Can Hedgehogs Eat Superworms? Is it Safe?

Hedgehogs love burrowing the backyard. So, you may have caught your hedgie eating these little bugs dug out from the ground. It’s only natural to wonder if they’re even safe to be eaten.

So, can hedgehogs eat superworms?

The answer is YES! Superworms provide great nutritional value to your pet hedgehogs. But that’s true if they are given the proper amount. Superworms are barely a worm kind, they’re actually beetles! And they are loved by hedgehogs.

Not enough info? No need to worry! We’ve mentioned why superworms are a great addition to their diet. And you’ll also find how to feed them superworms and more.

To understand this better and what details entail, keep reading!

Is It Safe for Hedgehogs to Eat Superworms?

Is It Safe for Hedgehogs to Eat Superworms

Yes, they are very safe and highly nutritious. Superworms are just one type of darkling beetle species. Their larvae are called the superworms.

Superworms, obviously, look intimidating. But they aren’t actually harmful.

They have tiny pincers but rest assured, your hedgehogs are safe. Even if they attack with the pincers, it doesn’t hurt that much.

They are almost equal parts high in proteins and fats. They also provide moisture and mineral content.

Furthermore, they are high in calcium and are often used as a food supplement. This makes them ideal bulk commercial use in the pet industry.

Are Superworms Good For Hedgehogs?

Are Superworms Good For Hedgehogs

Of course! Superworms should certainly not be a food supplement. In your hedgehog’s diet. But they are packed with nutrients. So they are definitely worth the occasional boost.

Superworms contain roughly 42% protein and 40% saturated. Plus they also have unsaturated fat content.

They are high in calcium, fiber, and phosphates. They’re practically little water bombs! They’re packed with glucose, electrolytes and give an instant energy rush.

But the high fat content also comes with its drawbacks. And thus they should be given to hedgehogs occasionally.

How to Feed Superworms to Hedgehogs?

How to Feed Superworms to Hedgehogs

Now, have you decided to feed your little friend superworms?

Then make sure you’re feeding them properly. By following the steps we’ve mentioned below you can safely feed superworms to your hedgehog-

Keep the Superworms Fresh

Now, you might think, should you feed hedgehogs superworms that are alive?

Well, yes, they can. But it’s also true that superworms are capable of biting. They can give your pet a sting, however, it’s a mild one.

Though given as tough as hedgies are, they are unlikely to notice. Or be too bothered for long.

But if you are too worried, you can feed them dead superworms, or frozen ones.

However, giving them dried, refrigerated superworms means they have lost nutrition. 

Prepare the Superworms

Now, superworms have pinchers. And even if they don’t hurt much, you have to take them out. 

To do that, just knock out the superworm. Do this by squeezing their head with some tweezers. This way they will be dead by the time they pass your hedgehog’s throat.

But remember you shouldn’t get rid of the heads completely. Because it contains lots of nutrients such as chitin and calcium. 

Make an Ideal Meal

They should be covered with either wheat bran or oatmeal for bedding. This makes it easier to eat for the hedgies. A nice mixed meal.

Also, remember they should be kept in this state at room temperature (25°C). This is only for a few days before being fed.

You also need to make sure you avoid mold buildup. This can be done by changing the bedding every other week. You can feed three of these once a week. Superworms can be purchased online or in pet stores.

How Often Can Hedgehogs Eat Worms?

They can eat them as often as you serve them. The question lies in whether you SHOULD feed them superworms often.

As mentioned before they are high in proteins, minerals, and fats. But moderation is key as too much fat. If it’s in your pet’s diet, it compromises their digestive system. As well as cardiovascular systems.

In the wild, hedgehogs are omnivorous. They eat all kinds of insects. But in a captive state, they tend to have underdeveloped immune systems. This is due to the lack of free pathogens available in a regular home.

Feeding them wild insects thus poses a slight threat to their immunity. So, make sure you get your feed from pet stores. And follow the instructions of the product. 

What Kind Of Worms Can Hedgehogs Eat And Can Not Eat?

If you are thinking of adding worms to your pet hedgehog’s diet, make it a regular. But there are a few concerns to consider.

The truth of the matter is they love all kinds of insects. Let’s get into which ones they can eat!

Worms They Love!

Hedgehogs, wild or captive, absolutely demolish through a worm snack.  From mealworms to silkworms. They leave out very few in their preference.

Hornworms, bloodworms, waxworms, and phoenix worms are some of their favorites. They don’t stop there. Crickets and roaches are their go to for a power snack.

Worms to Avoid!

Insects can be a great source of nutrition. But not without a few caveats!

But a few to avoid would be earthworms and centipedes/ millipedes. These can contain toxins and occasionally pathogens. The toxins aren’t high enough in concentration to be fatal. But they can cause the hedgehogs to fall seriously ill.

Dried mealworms, termites, and June bugs are also a no-go. Due to the transmission of molds and micro parasites. Molds can cause fungal and bacterial infections. It can indeed be fatal, and fatally transmissible. Avoid these at all costs! 


Are Superworms Poisonous?

No, but they can inhabit toxins occasionally. And rarely pathogens too. At least, the ones in the wild do! They can pinch with their prolegs at the front which can startle your pet. But they don’t pose any serious danger for the most part. When using them in feed they should be kept in water. This is to disinfect any external pathogens!

Can Superworms Eat Through The Stomach?

No. By the time they reach through the esophagus and into the stomach, the digestive enzymes and the stomach acid neutralize any movement. They are dead by the time chewing is finished mostly. But interestingly enough, they can eat through plastics!

Can Superworms Work As A Dietary Supplement?

No. Although they are high in nutrients, they should not be used as a daily supplement. 


By now you should have a clearer idea on can hedgehogs eat superworms. As well as how often you should feed them this tasty snack.

Even though superworms don’t seem like the most appealing meal for hedgehogs. Your pet hedgehogs can most definitely eat these worms. It just comes down to how you implement this into their diet.

We hope you found all your hedge-queries answered in this article! Good luck!

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