How To Potty Train A Hedgehog? [3 Easy Steps]

The most important thing you should do after buying a hedgehog is potty train it. If you potty train your hedgehog it can help you in many ways.

There are live parasites and bacteria inside the digestive system of hedgehogs. They can come out with poop. This can cause hygiene-related illness. That’s why you potty must train your hedgehogs. Then, their poop can be in a uniform place where you remove it easily.

So, you might be asking, how to potty train a hedgehog?

Hedgehogs can learn very quickly. For potty training, you need to put a litter box in the cage. Make sure you have put the litter box opposite their food tray. Keep an eye on the hedgehogs and put them in the litter box when you think they are gonna potty. 

That was scratch. We’ll serve more information for you. Hence, we have come up with 3 easy to follow steps to help you out. 

Read along to find out more-

How To Potty Train A Hedgehog: Entire Step By Step Process

How To Potty Train A Hedgehog

Now that you know it’s possible to train a hedgehog, you might wanna do it straight away. Easy there, tiger. You’ll need to get through a step-step process. 

By following only 3 steps you can potty train your hedgehog. Let’s follow them properly-

Step 1: Get The Supplies

The first thing you need is to manage the necessary supplies. The main thing you need is a litter box(our pick: Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Litter Box). You can buy a litter box or just make one. It’s better if you buy one because it will reduce your hassle.  

Step 2: Set Up The Litter Box

Place the litter inside the box. Try to ensure that it’s in an even layer. Now, as the box is ready you should see if it is in the right place.

Also, put the box in the opposite corner of the cage where you give food and water. Hedgehogs won’t like to eat as well as poop in the same place. This will also be helpful from the hygiene perspective.

That said, make sure the box is easily accessible so that they can come and go comfortably. If there are any objects in front of the box it can discourage them from using litter boxes. 

Step 3: Start Potty Train

Now you have everything ready. So, it’s time to start potty training your hedgehog. You can potty train hedgehogs of any age but it’s better if you do it when they are young.

The key to potty training your hedgehog is consistency. After a week or two, don’t give up. Potty training takes time but in the end, it is worth your valuable time.

Also, potty training includes putting your hedgehog in their litter box when they are about to poop. Over time, they will start to do this on their own.

So yeah, it’s an important skill to know when your hedgehogs are about to potty. Also, keep your eye on them when they do potty in their litter box. You shouldn’t leave them alone at any time.

Naturally, hedgehogs go to the potty in the morning after they wake up. Also after eating food, they tend to go to the potty. Try to be nearby these times so that you can place them in the litter box.

For potty training your hedgehog you need a litter box. Below we have mentioned the types of litter boxes you can choose. 

Types of Litter For Hedgehog Cage

Types of Litter For Hedgehog Cage

There are so many litter types out there. So it’s difficult to choose if you are a pet hedgehog owner. You shouldn’t use all types of litter. Because some types are not good for hedgehogs. 

Some hedgehog owners use the same litter box for both potty and bedding. But it is not recommended to use the same litter box for both purposes.

Common Litter Types

Time to get a little dirty. Littering is something all pet owners must deal with. To make your life simple, there are some great litters in the market.

Here are some of the most common litter for your hedgehog cage.


Fleece is the most popular litter type used by hedgehog owners. The main reason for this is availability. Besides, it has many advantages.

First of all, the cost of it is low compared to other types. It also has a lengthy shelf life.

Furthermore, it is available in a variety of colors. So that is a definite plus point. Also, it creates a good environment for your hedgehog.

Furthermore, you can wash it over and over. Which makes it environment friendly.

The bad side of fleece is that it can’t control odor. So, this can create health issues for hedgehogs. In addition, any porous surface beneath the fleece will absorb the urine.

Paper Pallet

Paper pallets are very convenient to use. It has good absorbency. It is made from newspapers. So it is very environmentally friendly. Moreover, the paper pallet is dust-free. So, it is helpful to prevent respiratory issues in hedgehogs.

Though the paper pallet seems so perfect., it has some drawbacks. Just like a fleece it also has little control over odor. And, it becomes smelly after one day of use. It’ll indeed be a hassle to change pallets every day.

Also, it’s difficult to determine if there was blood with the urine from the hedgehog because of the color of the pallet. 

If your hedgehog has a habit of eating objects other than food. You should avoid using paper pallets. 

Paper Towel

Paper towel is another type of easy-to-use litter tray. Hedgehogs can easily lay down on paper towels. It can be purchased everywhere.

There are plenty of options. But these 3 would be the best options for your hedgehog. 

Things To Remember When Potty Training Hedgehog

You should keep these below-mentioned things when potty training your hedgehog.

  • Some hedgehogs never use litter boxes. So don’t be demotivated to see this. 
  • Don’t let your hedgehog use the litter box as a snuggle pen. 
  • You must keep your hedgehog litter box away from their food.
  • Baby hedgehogs poop more than adult ones.  
  • Keep trying for those hedgehogs who don’t like to potty in the litter box. Sometimes they can use it after a year!


Do Hedgehogs Poop Everywhere?

What goes inside must come outside. Hedgehogs eat a lot. That’s the reason they poop a lot. In case you didn’t potty train your hedgehog they are gonna poop all around the area they reside. 

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Hedgehog?

You can potty train your hedgehog within just 14 days. Relocate the pieces of poop and urine found around the cage to the litter tray. If you do this continuously your hedgehogs are gonna know where they should poop next time.  

Are There Diapers For Hedgehogs?

Yes, there are diapers for hedgehogs. You can choose diapers for pet hedgehogs from a wide range of collections. 


We are at the end of the article. Hopefully, now you know how to potty train a hedgehog.

The main thing you should keep in mind is that you need patience. No one can guarantee how long it will take to potty train your hedgehog. Some of your hedgehogs will pick it right away. On the other hand, some will take months to build the habit.

So, give it a shot, and start potty training your hedgehog today. If it works, it will make your whole experience better.

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