Can You Bathe Ferrets? [All You Need to Know!]

Ferrets as pets can be a lot of fun. They are social and very intelligent pets you can own! Along with having fun with the ferrets, it’s very necessary to take care of them.

Taking care of ferrets can be a big responsibility to have. A common dilemma of having ferrets is bathing them.

So, you might be thinking, can you bathe ferrets?

Yes, it’s possible to bathe ferrets. All pet animals can be bathed, and a ferret is no exception. Bathing a ferret is very important as well. You can bathe a ferret in a kitchen sink or a bathtub. Use shampoo to clean the ferret. After bathing, dry the ferret properly with towels.

There can be some more confusion about this bathing situation. We have all the answers to clear out all the clutters.

Let’s get going then!

Is it Possible to Bathe Ferrets?

Is it Possible to Bathe Ferrets

It may seem unlikely but it is not just you. A lot of people have this specific question about ferrets. They’re also wondering can ferrets have bathe. The answer is, yes. It is possible to bathe ferrets.

Ferrets are a great choice as pet animals. They can adapt to the domestic lifestyle very quickly. The skin of ferrets is also not very sensitive. So, bathing a ferret would be totally fine.

Let’s be honest here, not bathing a ferret would make situations worse. 

Why Bathe Ferrets?

Now we know that it is possible to bathe ferrets. But, do you need to bathe ferrets? Similarly, this answer is also yes. It is very important to bathe ferrets. There are tons of reasons why a ferret should be bathed.

Ferrets are very playful and excited animals. Similar to dogs, ferrets like open spaces and they like attention. This animal adores playing around the house space; even in gardens. So they may get dirty from roaming around this much.

Like other pet animals, ferrets need to stay clean. It is part of their hygiene. You would be reducing the risk of the ferret getting sick. Consider this as an extra reason why you should bathe your ferret.

Also, it helps ease the temperature. Since ferrets are playful, they’ll run and jump around your house. 

As a result, they might exhaust themselves because of the warmth. Bathing them will counteract the temperature and relax your ferrets.

So if you were wondering are you supposed to bathe ferrets, rest assured. Ferrets need bathing. Now let us look into the methods of bathing a ferret!

How to Bathe Ferrets?

How to Bathe Ferrets

We have acknowledged the possibility and the reasons for bathing a ferret. Take a look at the method below. By following a few simple steps, you can bathe your ferrets without any problems! 

Preparation of Bathing A Ferret

You may be really excited to bathe your ferret. However, directly bathing your ferret can be risky. Preparation is always better.

Likewise, you have to prepare a couple of things before bathing ferrets. Have a look-

  • You can bathe your ferrets in a sink or a bathtub. Make sure it is dry and clean before filling it with water. No other liquid or solid substance should remain in it.
  • The ferret bath temperature should be from 35°-40°C. Setting a medium temperature will relax your ferrets while you are bathing them. Fill up the tub/sink with a sufficient amount of water. The ferret should be comfortable with it.
  • Prepare two towels for the aftermath of bathing. Additionally, you can use a blowdryer to dry the ferret. Just keep them near you.

Now that the preparation is done, let us learn how to bathe ferrets.

Methods of Bathing A Ferret

Bathing a ferret can seem really complex since ferrets are not very large animals. Nevertheless, I’ve provided simple steps to bathe your ferrets without facing any hassle. Here are the steps-

  • First, grab your ferret and put it in the sink/tub. You can hand-splash water on your ferret. It’s important for the water to reach everywhere. You can rinse the ferret’s face with the water. Don’t apply too much pressure whilst rinsing.
  • Then, take a ferret shampoo. Take some shampoo in your hand and rub it all over the ferret’s body. Let it sit there for 5-10 minutes. There are many ferret shampoos available in pet stores.

Here is a list of ferret shampoos that are good for ferrets-

  1. Ferretsheen 2-in-1 Deodorizing Shampoo
  2. Petpost | Ferret Shampoo – Naturally Effective Deodorant Shampoo

By using these shampoos, you can minimize or even avoid irritations on your ferret’s skin.

If you don’t have any ferret shampoo laying around, you can bathe a ferret with baby shampoo. It’s not harmful to their skin and safe to use.

  • After that, rinse the shampoo off with water. You may need to do this 3-4 times. Make sure there is no leftover shampoo on the ferret. Leftover shampoo can cause irritation and rashes and cause discomfort.
  • Finally, dry your ferret off with a dry towel. Pat the towel on its body until they are dry. You can cover and wrap the ferrets with a towel, they can dry themselves.

Although using the hairdryer is optional, I recommend it. Just remember to set it in low heat settings. Don’t blow directly on the ferret’s face. Instead, gently blow-dry the ferret from a distance. 

Frequency of Bathing A Ferret

Now you know how to bathe a ferret. However, you might be wondering how often do you bathe ferrets? Well, keep it at a minimum.

Doctors and vets suggest that the frequency should be once every 2 or 3 months. The ferrets can groom themselves, so for a couple of months, they should be clean.

These are the steps to clean and bathe your beloved ferret!


Do ferrets get fleas?

Yes, ferrets do get fleas. It’s a very common problem inspected in ferrets. Fleas can attack your ferret in many ways. Getting into contact with pets who have fleas can affect your ferret. All in all, ferrets have a skin type that fleas can get on. There are many methods to prevent fleas.

How long do ferrets live as pets?

Pet ferrets can live up to 6-10 years. It all depends on how you take care of the ferret. Owning a ferret and taking care of it can build a strong bond. They are very playful & social. If you provide healthy food, hygiene & lifestyle to the ferret, it’ll increase their lifespan.

Can you potty train a ferret?

You can potty train a ferret. You can take the help of some methods to potty train your ferret. When the ferret is asleep, before his wake-up time, place him inside the litter box. Sitting inside the litter box will automatically indicate him/her. Don’t forget to reward your ferret with a treat.


Hopefully, now you know everything about can you bathe ferrets. This article will definitely act as a guideline for you.

Try not to force anything on the ferret. Give your ferret time to get accustomed to bathing; then gently bathe it. Forcing is never good.

Have fun bathing your ferret!

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Ryan Dugan
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