Why Is My Hamsters Pee White?: 4 Reasons Explained!

It can be very alarming for you when you are cleaning your hamster’s little cage. And then find out some white discharge in the case. You might also have thought, is it normal? Or is it a matter of health concern?

So,  why is my hamsters pee white?

Well, generally a hamster’s pee is a little whitish. But there can also be many factors behind your hamster’s white pee. It can be because of the heat cycle of your hamster. Or your hamster might be pregnant. Or there might be some issues with the water. Or it can be because of calciuria.

You must be still in the blue about that matter. Don’t worry this whole article is only to clear your head out. 

Let’s jump to the detailed article. 

4 Reasons Why A Hamster Pee Can Be White[Details Explained]

Why Is My Hamsters Pee White

Many owners become alarmed when they discover unusually coloured pee in their Hamster’s cage. This is most likely very frequent in Hamsters.

The urine of a healthy Hamster is much thicker than that of humans. And the hamster pee colour is milky white. However, it may differ depending on the case.

Certain foods, when consumed, can cause reddish urine. The presence of blood is indicated by pinkish urine stains.

If you do not keep your Hamster’s fence tidy on a regular basis. The urine build-up could cause an unpleasant odor and different colors. This, in turn, may cause your Hamsters to become ill.

There can still be some other reasons why your hamster pee is white. Here’s a detailed reason why your hamster pee is white. 

Reason 01:  Because of Heat Cycle

It happens with the most female hamster. In their heat cycle, they discharge white urine.  It is very common. And this white discharge doesn’t indicate any health issue.

You don’t have to be concerned about that. Still to be ensured you may console a vat. You can also be ensured by noticing the marked odor from the urine. 

Reason 02: Because of Pregnancy

If your hamster gets pregnant then it can release white urine in some cases. But it’s a rare thing to release white urine during pregnancy. But still, it doesn’t possess any health concerns.

You don’t have to worry about your little buddy’s white urine. A hamster’s pregnancy lasts for 16 to 17 days. After that, your hamster will be normal again. But if your hamster is a boy there is possibly another reason.  

Reason 03:  Because of Water Issues

Sometimes tap water may cause problems with white urine release. If you are giving your hamster tap water, this could be the source of the problem. The minerals from the tap water hamster can’t digest and it causes white urine.

And also in some cases, your hamster doesn’t drink much water. Then as like us humans it dries out your little buddy. That can also be a reason for the white pee. 

Reason 04:  Because of Calciuria

If your Hamster has calciuria, it may produce abnormally thick and milky urine. It has the potential to cause major problems to your little buddy if left untreated.

The kidney is in charge of filtering the excess calcium that our Hamsters consume. This excess calcium is excreted in our Hamster’s pee, causing it to appear cloudy. Sometimes it also causes hamster urine milky yellow or white.

Despite the fact that Hamsters require a sufficient amount of calcium. We must avoid giving them foods that are high in calcium.

Top-notch pellets should be fed to your Hamsters. Cheap pellets have an increased calcium material but a low fiber content.

As a result, it is obvious to research before feeding your Hamsters any type of pellets. I’ve gathered some of the best pallets for your little pal here.

These pallets are top-notch in quality. And also have perfect calcium and fiber balance.

How to know Which Colour of Hamster’s Urine is Alarming?

Checking your Hamster’s pee on a regular basis is your duty as a liable pet owner. This is to detect any health issues.

A hamster’s urine color may change from time to time. It has even noticed color shifts every now and then. It is completely normal for Hamsters.

I’ve made a hamster urine chart for you. The chart below will assist you in comprehending the various shades of your Hamster’s urine.

Colour Significance 
Bright Yellow There’s nothing to be concerned about if your Hamster’s pee is yellow. In Hamsters, yellowish pee is quite usual.

There should be no issues until your Hamster consumes and drinks properly.

Milky/Cloudy YellowThe urine of a healthy Hamster is milky white in color. Your Hamster may have calciuria if his or her urine is abnormally milky or dark.

This is primarily due to excessive consumption of a calcium-rich diet. If necessary, seek the advice of a veterinarian.

ReddishMost owners confuse red urine in Hamsters with blood. The reddish urine, on the other hand, could be caused by certain foods.  Such as daffodil, beetroot, red cabbage, or vegetables. The reddish coloration in our Hamster’s bladder could also be due to pigmentation. 

In addition, a sudden drop in temperature during the winter can cause red pee in Hamsters. If you have any fears about your Hamster’s health, see a veterinarian.

Pinkish-RedPinkish urine frequently identifies the existence of plasma marks in the bodily fluids of your Hamster.

The pinkish color, on the other hand, could be the result of eating strawberries or cranberries.

BrownBrown urine signifies a liver problem in your Hamster. Deep brown urine is more reddish.

Keep an eye on their diet and water intake. If necessary, consult a veterinarian.

OrangeYour Hamster will pass orangish-colored urine if he is dehydrated. As an outcome, you should really ensure that your little one has access to fresh water on a daily basis.

Pigmentation may be the cause of the orangey color of the urinary in some cases.

Transparent/WhitishWhy is my hamster urine clear? If the urine of your Hamster is clear or transparent. This indicates that he or she is drinking quite so much water.

While water is necessary for our Hamsters, excessive drinking can cause Kidney complications.

By overviewing what hamsters pee look like. You can easily detect your hamster’s health problem easily. But as we described above hamsters pee is whitish and milky color


Why is my hamster peeing so thickly?

This is an adaptation to an arid environment. Because it produces highly concentrated urine, preventing dehydration.

What can you give a hamster to treat a UTI?

Please obtain oral medications such as Enrofloxacin (Baytril) from your veterinarian as soon as possible. It will ensure that the UTI is properly cured before it develops.

Is it normal for hamsters to pee?

The odor of hamster urine is usually mild. But it becomes more noticeable depending on what your hamster has been eating.

Bottom Line

Thank you for tagging with me till the very end. I’m sure now you are out of the dilemma about why my hamsters pee white.

As animal parents, we must be aware of every detail. To properly care for our pets. And if we have any concerns, just console a vat to be sure.

Best of luck.

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