Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?: All You Need to Know!

Sugar gliders are small marsupials in the same general family as kangaroos or koala bears. So, given how they are the most adorable little things, it must raise some questions.

Such as, are sugar gliders good pets?

Some pros of having sugar gliders as pets include their long lifespan and cleanliness. There’s also their non-destructive nature, sweet temperament, and capability to form strong bonds. And the cons include their inability to be potty-trained, nocturnal nature and always requiring companionship.

Luckily for you, we have all of these explained in detail in this article. Just stick with us and you can learn much more about them!

Do Sugar Gliders Make for Good House Pets?

Do Sugar Gliders Make for Good House Pets

Sugar gliders can indeed make for good house pets. However, a lot of that will be based on the pet owners as well. And on whether the owner took their time learning about their pet’s needs first.

Sugar gliders are called so because they like to eat almost anything sweet. Now it could be fresh fruits but even vegetables which are sweet works. But that only answers for the sugar part.

Well, similar to squirrels, sugar gliders have a gliding membrane that allows them to glide. Usually, it’s from tree to tree, but it might be from furniture to furniture in your home.

Now, it’s important to understand that sugar gliders are not rodents. They are marsupials instead. And while marsupials resemble rodents, they are still quite different in their characteristics.

As such, sugar gliders are proven to have several distinct disadvantages over other household pets. Such as hamsters, squirrels, ferrets, gerbils, etc. But they also have some advantages that typical rodents are devoid of.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of having sugar gliders as pets!

Pros & Cons of Keeping Sugar Gliders as Pets

Pros & Cons of Keeping Sugar Gliders as Pets

Some of the pros and cons depend on the sugar gliders being cared for properly. While others are pretty much determined by their nature.

Let’s go through some of the pros or advantages of having them as pets first!

Advantages of Having Sugar Gliders as Pets

Now, in this segment, we’re going to show you some advantages of having a sugar glider. So, give it a read.


Similar to cats and dogs, a sugar glider lifespan is usually about 12-15 years. But of course, you’d have to look after them properly to maintain that.

But what’s unique about these little creatures is their level of intelligence. Which shockingly and roughly matches that of a dog. And that means upon proper training, they can learn their name.

So that when you call them, they will come over to you. And they could even learn and perform tricks! How adorable does that sound?!


Another advantage that sugar gliders have over rodents is based on their diet. Because when fed the correct diet, they have almost no noticeable smell.

Plus, they can keep themselves impeccably clean and rarely, if ever, require bathing. 


A common disadvantage of having a rodent as a pet is that they are destructive.

Naturally, they tend to chew on things, and by things, we mean, everything! But that’s because all rodents have constantly growing teeth which, therefore, must be worn down. 

So, as sugar gliders are not rodents, they do not instinctively need to chew on things. And hence aren’t destructive by their nature. 

Strong Bonding with Owner/s

Let’s move on to the most unique thing about having sugar gliders as household pets. It is how strongly and permanently they bond to their human families.

Once they are fully bonded to you, they can go everywhere with you in public. And they can do so without needing to be caged. And in most cases, they won’t even want to leave your pocket!

Plus unlike other rodents, once fully bonded, they don’t tend to run or hide. They would rather cling to you and spend time with you as a family. And that comes to them by instinct.

So if you’re wondering, are sugar gliders good family pets, yes! They certainly are. 

Sweet Temperament

In ferrets, it’s common for male ferrets to be more aggressive than females. And that applies to some of the other rodents too.

But both male and female sugar gliders have equally sweet temperaments. But each glider is unique from the other and has its own distinct personality.

Additionally, how much time you spend with your little pets also plays a role here. And based on the bonding they have with you, their behaviors will lie in accordance.

We now know some of the pros of having a sugar glider as a pet.

Let’s move on to the cons.

Disadvantages of Having Sugar Gliders as Pets

Just like the advantages there are also some disadvantages. The drawbacks are given below. 

Cannot be Potty-trained

While sugar gliders can be trained to learn tricks, they can’t really be potty trained. But they are very clean regardless, and often predictable in their ways.

Such that, they have their instincts disallow them from peeing or pooping where they sleep. And they have had this working in them ever since they were babies.

The safe thing with that is they’re unlikely to pee while in your pocket. However, ‘accidents’ do happen, and if they can’t get out… Oh, well. 

Require Companionship

While sugar gliders love to be with humans, they also love other sugar gliders. Which means they are very social.

So you shouldn’t get just one sugar glider and leave them alone in their cage. Because they are likely to get depressed and lonely that way. And we can’t have that!

Here are some cages you could get for your sugar gliders:

Hope they come helpful!

While in the wild, sugar gliders tend to live in small groups. And that will make your sugar glider crave companionship with other sugar gliders naturally.

So when you think of purchasing a sugar glider, be prepared to take care of two!

They are Nocturnal

Sugar gliders tend to be mostly nocturnal. Therefore, their most active hours are usually during the night.

And that might make it a little difficult to spend time and bond with them. However, it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a night owl like some of us.

So, are sugar gliders good pets to have? With expert care and attention, they definitely can be!


Are sugar gliders a good option as a pet for beginners?

Unfortunately, no, sugar gliders are not a good option as a pet for beginners. You might think they’d be easier to handle since they are small in size. But these little cuties require much special care and attention, besides requiring lots of space. So, maybe it’s best to avoid them as a beginner. 

Do sugar gliders enjoy being held?

While sugar gliders don’t mind being held, it doesn’t mean they particularly enjoy it. That’s because they’re quick creatures who love climbing and gliding from one place to another. And if you wanna hold them, you’ll have to do it during the day. That’s when they’re more likely to cuddle and rest. 

Can sugar gliders of the same gender live together?

Yes, sugar gliders of the same gender can certainly live together. You can keep multiple male sugar gliders in the same cage together. And the same applies to multiple female sugar gliders. But, it’s best not to keep multiple male sugar gliders with a single female one. To prevent fighting. 

Take Away

That’s all we had on your question, are sugar gliders good pets? Hopefully, you learned lots more about them now!

If you get two sugar gliders, make sure to always neuter the males.

Have a sweet day! Sugar gliders would certainly make it so. It’s in the name, you see.

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