Can Sugar Gliders Eat Tomatoes? [Confusions Clarified!]

Giving treats to pets is something pet owners enjoy a lot. But feeding tomatoes to sugar gliders has always made people concerned. If this is bothering you too, we understand.

So, can sugar gliders eat tomatoes?

Yes, they definitely can eat tomatoes. But you should know some things before moving on. Tomatoes offer high nutritional value and several micronutrients to the diet. They are a great source of fibers for your suggies. However, it is imperative for you to know how to feed them tomatoes.

That’s just a superficial knowledge on feeding sugar gliders tomatoes. There’s a detailed discussion on these topics and much more later in this article.

So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Is It Safe For Sugar Gliders to Eat Tomatoes?

Is It Safe For Sugar Gliders to Eat Tomatoes

It’s a straightforward answer. Yes, your sugar gliders can eat tomatoes safely.  Tomatoes are super beneficial for healthy well-being.

They have a very low-calorie count, which is essential to stay fit. Also, tomatoes are super low on fat which keeps your sugar gliders hearty.

They are full of many necessary micronutrients like minerals and vitamins. The antioxidants that they contain make them super healthy for both humans and sugar gliders.

To make it even better, they are a terrific source of fiber. It greatly helps their digestive system.

To sum it up, tomatoes are a very healthy part of your sugar glider’s diet. 

Are Tomatoes Beneficial for Sugar Gliders?

Are Tomatoes Beneficial for Sugar Gliders

Yes, tomatoes are packed with many benefits for the well-being of sugar gliders. In order to understand this, we need to look into what tomatoes contain essentially.

100 grams of tomatoes are packed with 18 calories and 95% of it is water. It has almost 1 gram of protein and 4 grams of carbohydrates. The sugar count is almost 2.5 grams in that same 100 grams of tomatoes.

It also contains more than 1 gram of fiber along with very little fat as to .2 grams. This little fat is necessary for your sugar gliders to stay healthy.

The low count of carbs and calories makes it very healthy for the suggies. The low fat count just makes it even better.

Tomatoes are also full of micronutrients such as minerals and antioxidants.

They contain vitamin C that strengthens their immune system and prevents diseases that come with aging. Tomatoes also carry a fair amount of vitamin K1 which makes their bones stronger.

Tomatoes are rich in Folate or vitamin B9. It strengthens the metabolism helping them in gaining energy from the food that they consume. Tomatoes also contain Potassium which makes their heart much stronger!

Can You Feed Tomato Seeds to Your Sugar Gliders?

You should always ask this question before feeding any fruit or vegetable to your sugar gliders. Since, people refer to them as fruits and veggies alternatively, this definitely begs the question. So, can you sugar gliders eat tomato seeds?

Fortunately, yes, your sugar gliders can eat tomato seeds without any threat. They are absolutely safe for them.

Seeds can be dangerous for small pets since they can very well choke on them. Sugar gliders are very small animals with narrow throats. Seeds that are big in size can easily get stuck in their air vents.

However, tomato seeds are tiny in size which takes the choking hazard out of the equation.

Surprisingly, you may notice that your suggies are avoiding the seeds themselves. Instead, they are throwing them at one another. Don’t forget to join in with them!

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Tomato Juice Or Sauce?

You should avoid feeding tomato sauce bought from the market to your sugar gliders altogether.

They often contain too much sugar which is not healthy for your sugar gliders. Marketed passata is also a big no for the gliders. The same goes for tomato sauce that you get from supermarkets.

Too much sugar can raise their sugar levels exponentially causing heart disease. You should always regulate your daily sugar intake.

However, you can feed them homemade tomato juice made in blenders. As long as there is no added sugar to it, it’s all good. After all, it is basically tomatoes in a liquid form. 

How to Feed Tomatoes to Sugar Gliders?

Tomatoes bought from the market may have traces of pesticides and preservatives. These chemicals can be tolerated by humans. However, sugar gliders don’t have a digestive system strong enough to process those chemicals.

Even little traces of pesticides and preservatives can cause diarrhea to your sugar gliders. Hence, you have to get rid of all these chemicals.

Properly wash the tomatoes to get rid of these chemicals. You can use moderately warm water to do so. You can also use electronic fruit washers to wash your tomatoes.

Here we have mentioned two of the best fruit washers for you:

We hope that you find these useful!

You’re all good to go after you have cleaned the tomatoes thoroughly. Cutting tomatoes into small pieces makes it easier for the suggies to eat the tomatoes. Make sure that the tomatoes are fresh or frozen.

Tomatoes can come in various colors and sizes. Can sugar gliders eat cherry tomatoes? Yes, they can!

Cherry tomatoes can be a great option for your little sugar gliders. Cherry tomatoes are tiny in size. And fit quite perfectly in the tiny paws of your sugar gliders.

Another great option could be green tomatoes. They have better calcium to phosphorus ratio than the red ones.

If you are wondering can sugar gliders eat grape tomatoes, the answer is also yes. Keep switching between these different tomatoes to make the most out of it.

However, you should always keep in mind that they need a balanced diet. It should include a diverse range, which includes fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Although tomatoes are very healthy for sugar gliders, they shouldn’t cover a large portion of the diet. Tomatoes benefit them the most only when served in small amounts alongside other fruits and veggies.

Never serve them tomatoes that are canned or processed.

Do Sugar Gliders Like Eating Tomatoes?

Now comes the big question. Do sugar gliders like eating tomatoes

As a pet owner, you would want to feed your suggies the food that they like to eat. But honestly, it’s a tough call to make beforehand.

Just like humans, sugar gliders have their own preferences. There is no way to determine if your sugar glider is going to love tomatoes or not.

It’s totally up to your little furball to like the food. There’s an equal chance between him loving to eat tomatoes and not liking them at all. It’s completely his choice.

However, don’t worry if your sugar glider doesn’t like tomatoes. You can try an array of different fruits and vegetables. You can try out blueberries, kiwis, broccoli, bananas, asparagus, and so on.

You can also lookup a what can sugar gliders eat list to find more alternatives,


Can you feed scrambled eggs to your sugar gliders?

Well yes, you can definitely feed eggs to your gliders in moderation, be it boiled or poached. However, you need to make sure that there are no bad bacteria involved. In order to make sure of that, cook or boil the egg thoroughly. This will eliminate the bad bacterias that could pose a threat. 

Do sugar gliders like to eat chicken?

Yes, sugar gliders absolutely love to eat chicken. However, you should serve only boiled chicken to them. Roasted or otherwise cooked chicken is strictly prohibited for sugar gliders. It can provide them with a good amount of protein. But you‘ve to make sure to feed them chicken in moderate amounts.

Is feeding rice okay for sugar gliders?

Yes, you can definitely feed rice to your sugar gliders, both brown and white. But, it’s necessary to make sure that the rice is cooked thoroughly. Undercooked rice could lead to indigestion or diarrhea. Feed them rice in moderate quantities since it alone doesn’t provide all the necessary nutrients.

Final words

Tomatoes can really add a lot of value to your sugar glider’s diet. Hopefully, we were able to clear your clouds regarding can sugar gliders eat tomatoes.

Always make sure to keep the calcium to phosphorus ratio in check in their diet plans.

See you in another article real soon. Till then, happy sugar gliding!

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