How To Train Your Ferret To Come When Called? Unraveled!

Ferrets are very friendly and smart animals. They are easy to train. If you are patient enough you will find that training a ferret is easier than training a cat. As a ferret owner, you would definitely want them to come when you call.

Once you train them they will come to you whenever you call them.

So, how to train your ferret to come when called?

The main thing you can do to train your ferrets is to give them treats. Ferrets, unlike other animals, are not driven by attention or praise. When you give them treats it works as an enticement. Now you have to give something as treats that ferrets love. Keep doing this till it gets the hang of it.

It was just a short summary. Read on to know the ways you can train your ferrets.

Let’s get started!

Train Your Ferret to Come When Called: 4 Easy Steps!

Train Your Ferret to Come When Called

Get ready to train your ferret. You don’t need many things to train your ferret. Just follow the 4 steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Isolate the Ferret

The first thing you need to do is isolate your ferret from others. Take one ferret at a time in another room. Spend around 10 minutes training a ferret. Ferrets can’t concentrate for long.

If you take too much time they will be bored and irritated. After that, train the other ferrets in the same manner.

Never train all the ferrets at the same time. In that way, they will never learn to give attention when you call them. Rather they will be busy playing with one another. 

Step 2: Hold a Treat

Hold a treat approximately 1 foot or 0.30 m in front of your ferret. You can use a long-handled spoon for this. You need a plastic spoon and stick. Just add the spoon with the stick using tape and that’s it. Keep the treat in the spoon.

As soon as the ferret moves forward to you, say “come” loudly. Don’t do anything that makes the ferret become afraid. Let the ferret approach you and when it comes closer give him the food.

Now comes the question, what food should you feed your ferret? Finding the perfect food for ferrets is not easy. It becomes tougher when your ferrets are picky.

The best treats include high protein foods like eggs, fish, and poultry food. If you don’t want to take the hassle of making food you can buy ready-made food online. Some of the cheap and available treats are Nutrical and Ferretone.

Whatever food you choose to give your ferret never give too much food at a time. Divide the food into small portions and give them during different times of the day.

Try to avoid giving foods like fruits even though they love to eat them.

You can use any other word when calling the ferret. For example, you call it by the name you have given or just say treat. Do ferrets respond to their name?

You would be happy to know ferrets can recognize their name. They respond to verbal or visual commands.  

Step 3: Increase the Distance

Now your ferret comes to you from a short distance and you want to increase the distance. Increase the distance gradually. Like 2 feet away, then 4 feet away, and then from a specific distance you want.

It’s easier for you if you have another person to help you. Both people should sit 2 feet apart on the floor. The treat is held under the ferret’s nose by one person while the stick is held by the other. And call it by its name.

If you don’t have any other person to help you train your ferret. You can simply use a ferret leash and harness. The leash helps to keep ferrets from wandering away.

Make sure you are giving commands every time in the same tone. Then slowly pull back the spoon toward yourself and let the ferret go.

Do it again and again. Repeat the process as needed. So that the ferrets get used to it. Once the ferret starts to follow your command, call it from a different room.

Next time when your ferret moves forward to you. Call it by its name and then give the food. This way, they’ll know that if they respond to the call, they’ll be rewarded.

Step 4: Repeat Until Ferrets Get Used to

At the very least, you should train your ferret at least 10-12 times. And give them a reward when they come near you after calling. Once they are properly trained they will come to you regardless of where they are at home.

Never stop practicing after you have successfully trained them. If you stop practicing the task they will forget it and won’t respond. So practice once a day.


How To Train Your Ferret Not To Bite?

It is not recommended to confine ferrets for a long time in a cage. They will become bored and bite you.  Ferrets can bite when they are hungry. To stop your ferret from biting you try to play often with your ferret. Give food timely. Never scream or yell at your ferret.

Where Do Ferrets Like To Be Touched?

Ferrets are very cuddly animals. You can show affection by touching them. They love it when you touch their belly, head, and neck. Try to rub their body with your finger gently. They absolutely love it.

Do Ferrets Have A Favorite Person?

Yes, ferrets have a favorite person. No wonder it’s their owner. Ferrets love to be with their owner. By seeing the behavior of your ferret you can know if it loves you or not. When your ferret has good bonding with you it will run toward you and lick you.


Hopefully, now you know, how to train your ferret to come when called? Training ferrets is quite easy as they learn behavior very quickly.

You will be able to train them in a short period of time if you follow the steps outlined above. Though there are some ferrets that take some time. But don’t lose patience. You are gonna make it happen.

Best of luck.  

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Ryan Dugan
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