What to do When I see My Hamsters with Big Balls?

Petting a hamster can be stressful as it’s so tiny. But this little animal also has similar maintenance to other pets. Unusual body changes of this tiny creature can also make you tense.

What to do when you see your hamsters with big balls?

Normally, if you discover your hamster has enormous balls, you shouldn’t be concerned. Particularly if your hamster is of the Syrian breed. In addition, during mating season, the ball size might sometimes increase. But despite appearances, hamsters usually have big testicles.

Do you have a few minutes to discover the details? If yes, get on to the core of the matter!

3 Main Reasons Behind Hamsters with Big Balls

Reasons Behind Hamsters with Big Balls

Hamsters are popular pets for a variety of reasons. You can’t avoid their cuteness, ease of care, low noise level, and potential for pleasant behavior.

The back end of the male tends to be elongated and rounder in appearance. Male hamsters often have a noticeable scrotum with testicles after about four weeks of age. The testicles can be retracted. This explains the hamsters massive testicles.

Reason 1: Because of Particular Breed

Don’t worry if you observe that your hamster’s balls seem to be exceptionally huge. You don’t need to be concerned about your pet hamster having huge balls.

Particularly if they’re of the Syrian type. The fact is that hamsters usually have such enormous balls compared to their body size.

Reason 2: Weather

Hamster testicles may sometimes reach the size of tiny grapes. The size of your hamster’s testicles may also vary according to the climate.

As a result, their testicles drop when the weather is hot and retract when it is chilly. Excessive heat or cold might have a negative impact on the viability of sperm.

In other words, it’s not uncommon to see a hamster with large balls. It’s also not uncommon to watch the size of your hamster’s balls fluctuate seasonally.

A video conversation with your veterinarian or a trip to the clinic is beneficial. It is to get your hamster examined about the size of its balls.

Reason 3: Mating

The mating activities of hamsters explain why they have such enormous balls in the first place. Other rodents, including mice and rats, also tend to have huge balls. And those are rather enormous in comparison to their bodies. This isn’t a hamster-specific trait.

In order to produce more sperm, bigger testicles are required. When a hamster mates with a female, the more sperm he can release.

And, she will give birth to his pups and pass on his genes to the next generation.

Hammerhead hamsters in the wild rely on their large balls to keep them protected and healthy. If you want to distract the hamster to avoid the heat, purchase hamster toys.

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How Can I Help a Hamster with Big Balls?

How Can I Help a Hamster with Big Balls

You might wonder why my hamster has very big balls, why is that?

If your hamster’s balls seem to be rather large, you probably don’t need to provide any assistance. Male hamsters (particularly Syrian hamsters) have naturally enormous balls. It may seem that his balls are too large for him. Odds are that everything is alright.

If your hamster’s balls are looking a little huge, he’s probably overheated. They become too hot in their testicles if they’re kept high in their body. The human body behaves in a similar manner to a computer.

Excessive heat may kill sperm cells. Its prolonged exposure to high temperatures can reduce your hamster’s sperm count as well. This may also occur if it is really chilly outside.

The temperature of your hamster’s testicles can be more readily controlled. He should lower his balls when it’s hot and raise them when it’s chilly.

A hamster’s balls may drop due to overheating. You may want to try transferring him to a cooler location in your home. As a last resort, you may try giving your hamster a cool compress. It will help him deal with the heat.

My Hamster Has Huge Balls, Should I Be Concerned?

As we’ve already explained, hamsters naturally have large balls. And your male pet is likely to have two huge humps on the bottom. Its body has larger testicles in the spring, which is not alarming.

They may seem much larger when the weather is hot, as we’ve shown before. If you’re evaluating the size of your hamster’s balls, keep in mind the temperature.

It’s understandable if you’re a little alarmed by the size of your hamster’s balls at first. Male hamsters normally have huge balls. So, if your hamster’s balls seem bigger than usual, the reason might be overheating. There’s no need to get concerned in these circumstances. 

While hamsters are susceptible to a variety of health issues, they’re not without their advantages. A medical visit or self-examination may be necessary if your hamster’s testicles are huge.

Your hamster’s testicles would most likely show signs of abnormality if you only looked at them. Your hamster’s tiredness and lack of appetite would be evident indicators of disease.

There are a plethora of things that might harm your hamster’s testicles, so anything is possible. If your hamster’s testicles seem enlarged, it is most likely due to a physical injury. But, it might also be due to a bacterial illness.

Even if you take hamster care properly, they are prone to common unharmful conditions. It would be great if you visit any pet veteran to clear your doubt.


Do hamsters have periods?

No. Hamsters do not have periods. They are completely capable of mating and giving birth to offspring when she achieves reproductive maturity. But they do not bleed for that. So take your hamster to the vet if it’s bleeding.

Why do hamsters pee blood?

Hamsters pee blood due to their tiny size and the ease with which bacteria may enter the urethra. This infects the bladder, UTIs are another rather prevalent ailment among hamsters. There may even be blood in their urine.

Are balls safe for hamsters?

No. Injuries, tension, and discomfort may all be caused by using a smaller wheel or ball. Hamsters are unable to assess their own safety. Thus it is your job as their caretaker to do so. Even though your hamster appeared to like running about in its ball, this is dangerous.

Bottom Line

Hope this clears what to do when you notice your hamsters with big balls. Proper care with healthy foods will keep your hamster alive.

Still, in case you miss any hamster care part, contact your nearest vet as soon as possible. A proper check-up will ensure if the hamster’s enormous ball size is concerning or not.

Good Luck!

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