Hamster Making Clicking Noise -Sounds And Their Meaning

Clicking noise from your hamster might seem really scary. Also, it can mean various things.

But why is the hamster making clicking noise?

If your hamster is making a clicking noise, you don’t need to worry that much. Hamsters usually make clicking noises to sharpen or wear their teeth. Also, when your hamster needs space, seek attention and be scared. Do check on your hamster to see if it’s okay.

We have given detailed information about this matter below. We’ve also mentioned why and what to do when they make clicking sounds.

 So why don’t you jump below and learn about these noises.

Why does Hamster Make Clicking Noise?

Why does Hamster Make Clicking Noise

Hamsters and other animals cannot speak like us to communicate. They make various sounds and expressions, which we have to understand. Making clicking noise can have many reasons. We have listed the reasons below.

Desharping their Teeth

Hamsters have really sharp teeth. Especially the front once. The front teeth are used to cut onto wood or to make the food smaller. Also, when they get new teeth, they rub the teeth to make them less sharp.

Also, they can do it for just fun. Other than that, if your hamster has food in its mouth, it might make a clicking sound. 

Sharpening Their Teeth

A clicking sound can be made also while sharpening the teeth. Hamsters sharpen their teeth by rubbing them on each other. While doing so, the hamster’s teeth can collide with each other. Hence the clicking sound is made. 

Wanting Space

Clicking sounds can be an alert as well. Hamsters make a clicking sound if they want to be alone. So, if you are playing with your hamster for a long time, you might want to leave it alone.

Also, don’t squish the hamster in your hand. If the hamster is in pain, it can make clicking sounds. 

Seeking Attention

Also, if your hamster is seeking attention, it can make clicking sounds. The hamster will also try to make eye contact or look at you while making the clicking noise. This means the hamster is seeking attention from you.

You can play with your hamster if it is seeking attention. Try to pick your hamster in your hands and rub the hamster’s belly. They really like it when you pet them. You can also give your hamster a treat.

You can use homemade or store-bought treats. But try in a small quantity first to see if your hamster likes the treat. If it likes the treat, you can continue to feed them. Try to avoid sugars or salt. These can hurt your hamster. 

Being Scared

The hamster can also make a clicking sound while they are scared. Clicking sound by hamsters is a signal that they need your help. Maybe it’s just your roaring AC that is making them scared.

It’s sad to say but a dying hamster making clicking noise is a normal thing. Check on the hamster to see if they are doing fine. Your pet hamster does require your help every now and then.

These are all the reasons why your hamster might make a clicking noise. 

What Other Types of Sounds Do Hamsters Make?

What Other Types of Sounds Do Hamsters Make

Other than clicking noise, your hamster can make some noise as well. All the noise can have some specific meaning. Hamster making noise is nothing to worry about. We have listed the types of noise.

Here we have given the specific meaning the sound can carry. 


When someone asks what sound a hamster makes, it is usually referred to as the squeaking sound. The squeaking sound does not have any specific reason. It can mean various different emotions.

But if your hamster is making squeaking sounds, it can mean the hamster is happy. Since the squeaking sound is referred to as the usual tone. 


Hamster making hissing sound can be to scare any predators away. It can also refer to any discomfort for the hamster. Also, if your hamster is mad, it can make a hissing sound.

Check on your hamster if you hear a hissing sound. Usually, this can mean anything can be near their cage which is annoying them. Such a toy or if the hamster is trapped in a corner.

If you’re looking for safe toys for your hamster, check these products below. There are a lot of toys for hamsters, but not all are safe.

These toys don’t have any sharp spots which can hurt your hamster. Also, your hamster will have fun playing with them. 


You don’t want to hear a hamster screaming while sleeping. It can be really annoying. Since hamsters scream at a really high pitch, it can hurt your ears.

Although, the hamster doesn’t scream often. In rear incidents when it does, it can mean the hamster is in pain. Also, the hamster can be under stress. So it screams and lets you know.

You can try to comfort your hamster by petting them. Or try to relocate your hamster to a safer place. Hamsters do require your attention. 


We all sneeze now and then. Your hamster might sneeze to blow anything away from the nose. Maybe dust particles are blocking the nostrils of your hamster. Sneezing helps them to remove the particles.

Also, if your hamster has allergies or caught a cold, it can make it sneeze. You don’t need to worry if your hamster is sneezing. Although, if the rate of sneezing is too much, make sure to check that out. You also consult a vet. 


It is fascinating that hamsters can make chirping sounds like birds. The chirping sound usually means your hamster is happy. But it’s really hard to tell. It is observed that hamsters can make chirping sounds even in discomfort.

So check on your hamster to see if it’s happy or in discomfort. 


It is really rare that hamsters make cooing sounds. Cooing sounds are really soft and quiet. This also means that your hamster is happy. It can be hard to notice. But if you listen carefully, you can see them cooing. 

These are all the types of sounds your hamster can make. Do check on your hamsters every now and then to learn about their sounds. 


Do Hamsters Make Clicking Sound while Breathing?

Hamsters can make clicking sounds while breathing. The clicking sound is made when the teeth collide with each other. If your hamster is breathing through the mouth, it can make a clicking sound. 

Do Hamsters Make Noise While Eating?

Hamsters can make a clicking noise while eating. The clicking sound comes from when the teeth collide with each other. So it is very common for them to make a few clicking sounds while eating. 

Do Hamsters Snore?

Hamsters can snore. Snoring can be a physical condition or the nostril path of your hamster is blocked. So, this makes the noise when they are sleeping. 


That’s everything you need to know about a hamster making clicking noise.

Hamsters make clicking noises for various reasons. It’s better to check on them. We hope we’ve been able to clear all of your confusions regarding this.

Have fun with your fluffy friend!!

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