spinach, beets, lettuce, and so on. Also, avoid frequent raw corn.

Can I feed nectarines to sugar gliders?

Yes, you can definitely feed nectarines to your sugar gliders. First, get rid of the pit and stem before feeding them nectarines. They need to be thoroughly washed before being fed to your suggies. Also, you need to make sure that you feed them nectarines in moderation. 

Can I feed my sugar gliders dairy products?

No, you shouldn’t feed dairy products to your sugar gliders. Sugar gliders are highly lactose intolerant in general. Some of them may be able to tolerate very little flavored yogurt. But, they cannot digest dairy products like ice cream. If you feed them dairy items, diarrhea is imminent for them.


Hopefully, we were able to clarify to you about can sugar gliders eat cantaloupe. Cantaloupes have vitamin C and other nutrients that are good for sugar gliders.

Always make sure to maintain the calcium to phosphorus ratio in their diet plans.

We will see you in another article real soon. Till then, adios glider-lovers!

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