How Do Hedgehogs Mate? [Everything You Need To Know]

Hedgehogs are very little creatures. They become mature enough to mate when they are 2 years old. After that, they can breed every year. If you care for your beloved pet all the time then you always will want it to be healthy.

So, how do hedgehogs mate?

Hedgehogs mate like other mammals. But the Hedgehog mating process is kinda delicate. According to some studies, hedgehogs are quite rambling animals. As a result, they can have multiple partners. There is no surprise that babies can have several different fathers. Females take a special position during mating. Meanwhile, the male approaches the female from behind and mounts her.

That’s just the summary. To know the full mating process of hedgehogs, keep on reading. We’ve explained all the information elaborately in this guide. 

How Do Hedgehogs Mate?

How Do Hedgehogs Mate

The Hedgehog mating process is the same for both wild and home conditions. But the home and wild environment is not the same. Mating process is affected by many factors. Let’s know about them-

Hedgehog Mating In Wild

Hedgehogs are wild animals. So they used to mate solely in a wild environment. The mating process is hugely impacted by climate and as well as weather. Also, the availability of food and water are key factors.

The mating process starts with a male hedgehog circling the female for hours. At first, the female reacts aggressively.

They try to attack the male with spines. This can even hurt the male hedgehog. But, the male doesn’t give up. He approaches the female. Here, the male hedgehog makes a loud squeaking sound while he circles the female

After a while, things progress in the right way. Females become a bit calm and receptive to mating. And then, the female submits her to the male. At that moment the mating happens.

Mating happens when the male hedgehog places him behind the female. Then he mounts her from there. The female flattens her spine during the mating process. After the mating, they both will separate and go their ways.

The male will continue looking for another female hedgehog for mating.   

Hedgehog Mating At Home Environment

Mating a hedgehog in a home environment can be difficult. But you can make a safe space for your hedgehog to mate. Provide hedgehogs with good shelter.  Give them enough food and water.

First thing, you need to know if a license is required to pet hedgehogs in your locality. You can’t keep a hedgehog as a pet in some states of the USA.

Contact with local animal authority to be sure about this matter.

Choose females at least 6 months to 1 year old. If hedgehogs become pregnant early it can be life-threatening for them. Female hedgehogs can breed until they are 2.5-3 years old.

Now if you don’t even know if your hedgehog is male or female check with a vet.

For breeding hedgehogs, you need healthy male hedgehogs. Males will be sexually mature when they are 4 months old.

Try to remember a few things when mating males and females. Don’t let them mate with closely related (like mother or sister).

After you ensure everything, bring the female to the male cage. And, leave them alone for a few days. At first, they can hiss or chase each other. Also, they can fight. Don’t worry about it. It is very normal.

Next up, return the female to her cage. Most hedgehogs can mate within a week. Then returning the female to her cage allows her to take a rest.  

How To Tell If Your Hedgehog Is Pregnant?

How To Tell If Your Hedgehog Is Pregnant

After you mate your hedgehog, you would want to know if the female is pregnant. Before you begin the mating process, you must first weigh females. After mating, the gestation period for a hedgehog is around 34-36 days.

The sign of a female hedgehog being pregnant includes weight gain. Pregnancy increases their appetite. So, when they are pregnant they eat more than usual.

During the last week of pregnancy, the female hedgehog’s belly will be round and big. Stools will also look bigger and different. The pregnant hedgehog will start building a nest by gathering bedding.

These are the signs by which you can know that your female hedgehog is pregnant. But there can be some hedgehogs who won’t show these typical signs. Still, they can be pregnant. 

Avoid going to a hedgehog cage when they give birth. Give the hedgehogs to spend some alone time with their babies. Because of extra noise and distraction, female hedgehogs can abandon or eat their baby.

Risks of Hedgehog Mating

Risks of Hedgehog Mating

Now you might think, what are the risks of mating hedgehogs?

If you breed hedgehogs before they reach the age of mating it can lead to mother hedgehog eating their babies. Don’t try to breed a hedgehog when the female is stressed.

Also, complications can arise during the pregnancy period. You can always talk to an experienced breeder if you see any unusual things happening. 

Be Careful About Hedgehogs Heath

Before you breed your hedgehog make sure all the hedgehogs are healthy and doing well. The male hedgehog’s responsibility ends with the mating process.

After the birth of baby hedgehogs, the mother raises them. When there is a newborn in your cage, give them enough food and water. Don’t make noise and go near their cage at least in the first week of birth.    


Do Hedgehogs Make A Noise When Mating?

Hedgehogs are capable of making varieties of sounds. For example, snaffling, hissing, snarling, etc. Male hedgehogs make the most noise during mating. They snarl loudly during mating. 

How Long Is A Hedgehog Pregnant?

Usually, woodland hedgehogs will be pregnant for 30-40 days. Also, the desert hedgehogs will be pregnant for 30-40 days. 

How Often Do Hedgehogs Have Babies?

Hedgehog has a very short gestation period. It’s around 30-40 days from conception to birth. They usually have one litter in a year. Five to seven hoglets are born at a time by this process. 


Now you have got the answer to your question, how do hedgehogs mate?

Hedgehog mates are just like any other mammals. But depending on where they are living certain things can influence how often they will mate. If you are trying to breed a hedgehog at home, follow the things mentioned above.

That’s all.

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