Do Hedgehogs Make Noise? [ Answered]

Hedgehogs are a part of the Eulipotyphla order of mammals. And being rare mammals and small creatures they can often remain unknown to common people. To the point, one might not know what they sound like.

That is why we have compiled this article with the answers to this glaring question.

Do hedgehogs make noise?

As a matter of fact, they do make noises. Hedgehogs are rodents and make the usual rodent noises. They also make purr noises. They often make grunts like hogs. Hedgehogs make a sound that is sometimes compared to that of geese or amphibians.

So, now we will go over all of the noises a hedgehog makes.

Description of Noises

Description of Noises

Hedgehogs produce a wide range of sounds, from slightly elevated to low-pitched. Screeches, growls, and squeals are only some of the sounds made by hedgehogs.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a purr. In comparison to other mammals, such as domestic animals, hedgehogs make a noise that is typically compared to that of other rodents.

Hedgehogs make a wide variety of sounds, yet they all have the same purpose: to communicate with one another. Hedgehogs are more nocturnal, when it is colder outdoors, then you may notice them making sounds.

One evening, you may hear what sounds like a hedgehog’s screams emanating from your backyard.

Are They Loud?

When a hedgehog is in a bad mood, it will make a variety of noises. However, this does not imply that hedgehogs are completely silent. Hedgehogs tend to be as obnoxious as other animals. This is when they make a loud noise.

Typical Sounds

A high-pitched squeak is the most typical sound made by hedgehogs. Squeezing a plastic toy like a rubber duck produces a sound quite similar to this. In the event that your hedgehog has recently eaten, it may produce another noise that resembles quacking.


During the evening, hedgehogs are reported to scavenge for food by grumbling. The grunts sound like those of a pig, swine, or hog. A groaning hedgehog is actually a happy hedgehog, contrary to popular belief.

And this is one of the reasons why the hedgehog is actually known as a hog. As the animals usually hide in bushes and hedges and grunt like hogs.

Sounds of the Evening

This means that hedgehogs are more likely to be heard making noise at night. If you pet a hedgehog, you can expect to hear snorting, huffing, and purring. What these noises really mean to your hedgehog is up to you to figure out.


Hedgehogs can make a variety of sounds, including the squeaking described above, but they don’t actually scream. They might screech which may look like screaming. Investigate why your pet is producing these noises. 

Hedgehogs may squeak excessively for a variety of causes, including illness or injury. The screeching may be high-pitched and will clearly show a type of distress to the hedgehog.


In contrast to the low-pitched squeals of other little animals, hedgehogs make squeal noises. Young hedgehogs generate high-pitched squeals similar to those of a baby bird as they grow older.

Noises of a Cough

The overly dry cough usually indicates that the hedgehog’s burrow is dusty and unclean. However, if you have a persistent cough that sounds like a smokers’ breath. The coughing noises are different from sneezes.

You should seek medical attention. It’s possible that your hedgehog gets lungworm if he or she has a long-lasting cough.

Sneezes from the Hedgehog

Whenever a hedgehog is startled, it sneezes as a form of self-defense. The sneezes are innocuous, but if you don’t know what’s going on, they might be scary. If the hedgehog is sneezing or wheezing, this could be a symptom of a sickness that requires medical attention.

Fighting Squeaking

It’s not uncommon for hedgehogs to make sounds in the evening because they’re engaged in a fight. Hedgehogs may fight if you hear a loud hissing noise emanating from their enclosure.

Anxiety-Inducing Noises

Hedgehogs aren’t able to cry, although they are capable of making a wide range of sounds. It’s possible that your hedgehog is in trouble. If you notice what seems like wailing emanating from their enclosure.

Intimate Sounds

Even though they prefer to live alone, they mate. The male hedgehog would yell to catch the attention of females if they are in search of mating partners. The female hedgehog makes a steam train-like churning sound while the male hedgehog surrounds her.

Birthing Sounds

To help moms recognize their babies, hedgehogs are born with their eyes closed and their ears curled over. The noise of a hissing assists the infants to discover her to breastfeed as they crawl near her tummy.

What Is the Sound of a Baby Hedgehog?

What Is the Sound of a Baby Hedgehog

While hedgehogs are newborns, they are mostly silent. Snuffling and grunting are just a few of the sounds hedgehog newborns are capable of making. Breastfeeding is referred to as “sucking in the air” because of the sound it makes.

The Sounds of Sleeping

Snoring is a common occurrence in a peacefully sleeping hedgehog. When they’re sleeping, these cute hedgehogs stretch their limbs and paws as a dog might. While asleep, hedgehogs replicate the sounds they would produce if they were awakened.

Intriguing Noise

It’s a wise plan to be cautious when introducing new noises to hedgehogs. Because they’re naturally curious creatures. The sound of wind chimes or a trickle of water can be a soothing alternative to noise in a space.

Are Hedgehogs Sensitive to Sound?

Are Hedgehogs Sensitive to Sound

It’s possible for hedgehogs to fall into distress when they’re frightened by a loud sound. When hedgehogs hear loud noises for the first time, they often curl up by become prickly.

Soundscapes that Reduce Stress

For hedgehogs, a peaceful setting is recommended if you are worried about levels of noise in the area. If you want them to be able to burrow, ensure their cage has lots of bedding. Adding plants or humidifiers to the cage might also assist alleviate tension.

So, these are the different types of noises that hedgehogs usually make. And these different songs mean different things which have also been mentioned.


What exactly would a hedgehog’s squeal signal imply?

Whenever the situation is dealt the term “squeaking” is also used to describe this sound. In just this noise, a hedgehog is attempting to defend itself due to the threat or anger, and the sound is confrontational in nature. Never purposefully cause your hedgehog to produce this noise on your behalf.

Is there a cracking sound made by hedgehogs?

Whenever a hedgehog is attempting to defend itself, it emits this hostile sound. This is the sound made by a hedgehog when it is terrified or agitated. Never purposefully cause the hedgehog to produce this noise on your behalf.

Can hedgehogs bite?

Hedgehogs are capable of biting, however, this is an extremely unusual occurrence. The majority of the time, this occurs when they are little, and believe your fingers are trying to feed them.


Now you know all there is to know about do hedgehogs make noise? Now you can understand all there is to understand regarding any hedgehog from their noises. So, now that our article has come to an end, we hope that you were satisfied.

Our duty is to serve you through knowledge. Till the future moment, we meet, farewell.

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