How to Discipline Your Ferret? [6 Methods to Follow]

It’s easy to see why ferrets make great pets. They’re adorable, entertaining, and full of energy.

However, it’s not uncommon for them to hiss and giggle while having fun. They also scream and cry when they need something or are feeling sick.

Sometimes they behave in an inappropriate way that needs correction.

So, how to discipline your ferret?

You can discipline your ferret in many ways. A reward can be given after each of their desired behavior. Few punishments like timeout or scruffing might help them to know what to do and what not to. Discouraging their activity with a NO and pointing out a finger while making eye contact also helps.

This was just a glimpse. To make your ferret disciplined you need further details which this article will provide.

Hope you will stick around.

Do Ferrets Understand Discipline?

Do Ferrets Understand Discipline

Yes, ferrets understand discipline. However, It can be difficult to keep your ferret under control.

Even though most ferrets are fairly trainable. They are, nevertheless, extremely curious and stubborn as well.

They don’t want to stop doing something they find enjoyable or give up on something they want to achieve. The fact that they are behaving in a typical ferret manner does not imply that they do not understand.

Although our little ferrets lack the linguistic talents that humans possess. This does not rule out the possibility of their communicating with one another. Ferrets produce a variety of sounds and gestures in an attempt to communicate what they desire.

Unfortunately, people are not always able to comprehend what ferrets are attempting to communicate.

If you keep patient, you might be able to train your ferret and make them disciplined.

Ways to Discipline a Ferret

Ways to Discipline a Ferret

Disciplining a ferret is a tough task. It will require a lot of patience. The following methods might be helpful to make your ferret disciplined.

Give Them a Reward

Rewarding your ferret for good conduct will encourage him to do so in the future. Positive reinforcement works on animals, even your ferret.

Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, or anything else your ferret like can be rewarded.

It will make him realize he is doing well.

This is how to train a ferret.

A clicker, for example, can be used to train your beloved pet as well. When he approaches you, give him a treat and then repeat the process.

The treat you offer your ferret should not harm it. A hug or a snuggle can be as rewarding as treats.

Confused about what your ferret would like? Don’t worry. Here are some clickers for your ferret.

Punish Them

If your ferret has done anything inappropriate or dangerous to him, you must discipline him. This is to make him realize that he has done wrong.

This teaches them not to repeat this behavior. Get your ferret’s attention first. Your ferret may ignore your commands due to his normal antics.

For getting the attention you can slightly scruff your ferret. You can do it by grabbing the neck on its back between your thumb and fingers. It needed to be done gently avoiding any type of harm to the ferret.

In addition to scruffing, you can give your ferret a bitter apple or a timeout as punishment.

Try not to threaten your ferret. If your ferret feels threatened it might poof out his tail. It might also try to make its fur stand on end. This is the ferret’s strategy of deterring predators by appearing larger and more frightening.

Which might not help in disciplining your ferret.

Giving Them Timeout

It’s considered to be a gentle punishment. To give your ferret a timeout few things needed to be followed.

  • Don’t put your ferret in his regular cage. It will make him fearful of doing anything wrong. If he wishes to return to his cage, he may repeat this.
  • Timeout should be in a separate cage with a water bowl and a litter tray.
  • The timeout should last 3-5 minutes. As they have short memories and forget why timeout was given.
  • When you take out your ferret he might show you aggressive behavior. At that time you need to keep patience. 

Discourage Bad Behaviour By Firmly Saying NO!

Whenever he does something wrong, you must tell him no while pointing your finger. It’s vital to maintain eye contact throughout this process.

It will take a great deal of patience and determination on your part to teach your ferret the meaning of the word NO.

Encourage Using the Litter Box

Litter training is crucial. An appropriate litter tray must be selected and placed in your ferret’s cage for it to use the box. The food and drink bowls should be separated from the litter box.

You can now throw a few ferret droppings in the litter box to help your ferret determine where he has to “do his business.” This will assist him to understand what the litter tray is meant for.

Train Your Ferret Not to Bite

Ferrets like to play. Sometimes biting is a part of play, Sometimes they become aggressive and start biting.

Dealing with aggressive ferrets is quite hard. An aggressive ferret will avoid human contact, hide in a safe spot, and attack if a person or any other animal comes too close to them.

Hissing is a common way for the combative ferret to express his fear or discomfort.

In this situation, ferrets need to be calmed. How do you calm a ferret down? 

You can make them calm by forming a bond with them. Engaging them in games or giving them toys, holding them, playing chase, or scruffing them. These are the most simple and used ways to calm them.

During playtime, if your ferret is biting, it shows that the animal is in a high state of excitement. That’s when you should stop playing and give your ferret some space to relax. Excessive biting might be harmful at times.

So, if your ferret starts biting because of a change in his environment, wait for a little and he’ll stop.

In addition, you can utilize techniques like scruffing his neck. Or spraying a bitter solution on his favorite biting targets. Places such as – the bars of his cage or your furniture. Try to make a hissing sound similar to a ferret’s. This will stop him.

That’s all we had to say. 


Does age make ferrets calmer?

If you have a ferret that is four years old or older, you may anticipate it to stay attentive, interactive, and playful. However, as he grows older, his vitality and playfulness diminish.

Does Scruffing a ferret hurt them?

Not at all, if you’re doing it right. Just trim your nails, and look for loose skin behind its neck. And if it’s a little heavy, hold it from behind with the other hand while you scruff.

Do ferrets like to be picked up?

It’s no surprise that ferrets love being lifted up and cuddled by their humans. Ferrets can bite if they’re scared or accidentally injured. Young ferrets must be taught to accept being picked up.


Thank you very much for reading this article. Have you found the answer to the question how to discipline your ferret? You can use the above strategies to discipline your ferret.

Good Luck!

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