Why Does My Hamster Drink So Much Water? [7 Reasons]

Honestly, hamsters are the most hassle free little fur friends to pet. They are suitable for any space even if it’s the tiniest.

Even though hamsters don’t require much, they need 25ml of water a day. I know, a shockingly large amount for a tiny species! But this could increase if they are having some internal issues.

So, Why does your hamster drink so much water?

Hamsters can drink water for multiple reasons. Could be both diet or exhaustion. But, one of the main reasons is due to water diarrhea. Which might result in dehydration. Another prime cause is high fever. That contributes to lethargy and loss of weight and appetite among hamsters.

If you are not feeling satisfied with the answers, don’t worry. I’ve got more information to share that might ease you. Keep reading for the closure!

How Much Water is Considered Too Much Water?

How Much Water is Considered Too Much Water

Before jumping to a conclusion, let’s take a look at how much water a hamster drinks a day. Technically, a hamster needs 25 ml of water a day to survive. Which are roughly a cup and a half.

Even though it’s said they can go off without water for 1-3 days, it’s not safe. Going off without water for too long might dehydrate your hamster too much. It could also be lethal.

This is why you need to keep your hamster’s water pot filled and change it every day. To prevent your hamster from fast drinking water, use a water dripper.

Here are some of my favorite brands for water drippers. Let’s check them out:

Hope these help you just as much as they helped me. 

7 Reasons As to Why Hamsters Drinks so Much Water

Hamsters need water to function just like any other living being. Sometimes they drink too much water for harmless reasons. But most times, it could be for lethal health causes.

Let’s check out a few reasons why your hamster drinking too much water.

Reason 1: Overheating

The preferred temperature for hamsters is 68°F to 74°F. Anything less than these might cause overheating to your fur-ball friend.

If your hamster is overheated, it will drink too much water to cool down. It’s actually not bad for your hamster.

But remember, hamsters aren’t the brightest animal. There’s a chance, they might hurt their internals due to over intake of water.

So, keep them monitored or better keep them in their preferred atmosphere.

Reason 2: Dehydration

With overheating, comes dehydration. Or excess salt in food does the work. Water is very important for hamsters as they are very active creatures. And thus tend to get dehydrated easily.

Make sure they get proper rest during a running lapse to avoid such situations. 

Reason 3: Diarrhea

Now, this is a serious issue. Wet tail hamster or watery diarrhea is common among hamsters.

Digestive issues might force your hamster to have watery stools. Hence, to recover they might be intaking too much water.

A wet tail is lethal for your hamster so contact a vet fast if you see any symptoms. 

Reason 4: Diabetes

Yes, hamsters can get diabetes just like humans. This fancy little rodent might inherit diabetes from ancestors as well.

The symptoms of diabetes are simply massive weight loss and dull appetite. You can’t really do much other than keep their diet in check to avoid further issues.

Reason 5: Diet

During diets, if the hamsters are given too dry foods, they’ll drink too much water. Even though it’s okay and safe, continuing this in the long term might be harmful.

So, give your hamster a proper mix of grain and vegetables to avoid such situations. 

Reason 6: Depression

Surprisingly, hamsters also fall into depression. These active little creatures tend to lose interest in everything. That is for assorted reasons and drinking too much water.

It could be because of losing a fellow hamster, or even the regular feeder. A change of environment also affects their mood.

Lethargy is normal among hamsters. So, don’t change everything at once for them, rather introduce them to new things slowly.

Reason 7: Obesity

I understand this primal urge to feed your furry baby the best of the foods you make. If that is a hamster, 9 out of 10 chances are they’ll eat it without hesitation.

Now, a fat little round hamster might be the cutest thing on earth. But, this is lethal for them.

All the previous reasons are linked with it. Most health issues in hamsters are seen due to obesity. And hence, they overdrink water for balance.

Final Thoughts

Actually, it’s easy to maintain a hamster than to maintain any other pet. A little bit of cautiousness in the diet and lifestyle will make it a fine roommate.

Water should be accessible yet well-monitored consumption for hamsters. Too much or too little of it might make its small life span, smaller. So, handle it carefully.

And in case you are wondering how long a hamster lives, it’s 18-36 months. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to make this short life cycle fun, loving, and stress-free. 


Should we give our hamster tap water?

Yes, you can give your hamster tap water. But first, you would have to make sure it’s not contaminated or polluted. That could cause serious health issues to your hamster and even cause death. Also, make sure the water temperature is neutral and free of minerals as well.

How often do we need to change hamsters’ water?

You would have to change the hamsters’ water at least once a day. This is because if the water pitcher is leaking or unclean, you’ll notice. Hamsters are very active and might knock off or turnover the water holders. So, make sure it’s always filled up.

Can we tell if our hamster is dehydrated?

Yes, we can tell if our hamster is dehydrated. The easiest way to know it is by pinching its skin lightly. If the skin leaves a tent-like structure after releasing the skin, your hamster needs hydration. Usually, hamsters drink a cup of water a day, so maintain that amount.


I hope this answers your question, why does your hamster drinks so much water. Things might look overwhelming, but it’s way better than having a dead hamster.

But if you see any severe reaction from your hamster, then make sure to contact a vet. No compromise in little friend’s health.

May both you and your hamster stay safe. Goodbye!

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Ryan Dugan
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