Can I Use Cat Litter for My Ferret? [Answered]

If you have any pets, it’s very normal to be worried about all the little things. You need to take proper care of them too. You need to take care of its hygiene.

You would need litte rfor your ferret but it is not available everywhere. Then you may think of cat litter as a substitute.

So, can I use cat litter for my ferret?

Yes, you may use cat litter for your adored ferret. You need to find a suitable cat litter. The litter should be non-toxic. The litter shouldn’t be too small, rather it should be spacious. Do not use the sand litter, it can harm the ferret. But make sure your ferret is comfortable in the litter.

In this article, we would explain if you should use cat litter or not. 

Why Would I Need Litter?

Why Would I Need Litter

Ferrets naturally remain clean. But they would need litter to relive their natural instincts and to keep their habitat clean. Therefore, it’s important to get your ferret a proper litter box.

If your ferret gets used to the litter, it will be hygienic for the ferret. It would also not spread germs if the ferret uses a litter box. You just need to train him to use the litter box.

Is it Safe to Use Cat Litter?

There are litters which are specially made for ferrets. But ferrets are not as popular as cats. And ferret litter is also not available in many areas.

In that case, you can use some cat litter. But you have to choose them very carefully. Because some cat litter works perfectly for ferrets, but some can be harmful to them.

You may use odour free cat litter. You can also use corn based cat litter for your ferret. You may also use pine pellets as litter. 

You should avoid clay based litter. Because they get clumped very easily. But it will be helpful for you if you use the flushable litter.

Negative Sides of Using Cat Litter

Some cat litter can be a little toxic for your ferrets. Sometimes ferrets chew them. And thus it harms the ferrets.

There are some cat litters that have small particles. Sometimes it goes into the ferret’s respiratory system. This can cause serious illness to your ferret.

Sometimes ferrets can’t get adjusted to certain types of cat litter. It can be due to allergy or irritation.

Therefore, you need to avoid this cat litter.

What Else Can I Use as Litter?

If you want to avoid any complications, you can use natural products. They are easy to find and are non-toxic. 

Crumpled Paper Litter

It’s possible that using paper pellet litter is harmless. You can also use the crumpled paper litter. It’s possibly one of the best ferret-safe cat litter. Due to the larger bits that ferrets can’t scatter about.

Ferrets can also benefit from certain types of recycled paper litter. It will not harm your ferret if he or she nibbles some of the litter.

Wood Chips Litter

There is another possible option which is wood pallets. This litter is available, sustainable, and cheap. The nicest thing is that when peed on, they crumble and are easier to hoover up.

This cat litter is suitable for your ferrets. Hardwood pellets should be avoided since they are not absorbent.

There are some other suitable cat litters available in the market which are suitable for your ferret. Here are some other cat litter boxes for your ferret.

  1. Fresh Step Extreme Scented Litter

There are other ferret litter substitutes available. 

What is the Best Way to Potty Train My Ferret?

What is the Best Way to Potty Train My Ferret

Ferrets are extremely intelligent creatures. It will be easy for you to train them to use a litter box. You need to be patient and consistent.

Firstly, you need to choose a good litter. Then place the litter box in the cage. Put the box in an open place so that it’s easy to find for the ferret.

You have to make your ferret understand how to use it. Put the ferret in the litter box immediately after feeding. You may treat him if he does it correctly. But don’t be harsh on him if he does it wrong or doesn’t understand it.

Slowly it will become adjusted to the litter.

How Often Should You Clean the Litter Box?

Ferrets use cat litter frequently. It gets crumpled up in a short time. You need to clean the litter at least two times daily.

You have to change and replace the litter in 3 to 4 days. You also should clean the litter box. Otherwise, your ferret won’t be comfortable to use.

It’s important to keep the litter and litter box clean to maintain the hygiene of your ferret.

Finally, choose the suitable litter for your ferret. And give some time to your ferret to get accustomed to the litter.


How frequently would you clean the ferret’s habitat?

You need to clean the water, food tray daily and cage, toys, and clothes on a weekly basis. It’s very important for your ferret to have a clean habitat. And it creates a bit of a bad smell. You need to keep his home clean to control the smell and ensure its health and safety.

Is it okay to have a ferret as a pet?

Ferrets can make great pets. They are pleasant, curious, intellectual, and friendly.

But because of its friendly nature, you need to take special care of them. Besides, sometimes ferrets can spread diseases. They may have bitten you. Therefore, you have to be extra careful if you have children at home. 

What should I place in my ferret cage’s bottom?

It’s important to place something under your ferret’s cage to line it up. Ferrets are very enthusiastic and make everything messy. You have to use a fabric which can be a blanket, old t-shirts or plain cotton clothes. You may also use a ferret blanket. 


I hope I have explained everything so that can I use cat litter for my ferret. You may use some cat litter for your ferret. But some litter can be harmful to the ferrets. You have to select your cat litter properly. 

If you have some other inquiries you may comment below. Thank you for taking the time to review the article. Also, have a wonderful day!

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Ryan Dugan
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