Hamster Losing Fur And Has Scabs – Reasons and Solution

No one wants to see their fluffy and fuzzy friend losing their fur. Fur is what makes the hamster so fluffy and cute.

So what to do to a  hamster losing fur and has scabs?

Hamsters can lose fur naturally, this is known as shedding. But if the shedding is too much, it can be concerning. The reasons can be an imbalanced diet, parasites, and more. Also, scabs can occur from an unclean cage, mites, sharp objects in the cage, and aging.

There are more to each of the reasons for fur loss and scabs. Below, we have given full details of each reason and its solution. So don’t worry, just stay with us!

Why Is Your Hamster Losing Fur?

Why Is Your Hamster Losing Fur

Hamsters are cute and can be the best cuddle buddies. But without their fur, a hamster can look a bit scary. There are multiple reasons why your hamster can lose fur. We have listed the reasons and their solutions below.

Not Having a Balanced Diet

Getting good nutrition is the most basic thing. And getting proper food is the way to get all the nutritional values. Like us, hamsters do need to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is where all the nutrients are available.

A lack of vitamin B and proteins can cause fur loss in your hamster. In particular, lack of vitamin B can cause massive hair fall. So consult the vet if possible or make sure your hamster has a balanced diet. 


There are a lot of different types of parasites that can live on your hamster. Parasites are living creatures that depend on another host animal. Parasites can live on the hamster’s skin and ingest blood. This can cause fur loss for your hamster.

To remove the parasites from your hamster you can give them a salty bath. But make sure no water goes into the eyes and ears of the hamster. Also, consult the vet about parasites. There are proper medications to remove parasites from your hamster. 


It might not seem a big deal but friction can be a reason why your hamster is shedding. Friction can cause static electricity, which can make the fur fall.

To solve this issue you can change the cage for the hamster. Frictions are usually caused by the rag or soft place your hamster sleeps at. Change it to a non-static material to resolve the issue. 


Shedding is a natural thing for a lot of animals. Hamsters often shed their fur when their fur grows thinner.

Natural shedding is fine. That’s why you see all the lint on your black shirt when you try to cuddle. But if the hamster develops a full bald spot, that is not natural. Inspect if there are any scabs at the bald spot.

If there are, make sure you clean the place using an alcohol pad. The herbal method to clean the place would be applying turmeric paste. Or you can contact the vet for some medication.

Looking for some quality turmeric paste? Have a look at our top picks!

These are fresh and premium turmeric. You can use them in other cases such as in cooking as well. 

Can Be a Medical Condition

Losing fur can be a medical condition for a hamster. Like all animals, some of them can have medical conditions. In that case, shedding is natural. Or, your hamster can have some other diseases. Such as kidney inflammation. If that’s the case, contact the vet.

But this doesn’t mean you should love your hamster less. All pets of yours deserve the same amount of love. Check the hamster to the vet. And don’t worry, there are hamster skin infection treatments.

These are all the common causes of fur loss for your hamster. 

Why Does Your Hamster Might Have Scabs?

Why Does Your Hamster Might Have Scabs

Scabs are known as infections as well. Infections can be internal or external. But in the case of scabs, they are external. Scabs are formed on the skins and under the fur. hamster scabs on back are really common.

Scabs occur for many reasons. But there are solutions for that. We have listed a few of the most common reasons why your hamster might have scabs.  

Because of Aging

Over a period of time, the skin of your hamster can shrink up and get wrinkles. Also, as your hamster ages, various types of parasites can affect the skin. In that case, scabies can form on top of the skin. hamster skin peeling is common in this case as well.

Using a moisturizer, in this case, can resolve the issue. There are specific moisturizers available at the pet store. Using your moisturizer cannot be a good option. Since there might be some particles that affect the skin of your hamster.

Check the labels of your moisturizer before using it on the hamster. Moisturizing can also heal hamster skin sores.

From Anything Sharp in the Cage

Scabs can form on your hamster from any scratch it gets from anything sharp. Check if any part of the cage is poking your hamster. 

If you’re wondering, how to treat hamster wounds? There is proper medication and guidelines for each treatment. Check up to the vet, since all the treatments are not the same.

In this case, inspect if anything sharp is in the cage of your hamster. If so, remove the object. 

From Mites

Hamster mites are small insects that can bite your cute hamster. These insects are so small that they are hard to see without any magnification. If you think there are mites in the cage of your hamster, there are ways to remove them.

The first thing you have to do is, give your hamster a bath. There are certain bath soap washes available that can remove the mites. You also need to clean the cage of your hamster. 

Unclean Cage

A clean cage is always healthy for your hamster. There can be a lot of bacteria and viruses in an unclean cage.

Clean the cage thoroughly with soapy water. Make sure you also clean the place your hamster sleeps. Also, clean the toys of your hamster. Make sure you handle your hamster with clean hands. Especially if your hamster already has scabs.

That’s all the common things you need to know about scabs on your hamster. 


Can I give My Hamster a Hot Water Bath?

In cold weather, hot water baths are mandatory for hamsters. Without the fur, it can be difficult for them to stay warm. Also, hot water baths can clean your hamster as well. But make sure the water is not too warm for your hamster. 

How Frequently Should I Clean My Hamster Cage?

Usually, it’s better to clean once a week. But if your hamster is infected, make sure you clean it every 3 to 4 days. Check if any bad smell is coming out of the cage. Also, your hamster should not smell disgusting, clean your hamster as well. 

What Should Proteins I Feed to My Hamster?

Hamsters don’t eat meat. So it’s difficult for them to get enough protein. Vegetables are the only natural source your hamster can get protein. But you can also feed hamsters food. Those are balanced diets for your hamster. 


That’s everything you need to know about, hamster losing fur and has scabs.

Hamsters are cute and small animals. They rely on you a lot, so take care of them.

Have fun with your hamster!!

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