Why Does My Ferret Lick Me: All About Its Behavior!

Ferrets are the cutest home pet. You sure must love it to have him as your family.  But the question might arise in you if your ferrets start licking you. Could be a good but also a bad thing.

So, why does my ferret lick me?

Ferrets have unique desires, some likes to groom themselves by licking. So if your ferret licks you, it could say a variety of things. The licking could be used to groom you. It could be your salty skin or the sweet flavor of the lotion. It’s also possible that your ferret plans to bite you.

That’s not all about your ferrets behaviour. There are a lot more information that you should be aware of.

So, what’s stopping you? Begin reading!

Why Does My Ferret Lick Me?

Why Does My Ferret Lick Me

Why Does My Ferret Lick Me?” It is a question that can frequently come into your head as a ferret owner. You aren’t sure if it is alright or not.

A simple answer would be that they want to communicate with you and express their love.

Since your ferret cannot do talking and has limited abilities. So, they can attempt to interact with you through licking.

You might as well be stunned to discover something! That they can show a wide range of emotions simply by licking. So first figure out what it means!

But, be cautious because excessive licking might be a sign of a ferret anomaly.

Other unusual behaviors can be observed, such as vehement chewing.

Even so, none of these habits are particularly surprising in the context of a ferret’s life span. So, these do not enhance any significant concerns.

Ferret Licking: Does This Mean Anything?

Ferret Licking Does This Mean Anything

Is it true that pets provide love and loyalty? Questioned why is my ferret licking me? A ferret’s practice of licking you is never a bad thing.

But regrettably, you must remain careful. Be ready for the unexpected to happen.

When a dog licks you, you’re pretty familiar with the reason. Why do my ferrets lick me?  If a ferret licks you, it could mean good, bad, or just nothing at all.

So, the first rule is to not always assume badly. If your ferret licks you, this could be a  positive bonding going on too.

So ferret licking face, ferret licking lips can be troublesome. Then again other initiatives could be at work here for your ferret.

So, why is my ferret licking me so much? There could be so many reasons. In fact, there are actually many reasons for this, so let’s dig deeper.

They Love You and Want Your Attention

Ferrets aren’t like cats. They understand who cares for them. So when they feel that someone likes them. It might try to make them happier by these gestures.

It may come as a surprise to you, so some ferrets experience severe attachment issues. As a result, when you return home and your ferret begins licking you.

It is typically a symptom that he is relieved to see you and has missed you a lot.

They Consider You As Family

Welcome to the clan! But why do my ferrets keep licking me? This can be your ferret’s way of expressing indirect affection. They might be bonding with you when it licks you.

It is a ferret’s way of creating a bond with you. The trust you built with it. Could be your ferret’s way of giving that back to you. 

They Like to Lick Your Skin’s Salt

Yes! That’s right. We, humans, sweat a lot. And with that comes out salts in our body.

Disgusting I know! But Ferret’s do love salts. So when they once get the taste of your salty sweat. They won’t stop licking you.

Now it depends on you how you will take that. For some, this might be okay. But if you don’t like your pet ferret licking you.

Then you can use any aroma or lubricants which is not liked by your ferrets. 

They Like The Smell of You

Sounds creepy but your ferret could be attracted to a smell that comes from you. Ferrets love sweet foods. So if you are by chance using anything that gives out a sweet smell.

Then your ferret might not leave you. Clingy much? It will continue to lick you until it gets that sweet smell out of you.

To stop this you might want to give your greedy ferret some sweetness in its diet. 

Or you could try giving it a sweet treat whenever it comes to lick you. 


Why does my ferret lick me then bite me? When you have a teething ferret you have to be careful of this.  A ferret could lick you only to make your flesh soft and then CHOMP! Ferrets are infamous for their biting.

Children are best to be kept away if your ferret has this problem. Or perhaps your ferret doesn’t want to bite you. The bite seems to be the only option.

Here’s the answer to your question, why is my ferret licking and biting me? If you don’t stop doing what’s bothering your little furry ferret. It will bite you.

Handle it nicely and try not to make it uncomfortable. Then he will not bite you anymore by your given assurance. But remember it’s very common for ferrets lick then bites.

Here are a few knot nibbler toy options for your ferret. This will stop them from biting if they can’t help biting.

Hopefully, you’ll love these options!


Is Salt Poisoning in Ferrets Legit?

Ferrets, like all furry friends, should never be fed too much-salted food. Salt poisoning typically instills fatigue, and brain edema disease-like symptoms.

What is the Source of My Ferret’s Aggression?

Ferrets bite because it is their preferred method of communication. Biting isn’t a big deal for ferrets because their skin is so thick. If a ferret bites some other ferret or a being, it is not the same. Ferrets will not be harmed if they bite another ferret while playing.

What is the Purpose of Ferrets Licking One Another’s Earlobes?

If ferrets lick each other’s ears, it indicates that they are attempting to groom each other. Also, if you have multiple ferrets, it is best for ferrets because it prevents ferret anxiety.


Hopefully, you got your answer regarding the question, why does my ferret lick me? It is acceptable for them to lick you. But you must also exercise caution at the same time.

Take the time to look after your ferret! If you have any concerns, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Until next time, everyone!

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Ryan Dugan
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