Why Is My Hamster Running Back and Forth?

It can be very confusing. When you let your hamster out but it’s running back and forth. It kind of became a Robo hamster.

So, why is my hamster running back and forth?

Well, your hamster could be running back and forth for various reasons. It could be because he is stressed. Or excitement can cause him to show this behavior. Or boredom can be a reason. Nevertheless, there is a chance that your hamster might have a neurological disorder. 

Don’t get all blurry just yet. This whole article is just to make your head clear.

Let’s jump on to the details. 

4 Reasons Why Your Hamster Is Running Back And Forth!

Why Your Hamster Is Running Back And Forth

Hamsters are extremely engaged animals that require plenty of space to run. A hamster that runs back and forth compulsively.

On the other hand, may be suffering from issues other than excess energy.

You might be wondering Why is my hamster so hyper all of a sudden. Before dismissing this behavior as normal. As a liable pet parent, you should consider your hamster’s style of life and nutrition.

A hamster that is constantly sprinting around is not content. Stress is visible in hamsters. Cage rage can have a negative impact on their physical and mental wellbeing.

A strained hamster could be very flustered and sleep in strange patterns. Either too much or too little and be active at all times of the day.

This article will look at all of the explained reasons for hamsters running back and forth. In this section, I will discuss all of the most likely reasons.

So let’s get into the specifics.

Reason 01: Because of Excitement

A hamster’s ability to run extremely fast is completely normal. They are full of energy and are overjoyed to be free of their confinement.

That is why, if you let them out of the enclosure and let them run around the room.

You will see hamsters going crazy. So don’t be alarmed if you find your hamster running back or forth.

During the time once you have opened the cage. It could be because he is overjoyed. But, in that case, he’ll be back to normal after a while.

If your hamster does not seem to be excited or is not eating normally. Then there could be another reason for your hamster running back and forth.

Reason 02: Because of Boredom

A hamster running around the cage can be because of boredom and a lack of richness. Fortunately, this is also one of the easiest issues to resolve.

Boring running may consist of repeating circuits of the cage. Including any tunnels and hamsters toys provided.

Your hamster may appear frantic as it dashes here, there, and everywhere. Aside from running and pacing, a hamster may exhibit other symptoms that indicate boredom.

If your hamster’s cage has barred sections, it may chew and jerk on the bars. It may repeatedly stand on its hind legs. Also attempting to climb out of a smooth-sided cage.

A bored hamster may consume far more food. Simply having something to do with Boredom may be the cause of your hamster’s constant hunger. Especially if it’s gaining unnecessary weight.

Reason 03: Because of Stress

Pacing by a hamster can also indicate stress. If you just brought your hamster home. It may simply need to adjust to its new surroundings.

You might see your hamster pacing back and forth. And you might wonder why my hamster running in circles.

A hamster may also be stressed by loud noises, having its sleep constantly interrupted. Or the presence of other household pets. A hamster may also become stressed if his or her habitat is not cleaned regularly.

Their sensitive sense of smell can quickly make a small or unsanitary cage almost unbearable.

Reason 04: Because of Neurological Disorder

If stressed by an unsuitable habitat for an extended period of time make a hamster cage rage. Syrian hamsters are particularly vulnerable to this disorder because they can grow quite large. 

And few commercially available cages provide them with enough space.

One of the first signs of cage rage is the animal running back and forth or racing wildly around its cage. It is more like Hamster circling disorder.

It may be accompanied by bar biting, territorial marking, and aggression. This behavior will become increasingly erratic over time.

How to Prevent Your Hamster from Running Back and Forth

How to Prevent Your Hamster from Running Back and Forth

If you want to prevent your hamster from running back and forth. Firstly you will need to consider the fact why he is doing this. Then sorting this out will prevent your hamster from doing this robot move. 

Here’s what you can do. 

Solution 01: Provide Adequate Space

You might be wondering how to distress a hamster. The most essential thing you could do is to prevent boredom, anxiety, and cage rage. Is to provide enough space for your hamster.

The more spacious, the better. Large bin cages have become a popular hamster housing option.

Your hamster should have enough space to move around without having to crawl through a tunnel. Make sure your cage is well-ventilated as well.

Here are some roomy bin cages you can try for your little buddy.

This cage is well equipped and will be helpful to keep your hamsters relaxed. 

Solution 02: Providing Enrichment

Providing hamster enrichment is very essential. Try to provide as much richness as possible for your hamster. This could include chewing on and exploring different textures.

Also, toys to climb on or hide in, and a healthy, varied diet.

You can also keep your hamster entertained by hoarding things in cardboard boxes. Or cliffhangers of paper and trying to encourage them to scavenge for them.  

Solution 03: Spending Time

Spend bonding time with your hamster. Get it out to play on a regular basis. Especially if you notice it’s already awake and moving around.

Allow it to run around in a hamster-safe room for a few minutes each day if possible.

Solution 04: Consoling A Vat

If your hamster has a neurological disorder. It’s best for you to console a vat. The sooner the better. Your vat will take proper action to ease up your hamster. 


Can hamsters be irritable?

Hamsters are small but vocal animals, and if he’s upset about something, he’ll let you know. Hissing and squeaking are his only words, but they say everything.

Why is my hamster becoming aggressive?

Hamsters can become aggressive for no apparent reason at times. However, there is almost always a valid reason behind the behavior. It’s possible that the hamster hasn’t been hand-tamed.

What’s the deal with my hamster biting me?

Tame hamsters have been handled frequently. So they are used to people and do not get scared easily. Hamsters that have not been handled frequently, on the other hand, are usually not very tame. A pop and they frequently bite if you try.

Bottom Line

Thanks a lot for reading through the end of the article. Hope now you know why is my hamster running back and forth.

Hamsters are very cautious pets. He will give you a sign for every inappropriate event. And we should be very concerned about that.

Best of luck.

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